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  1. There already are a couple of discord-channels available where you'll probably find people to discuss it with. E.g. there's an official HoN-server here: https://discord.gg/bqYWs5 If you want to make people understand the case, you could build a similar but fictional case. Like "imagine an SGM would respond to X with Y ....". Even if you copy 90% of the content, no one (but SGMs) will know ?.
  2. Hey, Ceriss already told you. But I've already removed the information I believe to be not allowed. I'm not a fan of just nuking away critique on the system itself, so I'm not deleting the thread (but someone else might). Anyways, you usually don't have much of a choice to circumvent the highest instance - which in this case are the SGMs. So now to my personal impression: Occasionally I have offenses where I'm sad that it might not be "bad enough" yet. But most of the times my reports are quite clear and I don't recall much of them got denied. And the few that were denied got ove
  3. Well one suggestion should be put into each thread and others should respond to it. Preferebly with arguments. He put one argument ? - since you didn't write when exactly additional rewards should be handed out, it's hard to criticize more about that suggestion itself. But to put some additional feedback here: Cashback systems intend to force people to use a system, not have an influence of how they handle things. If people can abuse a system, they will. And HoN can't hand out rewards that are not only valid in their own game. As an SRCT I know that people join RCT because of reward
  4. There is a sound ? - it's just (intentional!) a little bit quiet I guess.
  5. My "it wasn't" was relating to the reason why AR was removed. I might have misunderstood you if you were referring to the moment AR was replaced by BR and not the moment BR was simply removed.
  6. It wasn't. Those things happened in AR - but AR got replaced by BR a couple of years before it got removed. That guaranteed at least a solo-hero, a support-hero and a carry-hero (iirc). Since that depended on the ingame-categories, that wasn't perfect. But I don't recall a game of BR where something like that happened. And of course you can always repick, which was a game changer more than ones. (And also "fun" when you repicked Ophelia into Ophelia ?). The problem is, I want to play those (also) because for me they felt way more balanced (playerwise) than picking modes. And I will
  7. I only played AR/BR when it was a thing - and mostly solo. I never queued AP and extremely rarely SD. For years I have been between 1670 and 1700. With an average of probably 5+ games a day. How is that not balanced? ? I guess I see your point: Those modes have an additional random-factor which makes individual games slightly less equal since you could worse heroes and your opponents better ones. However "random" isn't the opposite of "balanced", it just creates a bit of fluctuance in it. Each team might get a small advantage, but you never know which team it's gonna be and there's a
  8. Half the people I've befriended in HoN were talking with me in the post-game-chat before playing another game with me. So I disagree with this. But of course, in most matches it's just not very friendly.
  9. Compare those 4 steps (which basically all contain of more than one simple click) with the step to report someone ingame. That's basically 10 different actions versus 3 clicks (if you don't care to input a text). No one said it's impossibly hard. It's just not as easy as it could be. (That said, it would probably be quite an effort to integrate a game-Independent report system into HoN)
  10. Imho it depends on the lane. Of course Slither can be worked around if you got the range - but he'll still get a hit out, even if you hit him twice. However he's probably more suited as a long-lane harassing hero, since you definitely want that carry to loose hp. As for short lane again it depends on your carry. You can probably never go wrong with martyr since you can't really be harassed at all - but if they have the power to just kill you, you better have a carry that can help you. VJ on the other hand has a strong stun, but the curse is weak at low levels - if you don't have a car
  11. Check the death-counter and game-time. I don't think he used anything to just set those stats to those values. Instead he probably spawned other (level 1) heroes which he instantly killed to get stacks on E. After he got all the stacks, he probably stood at kong and killed that over and over (probably used spawn boss function). That's quite some effort.
  12. Well done ? Let me explain: Numbers in computers (and everything else) is stored in binary. So only 1 and 0 values, but a lot of them. You can express any number in binary just as you can do that in decimal. In addition to this "strange behavior", computers also use a limited size for each value - which makes sense if you think about it. Computers need to remember where they store a value and basically they contain just a extremely long stream of zeros and ones - without any limiters between those. So they just remember a "table of content" of sorts to remember after how many bits
  13. Just tested rap-portal. It's working for me. And I'm also connected to chat for the last couple of hours. (I'm not saying you're lying, just that it's something specific to you, not everyone)
  14. If you have any lag at all while playing practice games, it's not related to servers or network. You can even play those games if you're disconnected from the internet. The nvidia-problem on the other side is something I've read about more frequently. Apparently you have to tell nvidia-drivers (on Windows) that HoN is a game and needs the graphics card to be in performance mode instead of idle. As a comparison, I'm on a very old and week notebook without dedicated graphics rn and I'm mostly over 50 fps on minimal settings. Certain skills cause a drop to around 20 FPS, but that's only
  15. But women are usually too clever to actively participate in war ? . Maybe they were closest to the healing wells inside the bases ?.
  16. I recall certain avatars having this special condition where you additionally get the EN version if you buy the Thai version. Maybe this one is one of those. But CS should be able to tell you.
  17. Hi, HoN should still run on Linux - but maybe you broke some of HoNs dependencies with your updates. At least that would be my assumption with that error message. You can either try to fix those libraries in your distribution, or try my rather new project: An AppImage for HoN. My AppImage should contain most of the required libraries in a working version and work anywhere. Since it's not deeply tested yet, it might not work or might not help, but trying it shouldn't hurt ? . You can read more about it, in this thread: If you have issues, feel free to tell me about them (esp
  18. I've merge these two threads since they look like the same problem (hon will obviously crash if the exe-file gets deleted). My assumption would be that (as already suggested) Antivirus-Software is the reason for this. It might help if everyone affected writes his installed antivirus-software (ideally with version of database, if there is something like that) in this thread. To fix the issue yourself, try to simply disable your Antivirus-Software.
  19. I've hosted normal FoC. Once with and against Bots and one time just plain practice. It happened every time I picked that rune with a bottle in my inventory (I never had another rune in it). I always right click the rune. I also just did a repair install - still the same behavior. Edit: I just bottle-clicked the rune. That way I get 2/3 sips. So it gets instantly used with this. Edit 2: Since I can't record HoN right now (too weak PC), I used the "create replay" button of Practice Mode - maybe that helps. File is here: https://ufile.io/mtczg931
  20. The image for a Bottle that is filled with Merricks Rune is missing on Linux. I've tried all graphics presets, it's always the same. Here's an image: https://imgur.com/DMXzbfy I could only test this in Practice Mode, since Merricks gets applied on pickup in matches. So this "bug" isn't really an issue. It might be considered another bug that this behavior isn't happening in Practice Mode - but again, nothing important.
  21. I don't actually know, since I have Beta Warrior anyways. But you could contact Customer Support and ask them if they are allowed to give it to you.
  22. Both actually. But only few are able to identify imbalance, everyone is able to see change.
  23. There's no reason why FB/GG would ever use a different page than their own domain. And such a big giveaway for free is absolutely ridiculous and will never happen. That page is clearly a fake and to prevent anyone else from using it (because they don't believe me) I've edited out your link.
  24. I recall that too. I don't recall anything about censoring images. But I also don't care if people know I reported them ?
  25. Release 1.3 is ready This time image-size increased again, since I had to include a couple of big libraries, to make the image run on more systems. There are still libraries that aren't included in the image, but as long as they are provided by every linux-system, that should be fine. However if anyone has a system that doesn't run the AppImage, please tell me the distribution and version, so I can look for the problem. This time it was Manjaro Linux which I fixed.
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