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  1. I don't know of any forbidden mod aside of the zoom-out-mod. Which is kinda hard to report and detect, but it's just one mod. On the opposing side: I have been using mods forever and not having them would really frustrate me. But none of them provides me any advantage over others. However whenever I had to play Tournament mode, there issues even when I removed all the mods. Usually I couldn't join those games because it was misdetecting something. As for something like a gpm mod (I assume it predicts everyones gpm based on their items) - those things are easily implemented without
  2. Update for you (or us) from a different thread:
  3. Indeed. However I doubt I'll fix this, since Garena/FB is working on that fix to be released soon anyways (and I won't have to do anything once they release that patch). But if you want to fix this for yourself, you can follow @kgsws howto in that post he made. The file will be at: ~/.Heroes of Newerth/.bin/libk2-x86_64 (~ equals your home-directory - directories with a dot at the beginning will usually be hidden, but they are there).
  4. Sadly the answer to that question is: No (I only tried mentoring though) However I've read somewhere, that there's an issue right now with Linux which will be fixed soon. I can't find the post, so I might be imagining things. Either way, this AppImage shouldn't be causing these issues. If you can play HoN on Linux without it, but not with it, I'll look deeper into it (even though I don't even know where the problem could be, and usually I have way too many possibilities I think of ).
  5. The linux version (and the Windows version) did always technically support 120Hz. When I disable VSync on my 60 Hz monitors or use a 144Hz monitor, I usually reach 120FPS (which by default is the limit and I don't see a reason why I need more than that). Of course there are some FPS drops, but they rarely drop into two digits (unless "Manu goes mad and spams hundreds of creeps at once").
  6. There have always been occasions when the server crashes. They are rather rare, but apparently you've been unlucky. Anyways, unless it happens frequently and to many players, this thread is not doing anything.
  7. I recall having such issues in the past as well. However they should not be caused by the AppImage. There are two possible reasons: 1. FB forgot to patch the specific file for Linux (which might be the case, as I haven't played anything that buys Spellshard recently - and I can't check right now) 2. You got either a resourcesX.s2z which overrides the recipe or the raw file from within the resource-file.
  8. As EU said - once you got a decent server provider he accepts, he can create a donation goal for it. There's no use in a petition without money.
  9. It definitely should. In the future: Please read the stickies first. Closing
  10. I guess this thread has everything said already and you shouldn't post in non-English-languages, so I'll just close it to prevent further necrobumping.
  11. Manu311


    Bugs go into this section: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/4-bug-reports/ There's also a sub-section for the 64 bit client there. However, the problem you're having is probably because something on your PC (maybe Steam) isn't recognizing the 64 bit client as game and it's what is causing your problem. Anyways, I'm closing this thread.
  12. In theory they shouldn't need the exe, they just look for the directory. I don't have exe-files anyways, since I'm running Linux only
  13. Afaik you have to report such behavior through the rap-portal, instead of the rap-feature inside of the game.
  14. No idea why I haven't seen this suggested before (or thought of it myself). The only "problem" with it I have is it being a little bit hard to see the exact ping location (for mentoring), but that's still a lot better than nothing .
  15. Manu311

    Usefull GMS

    I don't see a usefull suggestion here. You basically just want a "ban the bad" instead of a "ban the offensive". @`Shattered already responded to you and you'll just be battling with each other, so I'll simply close this thread now. Oh and I also edited out all the match information since finger pointing is not allowed.
  16. The work on the 64 bit client has been ongoing for years. And one of the major complaints over the years was HoNs bad performance. Small patches have always happened, but you are probably rather limited in some technical changes if you have to keep an eye on performance all the time. I can't speak for HoN-development, but I can speak as a experienced developer who loves to tickle out every last bit of performance: You never do the fully optimized version at first, you write acceptable code, analyze its runtime and improve the slow parts (and repeat). If you have to do that for every smal
  17. Manu311


    Please only post in English.
  18. Please only post in English.
  19. In case you want the voice lines in text form, I remember there being people collecting those - but there's no official source afaik. In case of actual sound files, those are inside your resource-files and you can follow the steps below "Extracting from the resourcesX.s2z files" in datfizhs linked thread.
  20. A "sha256 sum" is basically a "number" which you can generate if you have the entire huge file downloaded. If you change even a tiny bit of that file, the generated number will differ. That way - once you downloaded the file, you can confirm it's 100% perfectly downloaded and doesn't contain viruses or anything other that's wrong. There's also a torrent-link which should let you download the client via p2p. But that is not really connected in any special way.
  21. What hosting provider has HDDs and no SSDs? The cost increase for that "upgrade" should be pretty low...
  22. The Linux client is just hidden in a sub-forum, it's still working fine: Occasionally some Linux Distributions don't work out of the box, so you either need to fiddle around with a couple of libraries, or you can use the AppImage I developed, which should work (if not, report bugs in it's own thread and I'll look into it):
  23. Mods just change files which should be identically, so those should usually be working. However mod managers might search in the wrong directories.
  24. Great work - after 11 years, Windows people finally can get a client as fast as mine has been . Rip suggesting people to switch to Linux to get a faster HoN . Is Linux using a different pipeline or will that be updated as well? Also will you drop DirectX once your OpenGl-Rework is running better than that?
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