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  1. Nice list - just two things:
    1. Since the entire article is in English (completely readable btw, so good job), the screenshots should probably be in English too. I have no idea what you're highlighting in those Russian ones 😄 
    2. Part of your first point should be the wireless connection. If you use a wireless connection, there's a good chance they are at least occasionally responsible for spikes. Of course that depends on the channel and the amount of neighbors using wireless connections, but in crowded areas that's probably a noticable issue. And the best part: You can fix it rather easily - just get a cable 😉 (I actually just did that last week - not because of the game but because of work and frequently interrupting video calls).

  2. Probably nothing you need to know about if you're not doing something bad (abusing bugs).

    HoN (and most programs) are using some variant of Semantic Versioning. So whenever only the lowest significant number changes, there are basically only very small things that change - usually bug fixes, never features.
    Most of the time those things aren't communicated (for HoN) as they don't change gameplay at all.

  3. Bans lift based on HoNs timezone (I forgot which one it is, but one of the american ones).

    Also no one is manually lifting your ban, even if no person would work, it would be lifted.

    If you want specific information about your ban, you have to ask an SGM. If you want general answers, you should ask in this section:

    I'll be closing this thread.

  4. 50 minutes ago, ironhamster said:

    It seems like the server got frequent issues and more than weekly I experience lost games due to server crash or related issues. 

    It seems to me like whenever there is an issue they put a bandage on it, and it only covers the issue but doesn't fix it. So is it a lack of funds or what is it? 

    And if the last, why not just sell HoN? Is it because of the rights to the mobile game and due to the amazing investments in China? 

    That's usually all you can do. If something crashes or has connection issues, you have to fix it.
    But it's also because of money-issues I guess - if you can just keep dozens of servers as backup which you can just switch to whenever one server farm doesn't work anymore, customers don't notice any issues. But you have to keep a lot more servers running.

    There are currently two Donation-goals available for which you can donate money - one of those are better servers and better stability. It is already reached, but more money will definitely help.

    Selling HoN will most likely not happen. HoN itself doesn't really provide much money anymore, so there won't be any companies paying enough. But if you got a couple of millions on your bank account, feel free to contact Garena about that 😉. Rn the brands are probably more expensive than the actual games (Newerth, Savage, etc).

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  5. People on the forums generally can't do this 😉. If you don't know if the support-ticket went through, just make another one (Iirc you also should get a mail).
    And if the tickets simply don't work for some reason, you can probably contact one of the staff members (via PM in these forums) which are working as Customer Support - you can find a list of all staff members here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/staff/

    4 hours ago, n0`j said:

    we always jokingly say we are doing our part to support hon by purchasing so many.

    That's not wrong, frequently buying anything for 30 or 50$ certainly helps. You wont be able to pay servers on your own, but if 100 people frequently do this, that's what will keep the servers running. So thank you for your support and happy holidays 😉.

  6. 28 minutes ago, psychoapatic said:

    Edit: CPU usage is around 90% but GPU, based on nvidia-settings, looks like 1-2%

    Did you look at that during a game with 5-10 FPS or during the menu? During a game it should be at least around 100% (one CPU) if it's not at "maximum" FPS.

    Anyways I'm out of ideas - did you try to run HoN without the AppImage? If you're using Arch (and a tiling wm), you should know your way around Linux so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

  7. 53 minutes ago, psychoapatic said:

    My hardware should be fine as i play different video games from Steam and also VR ones.

    I already played HoN on this computer a couple of years ago without issues, but i think i was on a different distro, debian i think.

    I may try to uninstall nouveau drivers anyway and see if something change.

    Steam also provides a lot of lower spec games, but VR does probably mean your PC is powerful enough 😉.

    i3wm should be X11 only, so no wayland either. I'm kinda out of ideas - do you get any output on your terminal if you start the appimage via one - other than problems to start a separate thread? Can you look into nvidia-settings and top (or any task manager) if you can see a bottle neck? (probably 100-200% cpu for hon-x86_64, which is normal).
    (the issues with the separate thread can be ignored, I couldn't find any issues when getting those - I guess they are inherited from the browser "plugin" which tries to run multiple threads and runs in just one as a fallback)

  8. 10 hours ago, Tsuzoi said:

    -- Install the gconf package. (gconf-service if you're on Ubuntu?)

    -- Then install HoN by opening the Terminal in the Folder you downloaded the HoNClient.sh file and typing: sh HoNClient.sh
    Complete the setup process.

    -- Now run [in Terminal]: rm ~/HoN/libs-x86_64/{libfreetype.so.6}
    This removes a conflicting file on most Linux systems that prevents the game from starting.
    Change the path if you didn't install HoN to the default location.

    On a few systems you'll have to instead run ↓ in order for this to work.
    Solus Linux is one example of this. Some distributions conflicts more with HoN than others.
    rm ~/HoN/libs-x86_64/{libcurl.so.4,libfreetype.so.6,libgcc_s.so.1,libgcrypt.so.11,libspeexdsp.so.1,libspeex.so.1,libstdc++.so.6,libudev.so.0}

    -- Now run HoN once. It likely won't start and just crash on launch. This is normal. HoN often doesn't create the needed startup.cfg file for some reason, so we'll have to do that ourselves to get the game to start. To do that ↓

    --  Go to: ~/.Heroes of Newerth/game/ and create a new file called startup.cfg
    -- This is a hidden folder/file. Hit CTRL+H in your Home directory to see the path.
    -- In it type: SetSave "gl_modesetting" ""
    Exit & Save

    Now run HoN again, it should start up as normal.

    -- This is assuming you already have all the necessary dependencies and drivers on your system. --

    Afterword: I'd recommend you also install the gtk-engine-murrine package. If only to get rid of the Terminal warning. You may also want to repair the HoN Client after patching, then run the rm command from above again. It'll repair a couple of files and make sure the game is as optimal as it can be.
    (Repairing also applies to 32-bit Windows Client.) -- HoN Options > Troubleshooting > Repair

    For NVIDIA Users:
    The game is locked to 60 FPS. To fix this, open up the NVIDIA X Server Settings, go to OpenGL Settings, uncheck Sync to VBlank.
    This has to be done every time before starting the game. Even if it's already been unchecked, you have to open it back up, then check it and uncheck it again before starting the game, or you'll get a 60 FPS lock again. Not sure why this happens, but only HoN has this weird behavior. (Bug?)

    Holy ..... I've never had so much things to do to run HoN.

    A few additions:

    • Hotkeys are dependent on your file browser, they might differ
    • Try to run HoN first before deleting the libfreetype.so.6 - if you delete it, make sure your system actually has a replacement (usually at /usr/lib64/libfreetype.so.6) same goes for all these files: libcurl.so.4,libfreetype.so.6,libgcc_s.so.1,libgcrypt.so.11,libspeexdsp.so.1,libspeex.so.1,libstdc++.so.6,libudev.so.0
    • The vsync ("lock to display refresh rate and prevent tearing") which nvidia apparently does by default can be changed permanently if you create a xorg.conf. Nvidia-settings can do this for you
    • Oh and basically all of this is replaced by just running my AppImage which just brings (most of) its own little linux in a box 😉.
  9. 10 hours ago, psychoapatic said:

    No i'm on a desktop and i don't have an integrated graphic card.

    I know that alongside proprietary drivers i have open source ones intalled (mesa) in the system but they should be blacklisted.

    Is it possibile to force the appimage to run with nvidia if necessary?

    In Linux you don't really have the option to use both at once, so applications don't have a choice which one they use.
    The open source drivers for nvidia are called "nouveau", mesa is only used for general stuff which is necessary for every driver. If you have nouveau installed, replace it with nvidia-drivers - you can easily check with this command: "lsmod | grep nouveau" which should not print out anything if you're using proprietary drivers. You can only have either of those drivers loaded, proprietary drivers will not load if you have nouveau loaded.
    I haven't tried to run HoN with open source drivers, I guess they should work as well but it might be a reason for low FPS (after all I'm actually running HoN on integrated graphics with playable FPS).

    The only other reason I can think of is actually slow hardware.

  10. 10 minutes ago, psychoapatic said:

    Many thanks for you work. I followed the instructions and i'm able to launch the game, but whenever i start a match i get a max of 5-6 FPS even on lowest settings.

    What should i do? All other video games run fine.

    I'm on Arch Linux, 5.10.2-zen1-1-zen kernel, i3wm with nvidia-beta-dkms drivers.

    What are your specs? Are you on a notebook and using both the onboard and the nvidia graphics cards? You might need to run the AppImage with primusrun or something like it so it uses your nvidia-graphics.

  11. 9 hours ago, NudeRaider said:

    When I run it through file manager nothing happens. When I run it through bash in console it says it can't execute binary.

    Oh wow. Took me like an hour to figure out that the command to run the AppImage (4th bullet) is this:

    ./Heroes_Of_Newerth-x86_64.AppImage --install

    Would be nice if you could add that to the OP for noobs like me. 😛


    Anyhow. Still time wasted, as it still gives me the same error message ("...Couldn't load vid_gl2")
    Any ideas? I am on Ubuntu 20.04 if that matters.

    I didn't even know you could install AppImages 😄.
    The error probably means, you don't have a graphics driver installed. For integrated graphics (and AMD I guess) you need mesa - for nvidia you need nvidia-drivers. However Ubuntu should have both by default 🤔

  12. Third way: Use my AppImage which should run almost everywhere out of the box:


    11 hours ago, HyperXewl said:

    this in 70% of cases won't result in better FPS but just better compatibility, load times and stability. (that, and new opengl api)

    Faster load times? Since forever I was by far the fastest one to load games (I guess 64bit Windows might have caught up). Crashs usually happened once every 2000 games - so basically never. And compatibility just requires to install the correct library-versions - and my AppImage removes every effort you might need for this 🤔.
    The more important improvements would probably be: Official support (again) and the fix for the OpenGL-Gamma-Issue.
    Or for more personally I guess I'm hoping for constant 60 FPS on a 2012 office notebook without dedicated graphics, since currently I get drops down to ~20 during fights (which is perfectly reasonable for this kind of machine).

  13. 2 hours ago, YoUCan`THidE said:

    Jungler heroes on lane is becoming a new meta, and it actually works. Which just proves the fact that jungle heroes are imbalanced (lvl 8 jungler at 6 mins is completely normal nowdays). Keepers are now laning. tempests (!!!) are now laning, and i even see some draconis lanes.

    Are there any nerfes coming to jungle heroes?

    Well many heroes are viable on multiple lanes. Why exclude heroes that were designed as jungle heroes? I mean they might not be the best choice for most of them, but why not make them viable at all? Even Soulstealers go mid, so why shouldn't a draconis do that?
    When Slither was better (or "probably too strong"), I played him at basically every role - preferably jungle, since he was strongest there (ez ganks and a lot of farm).

  14. On 12/18/2020 at 10:15 PM, Dr_Gonzo said:

    Much appreciated Tsuzoi! If this works il name my firstborn after you!


    Edit: Yup, getting the 64bit client solved my issue with updating. Worked like a charm, should probably put that client on the HoN official homepage where returning players likely show up first to redownload the best Moba out there.

    That client is still not perfect and developers want to focus on people that at least know, that there's forum you can report bugs at 😉.
    It will most likely replace the client on the homepage once it's stable enough.

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