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  1. If you can't or don't want to play with friends, you have to work with what you get. From my experience the games that you get the good players in your team, are easily forgotten. They end after 15 minutes and depending on your hero and skill, they are simply boring. On the other hand, you'll also play against good players with a bad team. Without you that would probably be a 15 minute cc on your team. These are the only games you can make a difference. You have to take every chance you can get to make some of these games a win. Try to coordinate your team if they are willing to follow
  2. You should read OPs post ? . He wants "IRL people" to play HoN with him, so he wants to meet HoN players in person. So distance kinda matters. Only because you and me are from Germany, we haven't met yet ?. But if we were like 50 km apart, we could have met somewhere for some coffee or sth.
  3. I'm from near Frankfurt and know HoN players from different areas of Germany. But I don't think I know anyone who's further to the west than I am, so I don't know anyone close to Cologne. Anyways you might consider telling us, what you consider "close" ?.
  4. I've removed the initial screenshot and I'll close this thread. Please report such occurrences if they happen in a game via the ingame-rap-feature, if they happen outside of it or via whispers, please use the direct message to an SGM via the rap-portal at https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com Racist behavior isn't tolerated so that person will certainly get that account banned for some time. If you want to discuss if bans are enough (or something else), please create a topic about that instead.
  5. You can log into rap.heroesofnewerth.com and ask an SGM via a "New Ticket" there. Or you can PM one of them on these forums if you prefer that. They are the ones that might be able to help you or at least give you answers, not the public forums.
  6. Ignore is actually a chat-server-command which you can call without the UI. Actually it wasn't even part of the old UI iirc. There are commands to add and delete people from your ignore list, and you can also get a list of all the people on it. The suggestion for a UI-option is still valid, but to ease your pain for the moment, try these commands: /ignore --> Will print out all the other commands /ignore add <nick> --> will add a player to your ignore list /ignore delete <nick> --> will delete a player from your ignore list /ignore list --> will print out
  7. I read that as "you answered all my questions and I don't need this thread anymore", so I'll be closing this thread :-).
  8. Please Garena, give us a subscription we can forget about since it's only 5$/mon. I mean that could work. But I don't know if FB/GG has any compatible payment mechanism at hand (and don't suggest pages like Patreon which take half your money). Also after over 10 years without pay-to-win, I highly doubt that they will introduce pay-to-kick.
  9. I guess those numbers don't mean that much if you don't know the average income ? . I guess if I had frequently interrupted power, I'd pay more than 150$ for an UPS. The cheaper option is to friendly tell your team each game at the beginning, that your power connection might go down and if they want to win (or play a 5v5) they have to pause if that happens. It might work occasionally. Usually people just assume someone rage quit (you also die quite often when you disconnect) and won't pause. But if you told them that it might happen, there's a chance.
  10. I have similar issues if my internet connection just decides to go offline because internet providers aren't able to have stable connections. But I assume this change is mostly to have people not wait as long before they get the beneficial gold of the leaver and to prevent people from leaving at the end because they thing the game is over anyways. I'm rarely disconnecting (and only because of Internet problems) and I'm against leaving games for most reasons (that explosion was definitely a good reason), but I wouldn't have made that change. Anyways, if your power-connection is that bad,
  11. Please post in English only and you don't need to bump threads, ElementUser looks at all the threads anyways. Just focus on the suggestion and argumentation about it. To make this thread a bit more readable, I have removed all the unrelated posts.
  12. Yes they do - if they are handled. You should ask Rap-related questions here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/33-report-a-player-feedback/
  13. You sadly asked in the totally different spot and apparently no one noticed or bothered ?. There's still the old Mac client. It's just no longer officially supported: That said (and linked) - Mac OS has apparently switched to 64 bit only in recent versions, which makes most game unplayable, including HoN. But if you have an older version of MacOS, this should still work.
  14. I think that was a certain staff member - seconds before he removed the old forum ?
  15. Most people simply use a VPN for this and that works. A proxy is more or less the same thing as a vpn, just technically (slighly) different. The main difference you will notice is that you have to make programs use a proxy while vpn simply works for everything once you set it up. Since I don't know a single game that has a proxy-setting, you're probably out of luck without some program that solves this issue. I don't wanna go too much into technicalities, but let me just put it this way: You should probably just get a normal VPN, that'll save you a lot of trouble.
  16. It has been said by ElementUser in the past, that the code from back then can't be just re-enabled since a lot of the code it depends on has changed. So re-introducing War Effort is a slighly bigger endevour.
  17. So which volunteer positions have you applied for? I mean there have been a lot of those for years - I don't recall seeing you in any of them. Surely you're capable of doing at least one of those things. Also, guys imagine a similar situation at your workplace (if you have one). Your boss is only making you do the very smallest amount of work necessary, basically making everyone unhappy - you as well as the customers. Of course you're already working overtime to improve the customers experience because you care for them more than being payed well - but there's only so much that y
  18. This part (and similar ones) tell you the problem: The updater can't write those files. The problem is likely that you installed HoN as Administrator and are now trying to update it without Administrator powers. You should probably run HoN as administrator to update it.
  19. A low cpu-frequency is usually a big part when HoN isn't running too good. Your CPU shouldn't be too bad, so you should reach at least 60 fps when no action is happening. Gpus don't really matter anymore. You can play HoN with recent onboard graphics. Anyways, on Windows the Nvidia drivers are known to have problems with detecting HoN as a performance-needing application (that might be related to only requiring 20%). The other option is that the game doesn't use your nvidia-graphics card at all. So either way, you should browse through your nvidia-settings and find the place to put yo
  20. To verify you got the most recent version, do the following: Press Ctrl/Cmd + F8 to open the console Type "version" and press return You should now see the version at the bottom right. To disable that, just repeat the steps. If you got 4.8.5 your game is up to date.
  21. The white part/missing background is actually a bug which is going to be fixed soon - as far as I know. As for your main problem: Is the resolution-dropdown out of your screen if you open the options in windowed mode? If not: Why not simply change that? If that doesn't work, there are two ways to manually change the resolution: 1. Option: Open the Console when in windowed mode (Command + F8 I guess), type the following and press return after: SetSave "vid_resolution" "800" "600" "0" That will set your solution to 800x600 - it might require a restart of HoN, I haven't checked
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