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  1. I removed your email address from your post since you probably don't want crawlers (or just mad people) to find it and send you a lot of spam. You should do as Shattered suggested and contact Customer Support, so I'll be closing this thread.
  2. You should verify you have a package called harfbuzz or libharfbuzz or sth similar installed. Maybe there are different versions of that package, try to switch those around until it hopefully fixes the issue. Also since "FT_.." is probably freetype, you might also have to look for packages called freetype or libfreetype.
  3. As far as I know, the Garena version of HoN has a different payment model. E.g. you're paying for heroes to play. In addition to that, there's mostly Casual Mode there. Also if you merge those clients, you once again get the effects you had when other regions got merged. Like having ppl speaking Thai or whatever in Europe or USA and people complaining. In addition to former merges, you now also need a different account and client. You wouldn't be able to use your Garena-account for HoN anymore. Stuff your bought either has to be transferred (effort) or gets lost. In general, n
  4. Since everyone shares something about what HoN meant for them in the past, I'll share something too: So like 13 years back, I started to develop a DotA-clone. My plan was just a basic replication of basically everything, but without wc3 behind. However I was active on DotA-forums and I saw the only advertisement of HoN I've ever seen: Someone announced that they are working on it and they will reach closed beta soon. So naturally I applied for close beta, was frustrated because it took ages for me to get accepted - and once I joined I instantly stopped my own game because there was al
  5. You have to open Matchmaking (Play Now) first, choose Ranked (or Mid Wars) - and after that you can invite other peoples. It's kinda confusing .... In case you rather want to play Public Games, you have to create the game alone but others (including your friends) can join after that.
  6. Not at all. But I checked: I don't get those errors.
  7. How rude that no one pinged me when someone asks about Linux-support :-D . The game runs flawlessly on Linux. Even better than on Windows. Linux is the only OS that has a 64 bit client, while Mac and Windows are only providing 32 bit. There is one flaw however: Since you can only access OpenGL on Linux (not DirectX), you will get one single occasional bug: The Gamma-Value of the game gets set to zero and you have to restart the game to fix it. That's happening every couple of games. If you have problems getting the game to run on Linux, you can go to https://forums.heroesofnewerth.
  8. While that's true, I think I recall that HoN had earlier Beta access. And Open Beta access was free of charge. I think no one can deny that S2 made mistakes. Primarily in marketing. It's arguable if HoN could have surpassed LoL, but I'm pretty certain that there wouldn't have been a DotA 2 at all if HoN would have gotten better marketing. We already had Icefrogs cooperation! If for whatever reason bans would turn into majority votes of mere players, the banning system turns into a broken system. People rage-report all the time. If it gets known that people get automatically banned if
  9. Since you did what Watchwalker suggested, I'll close this thread here.
  10. I'd rather get Engi-Shellshock back, that was more fun ? . But I guess staff could make him playable again as well.
  11. The graphics have been updated. The models are more detailed, the map has been renewed multiple times and the interface has been replaced as well. However the Engine is the same, so every of those changes increased hardware requirements and we're now near the point where cpus can't keep up anymore. A huge effort would have to flow into an entire remake of the game and there's simply no way that this change could generate compensating income. WoW has more players and every single one of them pays over 100$ a year. If you could get 81 Million of players to put 100$ a year into HoN for the
  12. Well you got the Beta-Warrior icon just from playing before the initial release ? . Anyways, I'm still waiting for the Developer-Announcer I suggested in the old forums - would that be a great chance now? ?
  13. There is currently no way to play games via a LAN-connection. The linux-client is not supported, but there are links here: The linux-client works quite well, mac has some problems occasionally. However you could also run the Windows client via wine (or PlayOnLinux). However the windows installer is actually just a downloader which is way worse for your connection. For the linux download, you should be able to continue the download with the "-c"-Option of wget you're using. Sadly there's no torrent.
  14. You can complain all you want - in fact I complained about the time frame myself - but you have to use whatever system that is "forced" onto you or you don't have the right to complain that it doesn't work. If you simply refuse to report people, of course griefers won't get banned. If you get banned yourself, there clearly is a system working that makes GMs look at replays. If you refuse to use that, there's no one else to blame but yourself if people are not getting banned. Similar answer if you "report out of rage". How do you expect your reputation to increase if you simply repo
  15. Indeed getting to that level without others cooperating, is not that easy. Your conclusion is correct, not corroborated reports will not change your rap-reputation (that's how it is called). It took me years to get enough positive reports. However it's easier if you get at least one friend who's willing to also report your reports - he doesn't have to be part of that game!, but the report has to be done within 2 hours of your report. You can also do the other way around and report his reports. Of course Innocent reports will work in the opposite direction, so you should choose that
  16. My single report is enough to reach a GMs screen. That has nothing to do with my volunteer positions, but with how many positive reports I've made. Everyone can reach that state with good reports. Voice chat reports can be made with the in game report function if you put a link to a video with the audio into the comment part of the report. Since an unknown url will probably not cause the GMs to look at it, I recommend uploading it as unlisted youtube video.
  17. I've had numerous of Logitech mice and a couple of keyboards. While the keyboards were at some point worn out (years of 10+ h/day typing) I don't have a single mouse that stopped working or had any kind of defect since my first laser mouse (of course ball-mouses had contact problems all day ?). I'm not gonna recommend any mouse, since my current mouse (G9X) is too expensive for only gaming and I wouldn't buy it anymore. I'm only using the gaming-surface with always the same weight anyways. However not getting blinded by leds is pleasent.
  18. The following things were different, so I doubt I have ruined games ;-): 1. Warcraft 3 (on Bnet) had incooperated lag. Everyone had some lag (I think 500ms). 2. Around 1-2% of games were ended with more than 8 players. Usually 2+ people left within the first 5 minutes. Anyways: I probably ruined more games because I fed for the first couple hundred games because I simply was bad. Even thought I played most of them with a couple of friends which never complained about it. No one ever cared about my ping, even thought everyone had banlist and got pings and location of every player.
  19. That's a whole different "problem". But even in that case, rating also reflects not being able to communicate.
  20. Locking people with a high ping out is going to decrease the playerbase because some people don't get a good ping anywhere (I know since I had bad internet 13 years ago and played DotA with 4-digit pings). The balance should also not be affected if you play on the same ping all the time since it will also reflect your ping. In fact you can accustom pretty well to a big ping. You won't play as good as without one, but it can still be fun. The problem arises if your ping isn't the same all the time. Because in that case you won't accustom to the ping, so it's less fun for you. And your ra
  21. With that framerate and those specs, it would even be strange for the integrated iGPU but I still assume it's somehow used - or your graphics card continues to run in power-saving mode. There's probably a setting somewhere where you can toggle that for individual applications. By the way, you should asked technical questions in the Community Tech Support section to receive more help.
  22. Off Topic discussions are for topics not directly related to HoN ;-). You could have asked that in General Discussion. Anyways, I'll try to respond very briefly: Since 2009 a huge lot of things have changed: Of course a lot of new/changed heroes. But there are also a bunch of changed and new items (e.g. potions don't interupt from enemy creeps anymore), different courier mechanic (everyone has now one and it's free and flying), different map (two kongors now which provide team-based, permanent buffs). So basically there's so much that changed, you have to try it out yourself to fin
  23. Please make threads/posts only in English and choose better titles.
  24. First context: I'm usually playing short support, so I ward a lot. But I haven't played DotA 2 or Lol. Wards really only cost 50 gold unless you get countered. I rarely have problems with paying them. However I have other problems: 1. I can't place them on a different lane without leaving my carry alone 2. I can't buy them because they are out of stock - sometimes for good reasons, sometimes for bad places While the first point might be improved slightly, I have doubts about that. If the allies are bad, they will happily buy the wards and place them where they help them slighly
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