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  1. We've had this thread dozens of time. There's always one of these happening: You have bad rap-reputation and are reporting on your own --> Not corroborated That account already got banned before your report has been looked at --> Not corroborated You reported someone who didn't do anything bad --> Innocent You reported someone who did do something bad --> Guilty If you want to complain about a special case, you have to contact a SGM via their portal or PM here. If you want to discuss about the general case, you should write details of that - without
  2. If you can get that name color back, only CS can help you. Did they tell you "no", "not enough proof" or simply didn't respond (yet)? Also you probably need to proof that you bought the account, not that you created it (since in beta it was free to create anyways and Golden Name Color is rewarded if you bought your account during beta).
  3. Ok, first things first: I have merged like 4000 posts of you guys together. Please edit your posts instead of creating a couple of them in succession. You can also multi-quote other people (even more comfortable in this new forum, just mark the text you want to quote and it will append to your open editing-area). Now about the place for this to post: This section is correct. If my word isn't enough for that, Stormeren is "Head of forums" or something like that (he has staff color as you might notice), so his word should be enough. And lastly: Is this allowed The answer is most like
  4. Customer Support are volunteers which reside all over the world.
  5. They might be able to do something to not-supported games, but I guess your best bet is to ask or rather request at their forum: https://www.getoutfox.com/forum/index.php?/forum/5-feature-game-requests/
  6. There is no other way other than way-back-machines of someone else. The old HoN-forums have been wiped.
  7. There's a Bug-Section here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/4-bug-reports/ You should report bugs there if you want EU to notice. However, since that's a visual "bug", you are probably out of luck.
  8. What @`Shattered said Also, please keep forum-posts in English. Closing
  9. Actually modern CPUs work just fine, since they haven't really reduced clock frequencies. The main problem are "power-efficient" notebook cpus, since having less minimum-frequency is really beneficial to battery life. Sometimes even more expensive cpus have less frequency, but only use a fraction of power. People should keep a better eye on those things if they choose to buy a notebook for gaming ? .
  10. There has to be a way. At least Nvidia has one somewhere. Is that 20% of a single core or 20% of all cores? Only very few games can work with many games. And HoN really only uses one core completely (and one to assist) from my experience You would have entirely different drivers, so there's quite a chance that it will. I can't guarantee it of course. But I don't think I've heard a Linux user having performance issues. I can understand that you don't want to use a different OS because you're used to Windows. For the same reason I stopped installing Windows on a second drive
  11. I didn't want to answer, since I couldn't figure it out. However, have some facts: You can Ping any location on the map (Command was "MapPing x y" or sth like that) You can write complex scripts and bind those to hotkeys (ScriptFile someFile.lua) I couldn't find a command which made those "special pings", you could maybe analyze replay files to figure those out
  12. HoN should run fine on that system. Since I have no experience with recent Windows-versions, I can't provide howtos on how to do stuff in Windows. However, try to change especially these values inside of HoN and see how it affects your performance: Resolution - if a lower resolution helps a lot, your GPU is probably not running in performance-mode - you have to make it by some Windows/driver options DirectX/OpenGL - generally those affect performance by a lot. It depends on your GPU which is faster, but it won't hurt to toggle it (there is one opengl bug which makes the game da
  13. That's not even enough to reconnect if your game crashed (if you have a HDD and use a sub-account) - let alone if you get a bsod. But I guess thanks to this: There's no reason to hurry if your pc crashed. Just make some coffee or sth while your PC boots back up again ?
  14. I doubt such list is against any rules. They can decide to dislike any players they want and share those players names if they want to. As long as they are not sharing those player names publicly on our forums ? . However if they choose to "troll" those players, that might be against rules and if someone reports them, they get banned. If you dislike what they do and you can get a hold of that list, you can probably easily get those players banned - just get someone to report with your (unless you're Top Reporter Rank already) and matches that have any of those with the list together wit
  15. A couple of days after this thread, I bought the cheap Kensington Orbit which I've been using for around 20 games now and I thought I'll share my experience in case someone else also considers this step. The experience is a lot better than with a touchpad, but as of right now, still worse than a mouse. However the difference isn't big - it's primarily because of the difference in reaction time and accuracy which causes frustration. The experience itself is quite fun. For normal pc usage, I've configured the two mouse buttons to act as a middleclick and switch (if hold) to use the trackb
  16. If there weren't any other people involved, that would be ok. But it involves at least on SGM which should be asked first.
  17. There already are a couple of discord-channels available where you'll probably find people to discuss it with. E.g. there's an official HoN-server here: https://discord.gg/bqYWs5 If you want to make people understand the case, you could build a similar but fictional case. Like "imagine an SGM would respond to X with Y ....". Even if you copy 90% of the content, no one (but SGMs) will know ?.
  18. Hey, Ceriss already told you. But I've already removed the information I believe to be not allowed. I'm not a fan of just nuking away critique on the system itself, so I'm not deleting the thread (but someone else might). Anyways, you usually don't have much of a choice to circumvent the highest instance - which in this case are the SGMs. So now to my personal impression: Occasionally I have offenses where I'm sad that it might not be "bad enough" yet. But most of the times my reports are quite clear and I don't recall much of them got denied. And the few that were denied got ove
  19. Well one suggestion should be put into each thread and others should respond to it. Preferebly with arguments. He put one argument ? - since you didn't write when exactly additional rewards should be handed out, it's hard to criticize more about that suggestion itself. But to put some additional feedback here: Cashback systems intend to force people to use a system, not have an influence of how they handle things. If people can abuse a system, they will. And HoN can't hand out rewards that are not only valid in their own game. As an SRCT I know that people join RCT because of reward
  20. There is a sound ? - it's just (intentional!) a little bit quiet I guess.
  21. My "it wasn't" was relating to the reason why AR was removed. I might have misunderstood you if you were referring to the moment AR was replaced by BR and not the moment BR was simply removed.
  22. It wasn't. Those things happened in AR - but AR got replaced by BR a couple of years before it got removed. That guaranteed at least a solo-hero, a support-hero and a carry-hero (iirc). Since that depended on the ingame-categories, that wasn't perfect. But I don't recall a game of BR where something like that happened. And of course you can always repick, which was a game changer more than ones. (And also "fun" when you repicked Ophelia into Ophelia ?). The problem is, I want to play those (also) because for me they felt way more balanced (playerwise) than picking modes. And I will
  23. I only played AR/BR when it was a thing - and mostly solo. I never queued AP and extremely rarely SD. For years I have been between 1670 and 1700. With an average of probably 5+ games a day. How is that not balanced? ? I guess I see your point: Those modes have an additional random-factor which makes individual games slightly less equal since you could worse heroes and your opponents better ones. However "random" isn't the opposite of "balanced", it just creates a bit of fluctuance in it. Each team might get a small advantage, but you never know which team it's gonna be and there's a
  24. Half the people I've befriended in HoN were talking with me in the post-game-chat before playing another game with me. So I disagree with this. But of course, in most matches it's just not very friendly.
  25. Compare those 4 steps (which basically all contain of more than one simple click) with the step to report someone ingame. That's basically 10 different actions versus 3 clicks (if you don't care to input a text). No one said it's impossibly hard. It's just not as easy as it could be. (That said, it would probably be quite an effort to integrate a game-Independent report system into HoN)
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