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  1. GMs will probably not hand out a screenshot which contains information about who made that report. Anyways, everything else Ceriss mentioned is correct. I've edited out your screenshot-link since calling out players, for whatever reason, isn't allowed.
  2. Apparently I've been stupid and didn't actually use the files from my AppImage. I'm still curious how it ran on systems where the actual client wouldn't run (because of intentionally not installed libraries). However I've setup a Manjaro in a VirtualBox now and I'll try to put more and more libraries into my AppImage until it runs there as well. I've intentionally not installed all the libraries, since it's rather pointless to install libraries any graphical interface would already provide (all the x-libraries). This way a couple of distributions might have to complain about missing librar
  3. This warning (and only this warning) is normal and has been printed since the beta-versions of HoN - don't google it ? . If you're running my AppImage, you don't really start and "hon.sh" since I've replaced that script with my own ? . But the error still seems weird. I might look into installing Manjaro or Arch in a VM to test it out.
  4. Hi there, so currently I'm kinda preparing to play HoN at some other place, where I'm not at home and have little space. So little space in fact, that I can't put a mouse there, so I can't really play HoN (I like touchpads, but come on ?). So to fix this issue, I've been thinking about buying a Trackball - but I can't decide on one since apparently these are so niche that there are only a handful of them available and reviews just go into completely opposite directions for basically all of them. For that reason I thought, I'll ask around if anyone has any experience in playing HoN wit
  5. Apparently a bunch of people are in need of it, so I thought: why not. And it's probably knowledge I'll be able to use for other programs eventually. Since you've already read about my AppImage, did you try it and also have this issue with it? In that case, I'll probably try to look into it. About your problem in general, I haven't used an Arch-based distribution yet. Since I'm happy with Gentoo, and that's even more hardcore, I don't really see a reason ?. If you're only new to Arch, you should probably be capable of fixing these kind of issues, since as I mentioned, Arch is a rat
  6. I like how you basically exactly hit what would happen with the poll ? Rn 4 players voted for "playing MW" (against 41 for Foc) and majority indeed is saying they hate it. Which imho is mostly due to simple reasons which make this poll pretty biased: People hate change, people hate to adjust, people love to complain and hate to praise.
  7. See it as an early-access/collectors-edition/whatever price ? . I mean you had access to HoN and all heros like 3 years in advantage. Would you like to have missed those years just to keep those 30$?
  8. The title is a little bit misleading since title and content describe different issues. Please focus on one issue next time. If you can't login to the support-page, because you forgot your password, that's your first issue. Other issues that should be discussed there, should happen after that initial problem is fixed. If you forgot your password and have no access to your email-account, you probably have quite a problem. However as long as you can proof that an account is yours, the support can probably help you (I don't know their rules about this, so that's just my imagination). Als
  9. This If you want to appeal that suspension, you should also use that site or contact a SGM directly. Don't open threads about suspensions ? . Closed
  10. Manu311

    sscreen freez

    Tech support is here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/ Please ask your question there instead.
  11. IIrc the official staff have answered that question in the past. And the answer was basically: "it was a cool event, and we would consider bringing it back, but the game has evolved so much, we couldn't use the old code. And writing it from scratch would be too much effort". So right now the answer is probably a: no.
  12. Hey there, lately I've been creating an AppImage for HoN on Linux, so you shouldn't get these kind of issues. So if you want the easy way out (which hopefully works), go download my AppImage from the following thread About your issue, I've encountered this issue a couple of times, and it usually was related to issues with the files vid_gl2-x86_64.so in the hon-directory. That requires a bunch of libraries on your system. Sadly the information it prints out isn't always useful. You could try the following command on that file and find any "not found" lines in it's output:
  13. That doesn't look like a Bug. It looks like something Customer Support might be able to help you with, so you should contact them instead.
  14. I guess you might be quoting me on this ?. Usually HoN issues are cpu-frequency related - a lot of people that complain have a decent GPU but only a cpu with around or below 2ghz. Since your baseclock is 3.3Ghz, that should be plenty, so the cpu shouldn't be the problem. Does the shop always reduce FPS? Or just on first opening them? If it's only the first occurance, it might be harddrive related. Anyways those numbers are expecially low, so you might have some Windows-issue. Something is probably not realizing, it should dedicate performance to HoN and is instead running HoN in "deskto
  15. That's probably a different issue, you should instead open a different thread for it. And you should probably click on the "more details" button and get error messages. Coincidentially I'm investigating which files are missing on the update/repair servers, so I can probably tell you if that's "normal" once you tell me which file is not downloading at 69% ?
  16. What about people that play in 2-man-queue and want to lane together. Right now they might call short (or long) pretty fast and maybe switch lane to stay together. If you make them call in order, what happens if someone is between? They can't adjust, since the first guy already "called" something. And in case you're just making "support"-calls instead of short-/long-support, you don't know if you're even going to have someone willing to support short lane. That voting system would be way to complicated anyways
  17. Yesterday I put a new version on my server, it's even smaller! That version also includes a fix for your issue. However you should only get this issue, if you didn't follow my workaround for the missing files on HoNs server, so you'll also have to do that one (since FB/GG still haven't put those files on their servers).
  18. Release 1.2 is ready Once again I drastically reduced the image size and fixed bugs. Image-Size is now down to 8.6 MB! and contains basically no file from HoN itself. The only file that is still included is the desktop-icon (which I haven't even tested, since I don't have a desktop). The image will now download everything at first start. It will download a little more than it requires to run the hon-repair-tool and initiate that after. However there are a couple of files which it can't download, but which aren't necessary - however it will print out messages about those, so just
  19. How about a simple slow-aura as his E like it used to be? I kinda agree that Jera should be a support hero, however his current design rather favors him as a carry, and afaik that's intentional. I don't personally like to play Jera, neither as carry nor support nor anything else, but he feels like a support since he has 3 supportive skills (even when he can use those to save himself).
  20. You can find basically every program or game on the database of Wine, including HoN: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=10349 (apparently HoN is a RPG ?) A Platinum rating means it's running out of the box, without further fine-tuning. It's been years since I've tried to run HoN via wine, but it was basically just "wine hon.exe" which made it work, so you shouldn't have problems there. I mean I have no experience on Mac, so it might be harder/different, but I think just starting should work.
  21. A couple of things have to be said here I guess. While I'm also sad that FB stopped supporting Linux and Mac officially - it's actually Apples fault that the game doesn't run anymore. If you simply stop to support running 32 bit and drop OpenGl-support, software will stop running. Linux is still running and it's still running better than the Windows-client (and it has a 64bit client which no other OS has). If you don't want to run Windows completely (which I totally understand), there are other ways to run HoN: Wine - or some of its derivatives like Crossover. The windows ver
  22. Release 1.1 is ready I switched the "distribution" inside the image from Debian to Gentoo and hopefully included all the required libraries. I tested it on multiple Gentoo systems and Linux Mint - so with or without systemd should work. Image size has been increased to 58MB - primarily because I added more libraries. There's still room for improvement here, since right now it contains libraries from hon which are (uncompressed) 80MB - if I figure out where to download those, I'll reduce the image-size again. This should fix the libgconf-issue - and I've also edited HoNs startu
  23. Well my goal was to do what steam does and provide all the libraries that your system doesn't provide out of the box. However I only have very few distributions installed, so I can't test many and different distributions have different stuff installed and packaged in different packages. As for the udev.0-thing, the more recent version (the small one) of my AppImage kinda uses the same thing to find your systems udev-file. It checks in a couple of directories for it and "copies" that one over. I just copied that part of HoNs script. It's trying to find on the following files: /lib/
  24. Afaik steam doesn't install it's libraries on system-level, so all those things should just be available for games running inside of steam. Unless you explicitly tell your programs to use them (or copy them over). Interesting - the AppImage is based on Debian Buster (10), so of all systems, debian should work. If you tell me what errors it throws, I might be able to fix them. What about this?: https://packages.debian.org/sid/libgconf-2-4
  25. If you're primarily after fast action, you should probably start with MidWars (even though I find it boring). It's missing most of the tactical and strategical stuff but in return you get non-stop action. The real HoN (foc) is also faster than DotA(2) (or at least it was when I last tested DotA2), so that might still be to your liking. It's probably best to try both ? .
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