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  1. Someone summoned me? ? The reason this fails is indeed it can't create a opengl-window. However the reason isn't a missing library but most likely that you're trying to run it as root. Don't put "sudo" in front. The error lutris printed is probably the one you're going to get then - and it's probably caused by a missing png-library. So some version of libpng I guess. Try out a couple of different ones. Currently I don't have a pc on which HoN is running, so I can't tell you mine.
  2. Calling someone out for something positive is fine ? . And just to contradict MacroHard a bit - as someone who's been playing without long pauses since beta: I think the troll amount increased - or rather: More non-trolls left than trolls. Or maybe it's just because of the worse working balancing system after Seasons got introduced. However the trolls in my games increased a bunch. From one every 100-200 games (so basically no trolls at all), it's now more like one every 15 games (actually now usually they appear in groups). Not counting people that announce to do something but don'
  3. Somehow the question I read, didn't get answered properly I guess: One thing is probably true: Having a report against someone who's level 1 at 40 min, is probably at least worth a look. So from this perspective, it could make sense to put in an exception. However there has to be a line somewhere - what if he would get level 2? What about level 5? When should it stop? People would probably find out that border eventually leaving the system useless. Also putting the line too high will cause wrongful reports for people simply too bad to get higher levels (or simply supports that - dep
  4. Please answer in English, even if he probably understands German ? . Also isn't that "-quotes you used there? That would be Shift + 2.
  5. A mid hero can do multiple different things and any hero that does any of those well, can go mid. That doesn't mean it's a good or the best choice, but an option. 1. Good Harassment of enemy, forces enemy to miss last hits or use more regen - Magmus (for meele), Salforis and Thunderbringer are good examples 2. Good push, if enemy leaves mid they loose xp and their tower is going down fast - Balphagore and Defiler 3. Good gank, if you win top and bottom because you can gank a lot, you win games - a lot of heroes do this, including Hellbringer and Arachna 4. Good rune control, which
  6. Is there a question or problem in your post I can't find?
  7. While I believe that this happens in games with good players and high level games, I can assure you that this also happens in "low level games". At least if you define my current bracket as low bracket (gold) ;-). It's probably even more likely in low level games since they turn multiple times because the team that just got the upper hand doesn't know how to utilize on that and it goes back and forth. (That might actually contradict what I just said - it depends on how you define "turned around" ? )
  8. No matter what my team does, I always try to win the game. More often than not, that works and makes you even more excited of winning. I mean they are still doing what they do, but at least you can hear the frustration raising when you don't insult them back and are still trying to win. Calling/Passing CC simply because they are trolling would just be what they want and punish yourself instead of them. Also it's quite fun to know they are getting banned pretty soon if they do something bannable.
  9. People in general don't understand when they lost and why. I very rarely see people admitting they are at fault. Most people rather complain about the lack of vision because there are only 3 wards (and a couple of cws) up or the failure of the carry because he has no items - even if he has 500 gpm and a matching inventory. I see that quite frequently. When they die for the first time, they call for cc15, even if you killed all 5 enemies with that one sacrifice.
  10. I don't get that experience that people refuse to concede or push. However I might have one that explains your frustration: In at least 75% of games I'm winning - which are not stomps - at least one person calls for 15 minute concede because "the game is lost" for some arbitrary reason. Stomps are usually conceded or finished fast. So generally I'm happy with the current system.
  11. I deleted a bunch of posts here. If you want to want to have this kind of "discussion" please use PMs and use threads for their topics. Forums are open for everyone, if someone writes something you're not happy with - either report it, if it's against rules (e.g. spamming), ignore it or respond in a constructive manner.
  12. It's complaining about writing archive files, so that's probably the problem. Either the files have been deleted or you don't have permissions (or disk space) to write those files. If you can rule out the disk space and permissions (run in admin-mode I guess), I'd suggest reinstalling the entire game.
  13. People suggest stuff like this for years and it will never happen - at least not as drastic as suggested. Why not suggest that people get a warning "you have enabled Matchmaking on regions you will most likely encounter lags because of your physical distance. Do you want to have the following regions removed from your options: X, Y, Z?" That won't fix the problem, but will be a feature for everyone instead of an exclusion mechanism. And it will be much more reasonable to implement this.
  14. Please stay on "topic". You can PM MacroHard if you want ?, or make a topic about it. But talking about what you think is imbalanced in a "Coming back to HoN" thread is definitely off-topic.
  15. Manu311


    That's only true if you put a "only" before "against creeps". Farming - and knowing when to farm - is a big and important part. That would take a lot of my personal fun out of the early game. Usually - especially against suicide - I have two tripple stacks ready for my carry. What would I do while the suicide player keeps tower-hugging? I mean ganking is a valid option, but if it's the only option, mid is going to expect that.
  16. Manu311


    That's true. You're in the worse position. However in most public games every team gets bad players. If the bad player just sits afk in jungle instead of feeding somewhere, it can be beneficial. That's easily explained: Ophelia is no fun if you're not able to play her, so less bad players will play her. You can play her decently even without micro if you go full support-build. But bad players don't like support either. So that won't happen either. Of course Ophelia is also a pretty strong hero (if you know how).
  17. Manu311


    They took away Lifesteal from Pred. He has no more reason why he could be considered jungle. And still people play him jungle. The point I'm trying to make is: You can make heroes as bad as you want, people will still believe they can be played that way because they saw it in a video from 3 years ago. Afk-jungle is already always less beneficial than 2 1 2 (or active jungle). If a team with an afk-sols or afk-legio wins the game, it's never because of those heroes, they might finish the game, but without better player on their team, the game would have been lost. I get that it's fr
  18. Manu311


    Entirely or just going there during the laning phase? FB has been trying to discourage people from going jungle early for quite some time. And it's rarely worth it to still play jungle. But people even play Pred jungle at level 1. So removing early jungle is easier said than done. Removing the jungle entirely would force a lot of rebalancing to happen. In fact probably way more than FB can handle in a reasonable time. New map, a lot of performance changes for most heroes, etc. So I don't really see much of a chance here. Also: We kinda want to keep some distinctions from DotA
  19. Customer Support can be reached here: https://support.heroesofnewerth.com This forum-section is Community Tech Support. I don't think anyone here can help you.
  20. The reason for vpn fixing this is probably the route your packets take. You're arbitrarily forcing the packets to go to your vpn-host first, so the route your packets take can be totally different. If you want to fix #2 without having to go through #1 over and over, you can open Console (Ctrl+F8) and type "ChatConnect" into it.
  21. I think I would try to ping the server ip listed there and check if something happens while getting disconnect-signs. If the ping increases, it's related to the connection, if it doesn't it's probably something else.
  22. Agreed, so I'll close this thread. Also the title is (probably intentional) very random, please choose more fitting names.
  23. Please ask your questions in English, don't use huge font-sizes and color. Oh and please use the appropriate forum-section: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/
  24. Manu311

    Login Issue?

    Please ask your question in the appropriate section: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/
  25. You don't need any incoming ports. Idk what outgoing ports you might need. However please post your question in the appropriate section: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/9-community-tech-support/
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