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  1. Sadly I'm not a layer and I have no clue about American laws. I don't even know too much about German laws ? - all I know is that there is definitely some legal reason as to why certain areas are blocked from buying GC. That reason might be obsolete or can be circumvented by knowing "law-stuff" but I don't know of any FB-employee that is actually a lawyer. So if some person would want to change this, they probably have to be a person that Garena believes is capable of the right judgment - I assume that person has to be a payed and contracted one (because they would want to be able to sue someo
  2. Also you can just ask questions about the donations in ElementUsers thread about it: I'll be closing this thread.
  3. If US-Law says "you can't sell anything to middle-east", then you can't buy anything from US-company if you're from middle-east. But if it doesn't say anything about donations (also: why would it?), well yeah. It's everyone's own choice if they want to donate something and how far they are going to support a company or game. Just because a higher-up instance decides "we don't like you", that shouldn't result in you not liking a person that has to follow their orders - since those are orders and not following orders is usually pretty hard to do and has serious consequences. Businesses usua
  4. My assumption as to why you aren't getting any rewards for your donations is: donations never have a reward. That might sound like I'm being picky, but I would assume that you can donate money through paypal and they take way less of that money than if you use paypal for actually selling stuff. So if FB gave you Gold Coins and paypal would notice, they might just straight up take most of the money or sue FB. Seriously, if you want a reward for your money, you're not donating. If you just wanna support HoN and keep it alive and make it better - then go ahead and donate money for that. So
  5. I get this point - at least if you actually go suicide lane. Going exp-leaching on short lane is pretty bad. However the initial post in this thread makes me believe this was the right change to release (actually I'm more worried about the reduced disconnect time - I rarely disconnect, but if I do, my internet stays out for minutes, so that extra minute of reconnect time is valuable). Anyways in no lane should you limit yourself on exp leaching for a long period. There are surely times where you need to leech for level 2-3, but you'll get those levels rather fast if you can actually jus
  6. Should be: Requirements Should probably also be: "must have" But I'm not a native English speaker, so I'm probably wrong ? . Maybe you should ask for someone who's fluent in English and without much of an accent. Certain "native" accents are way harder to understand than non-native ones.
  7. I get that - and I said that you can make it worth buying. But none of those "skills" are something that really make all the people want those things. Soul Reaper is no where near a frequent pick - at least not for fun-to-play. Nomes is occasionally picked up but only if heroes match. Not a fun item you have to get either. If you compare those effects to a storm spirit, tablet, lex, hex - they are definitely less fun. And you even remove satisfaction from stunning with your Q (since you deal more viable damage with that staff). As far as I can see, your only argument is that "bunkeri
  8. So you're now basically a weaker soul reaper. I wouldn't pay 1000 for this, even if it wouldn't use an item slot. I guess an additional nomes would be helpful, but the numbers would need to be bigger to actually make it viable. Twice the heal is just pointless. In general: That suggestion would make me never buy staff on Empath again. And since staff is probably the biggest reason to pick Empath, I would pick her much less. From a staff that changes how you play and makes you choose between "warding on your own" and "following carry 24/7" and when to safe some m
  9. I have no idea how much performance a single HoN-match actually requires, but I would assume that you can't really run more than two games on one cpu, probably rather just a single one.
  10. There used to be a command "ForceUpdate version-string patchserver1 patchserver2" with which you could update to different versions. That command is long gone (and I just think it was written like this, it might actually be different) but if you want to go into 1.x/2.x versions, it still exists. I don't know if the patch-server/files still exist though ?.
  11. First you make @`Shattered search that mod, and now you're not even gonna use it? How rude! ? Anyways, since the question is answered, I'll close this thread ?
  12. Well then I'm facing different smurfs than you are. I don't really mind people that just go after kills to get high kd-ratings. Usually they are pretty bad anyways (and are reportable for something they do quite frequently), so they are basically never relevant in gold-ranks (and my Silver games are usually limited to a single one after which I get ~100 mmr). The smurfs that I have problems with are people that are Diamond and Legendary players that stay in Silver and Gold ranks and just stomp every game. From my experience they usually have a KD around 2 - which isn't bad, but I doubt the
  13. I think the mod is called "Last Hit Assist" - however I couldn't find it on this form, it's probably no longer publicly available in this new forum. Maybe if you ask in the Modification-Subforum, someone can upload it for you. In case you're wondering if this is legal or not, the answer is probably: it's legal.
  14. I like the idea - but I guess for whales you could up that price even further. I mean I'm way too much of a cheapskate to put 3-digits (€) into any game, so it won't be relevant for me anyways. But since I wear the color that's right below Staff (for some reason ?) it kinda affects me. But I wouldn't mind having people that just gifted a ridiculous amount of money to FB to be above me. When you think about it, a lot of volunteers already used so much hours for HoN that their color above non-volunteers is something similar, just not above staff. But I guess even "just below staff" could
  15. In addition to everything Ceriss said: You are not allowed to discuss bans publicly on this forum. You can appeal any GM action via the rap portal or by writing them a PM on this forum. Not by creating a thread about it. Closing
  16. And that's what? Bragging rights? I hope there are only very few of these poor people in existence. I guess if they are, we should kinda let them have this "fun" if their life is so sad that they have to basically live to get a totally irrelevant number to be high.
  17. So you suggest smurfers can smurf without actually having to worry about not getting sprees to keep the lower rank? I would assume that almost no smurf would have problem with this - while new players would, since they couldn't degrade to lower ranks and were forced to play against way too strong opponents. Let alone the actual average players which play with op-smurfs with an immortal each game and totally garbage players in every single game. Where's the improvement again? I mean if your suggestion is actually to just hide their rank: Why would they even care? You don't get anyth
  18. Might be this issue - report there with the requested information
  19. You should report in this thread instead: It might not be the same issue, but it could be.
  20. If that's true, that would mean on a fresh account without any Innocent or warnings and a single guilty, you'd already have top reporter status. And I didn't have a single Innocent (and didn't even know you could get Warning) for my first 10+ Guilty reports. So I should have been Top-Reporter all that time. But for some reason I needed a lot of Guilties before I reached that. (In the meantime I got some Innocents which eventually got overruled after I complained, but that was only after I already got Top-Reporter status) Did that change? I guess there could be some constant added to the
  21. You can probably just open your browser devtools (ctrl + i or f12) and write that there. You can also make that script waaaay shorter - at least in Chrome you have xpath and don't need to use jQuery (the $). Try this instead: var guiltyCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Guilty"]').length; var warnCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Warning"]').length; var innoCount = $x('//td[last()][text()="Innocent"]').length; var rapScore = (warnCount + guiltyCount)/(innoCount + warnCount + guiltyCount); console.log('Innocent: ' + innoCount); console.log('Warning: ' + warnCount); console.log('Guilty
  22. I have no idea what you're saying. Also you have to make (all) your posts in English. And not create multi-posts, you can edit your previous post with the Edit-Button right below it.
  23. I believe everything has been said. Closing
  24. You can disable all announcers, but that's an old feature. There's no feature that replaces avatars or announcers with the defaults and there will probably never be one. You could create a mod to do this I guess, but the effort appears to be bigger than the demand for such mod. FB/GG makes money with avatars and announcers they sell, so allowing others to simply "disable" that feature, would only hurt their income, so it's not very likely to happen. Oh and for future threads: Please choose a more appropriate title. With titles like this, your thread will just get closed. Which
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