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  1. You can just type "/dnd" into the console to put yourself on do not disturb.
  2. Manu311

    Need help

    Please choose appropriate titles. Please use English only Please use appropriate sub-forum for technical difficulties: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/ Thank you
  3. Hey, I guess the game has some problems creating a window. A while ago I created an AppImage for HoN, which should run independent of local library-versions. So it might run better there. I've heard a couple of people having success with it, so you might give it a try: As for wine, I haven't tried in a lot of years - but it worked perfectly in 2010 .
  4. "mods" is the short form of "modifications" - that's what I was talking about. I haven't really looked into them (I'm more into the advanced stuff, like c++ ) but there should be basically everything that defines hon inside of it. E.g. Hero details - including skill numbers and actual skill implementation. I can't really give you a "link" to those file, since they are on your local computer already. But I can tell you where to find them: In your HoN-directory (probably "C:\Program Files\Heroes of Newerth" or something like that) there should be a "game" directory and in that direc
  5. Hi there, I'm no (HoN-)developer, but I have been in contact with a lot of them in the past, so I might be able to answer enough of your questions. First of all, it's unlikely, that FB/GG will pay you (enough to make a living). But if you're willing to work for free, there might be chances for you to help. It's probably the easiest to start on your own, since most of the "source code" of HoN is already view- and editable by you! Those resource-files which HoN provides are just zip-compressed and contain a lot of scripts. Primarily they are a mixture of xml and lua and you can creat
  6. Exactly this. If you do (and FB notices), the account will be permanently disabled - together with all linked accounts. Which might include all accounts either the buyer or seller has ever used. Not really anything further to discuss here, so I'll close this thread. If you don't believe Hubaris or me, feel free to contact customer support, but they will tell you the same.
  7. Please ask your questions in English as this forum is English-only. If you have technical difficulties, you should ask them (in English) in this sub-forum: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/
  8. That's why MW didn't have official mmr in the first place. Afaik the system tries to balance out games (so it would split the higher rated players between those two teams), but it doesn't really delay games when there are not enough similar skilled players in the queue. The advantage of couse are way shorter queue-times. But I'm not really into MW and never was, so that might be inaccurate.
  9. That's strange. For updates I haven't build anything special, it should just use the normal update-program of HoN . Maybe it got minimized for some reason. Anyways, glad it works for you
  10. This forum is English-only. Please try to formulate your posts in English even if you need to use a translator or are targeting non-English-speakers only.
  11. Your brain is probably malfunctioning . You could loose an Avatar through staff members if you did something wrong (or requested it), that's the only way I know.
  12. Manu311

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    Or a (suicide) scout in laning phase if you are fast ?.
  13. Took me a little time, but is the source-code: https://github.com/Manu311/HoN-AppImage I should probably write some instructions, but I haven't done that yet ? . Iirc you should be able to just go into the ansible directory, run `ansible-playbook site.yml` and wait for a AppImage to appear. The Code is not really cleaned up, but it works. In case you want to run it based on Debian instead of Gentoo, I put my entire git-history there, so you can read through that as well.
  14. FB can certainly do stuff - however their decisions are lead by what's best for HoN (in their opinion, in case you disagree). Donations are only to speed things up and maybe to change the order they are doing them, not to change things entirely. I guess that could change if you put 7 digits dollars on the table, but I doubt it's even 4 digits. Creating a new season is indeed a little effort, but that's not the primary reason why they stopped making them. Seasons ruin balance - basically to the point where you can just scrap the entire system (my words, not theirs).
  15. Fair point. So what's the actual suggestion/discussion? To automatically concede games if X happens? What is X and how is it defined? Or change the afk-detection? Why not make a suggestion with that into the suggestion forums?
  16. Manu311


    There is no real discussion to be happening here. We've had dozens of threads like these in the past. It's clear that you don't want them to have their own servers, you want them to be away from your servers - aka region lock them out. Pretty much all the arguments that might be thrown into this thread are racist, wrong and nowhere near powerful enough to outweigh the increased queue times for either groups. Feel free to make a suggestion which avoids that problem into the appropriate sub-forums if you can find one. I'll be closing this thread
  17. Let me enlighten you: The two kongors weren't the reason, they were part of the solution and the old map was proven to not work not to work. While for most players the map looked fine, the win percentage for each team did certainly not. Hellbourne (I think) had a winning percentage of iirc around 57%! That's not "working". So they concluded the reason for this was Kongors location and had to relocate him to balance things out. To do that they tried a lot of different map changes (in SBT) but most didn't work too well. In addition to that, they tried to basically make "the next Ho
  18. I have no idea what a "pod hotel" is ? . I guess you can use Trackballs there? Actually I got in contact with them when my father switched to using thumb-centered once years ago. He's also playing Starcraft and other RTS games with it (but only single player). But it felt pretty bad for me using that thing ?. But since I'm posting here anyways - another update after a few dozen of HoN games: It doesn't really bother me too much anymore. I'm still worse than with a mouse, but as for fun its similar. The major downside right now being that my hand starts to hurt after around 3 g
  19. I'm a little bit busy right now. But I might clean it up and put in on Github in 1½ weeks if you can wait for that ? . You'll might need to know at least parts of the following technologies I guess: Gentoo Linux Docker Ansible Shell Scripts AppImage ?
  20. That sentence is kinda a meme at my workplace. Everyone's "quoting manu" when they say something like this, because I always tell everyone "anything is possible, but you might not want to pay the cost" ?. The "alt avatars" that are released are very limited. They are just those that were already part of HoN China, so there no "art work" going into it, it's basically just EU putting the files from one client to the other. Creating entirely new avatars will probably not happen - at least not unless someone volunteers to create some professional looking ones for free - which is probably
  21. The console is also the fallback in case the game can't be started which apparently is your problem. You can try the usual stuff to fix HoN: Repair install, completely fresh install, drivers update.
  22. As someone who's basically banning only jungle heroes every game, I think I kinda can understand you ? . Of course I'm not banning those because I'm worried the enemies might pick them, but because my team might. Of course I'm a bit above your rating, so I don't get 4 carries every game. And since I'm usually supporting, I have at least one support ?. Either way, removing jungle or even enabling an option would have a huge impact on the entire game and basically remove certain heroes from the game. Removing heroes is problematic, because people payed for avatars and they would be a
  23. Manu311

    HoN Live

    I mean I'm on linux, so your issue might be different. But every time I click on "HoN live" my HoN gets a SegFault. (For non-tech people: HoN crashes to desktop)
  24. Manu311

    HoN Live

    Iirc someone mentioned that it has been disabled because it could be used to dos games.
  25. Didn't know Fb was that broke. Now they gotta sell their furniture? ? Joke aside: Neither hon.com, nor any actual HoN-webpage ever tried to get my location.
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