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  1. I'm all for "All Random" or "Balanced Random" in all modes. Imo they are way more fun because this doesn't only apply to MidWars. However All Random has been removed from both game modes (even before single draft, in case of Foc) because apparently people find it worse to have an equal chance of having the strong heroes than to let people pick them . So I guess we tried that, but without way more players again, it's probably not gonna happen. You could host public games with AllRandom I guess - if you're willing to wait for an hour for the game to fill up.
  2. You can actually let the support remove accounts under certain requirements. I've done that a few times already. They have to be Basic accounts and not active for like 6 month. So basically most basic accounts can be deleted this way. Automatically deleting accounts that people payed for never happens in any game. Or would you like your steam account being deleted because you were in hospital for a year, just so other's can use that username?
  3. Hi, I don't think that'll work. But you ask Customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com
  4. I don't think this thread will lead anywhere. Player numbers are removed for a reason, so you won't get official numbers anyways. Closing
  5. Most people I know choose to play MidWars when they are too tired to play FoC . And I don't think that more than 2-3 games of my 10 000ths games of Foc ended with the highest level being at or below level 10. Even I myself was above level 10 in most of those games (and I usually play support nowadays). Same for kills. the games where there is not at least one player that has 5 kills is extremely rare - let alone 5 kills in the entire game. I'm assuming you're extremely exaggerating, but then what's even the point of discussing it? I mean I can join that team and assume that you want
  6. If you want only balanced heroes, play Foc. If you want to do something about your "Russian problem", you probably have to play more HoN games in general to realize that bad and good players have all different nationalities. You might have had a point if you complained about not all of them speaking English, but in terms of skill, they are not really different - just their image is. There have been a lot of threads about either of those topics and there has never been any valuable outcome. Heroes will always be balanced around Foc, there will be no region-lock and nothing similar.
  7. I kinda have a couple of ideas how this could be circumvented, but they will probably be either ignored or are too much effort to implement. So I'll only put them here very briefly: 1. Force-Split groups of high rated players - as in, if they group-queue they might endup in different teams (but the same game) 2. Remove the rating-grouping above a treshold per server. Just ensure that both teams are somewhat balanced, but allow 2000 mmr players to play with 1500 mmr players if there are few players above that rating (1500) online. But it would require a couple additional things. Like the
  8. To everyone that has never heard "bydlo": https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Bydlo (or basically just: ordinary human) Basically what twoscoopsREE is saying: Go play solo games. That'll definitely work, but you'll probably become a "bydlo" yourself (or rather out yourself as one) . You might think about if HoN is worth your time as well. I guess what you suggest here is just ignoring people because you're good enough to win on your own. That reminds me of that Urban dictionary People on this forum probably have never heard that term (a
  9. There are some easy advices: 1. Don't try to win alone. Even if you occasionally have team mates that aren't able to help you win the game, actually most of them are. But you have to find ways to make them help. That can be friendly telling them what to do, just support their ideas even if they aren't optimal or just to learn Russian (probably not ). Anyways, if you can make use of your team mates, you have an advantage the enemies might not have. Bad players are equally distributed among teams (on average), so by being better at this than your enemies, you should get higher rating (and
  10. Manu311


    Goodbye threads are not allowed.
  11. I guess I missed that and thought that most optimizations are already in the 64 bit client. Sorry for misinforming you. Now I wonder if one can run that future version of HoN on a raspberry pi. Probably I know that the architecture is arm and not x86, that's the point
  12. It's pretty difficult to divide certain load to multiple cpu cores. Sometimes it's even impossible. Converting old software to multiple cores is usually equal to rewriting it completely but with way more effort and problems. There might be certain technologies which help a bit, but it's probably easier to just optimize HoN to run smooth at 250 FPS on a single cpu core . However since Windows 64 bit version sounds comparable to Linux 64 bit version in speed - or possibly even better - that's probably not the focus in the near future since you can already play that on a potato. If y
  13. You might want to read this: http://heroesofnewerth.com/documents/media/ Everything that's on the web page can probably be considered to be "owned by HoN". Even if not everything actually is, I'm pretty sure that contributors have to agree that their work can be used the same way as stated in that link . If not, it's probably FBs problem, not yours.
  14. Please move your "bug report" to the modifications-section. Preferably to the thread where the mod is in. Also: If you can't record it properly and practice mode doesn't have the issue, try replays.
  15. Since apparently you can only speculate on contra-points and are certain about the Pro points - let me add some rather certain things to the contra list. After all I endured a couple of resets and know what will happen from those: I (personally) will simply stop playing HoN completely for probably two or three months (not that I play much anymore anyways) Balance of games will drop by a lot. Basically 90% of games of the first 1-2 weeks will be complete stomps. The effect will tapper of slowly, but it'll take month before it's back to a reasonable amount. Of course that's only true
  16. Manu311


    Please choose appropriate titles for your threads and search for official responses to your problem before posting them:
  17. Pebbles,Andromeda,Prisoner + Engineer; I guess you'll figure out the fun yourself .
  18. And don't make posts in other languages that are not English . Closing - follow hegelsohns advice if you want your account back.
  19. Imaging being bad - like really bad. Those people usually have friends they play with, usually also a few pretty good people (most people get better after time, so there's a chance they know at least one of them). Now of course you want to learn and play with better people - have one of those friends play your first game with you and just support your kill streak. It's pretty easy to get an immortal at 1500 - which instantly boosts you beyond 1600. Even if you loose your remaining 5 games, you'll probably still be above 1600 even with just one win. If you reset the season, you just boos
  20. 1. I am not aware of a single thread of feedback that has been deleted. Even if it's totally unreasonable and opinionated, they are never deleted and rarely closed (early). So there's no reason to be afraid that your thread will be deleted if you put that much effort into writing it. 2. What you describe as "should be 1400 instead of 1600" is probably not accurate. I've been playing since 2009, so I got an idea of skill to mmr relation I guess. Even before 4.0 there were few people below 1600 that had any map awareness, knew how to place wards or have other basic knowledge. The skill leve
  21. If this were true, there would be an official announcement from staff members of either game. There's none from HoN and probably none from DotA2, so there's no merging or anything. And I highly doubt that would ever happen. Or did you ever hear of any competing games merging instead of them either co-existing or one of them vanishing?
  22. Both systems work similar against this - the better the ranking itself, the better it prevents this issue. The issue isn't that they are treated equally, the issue is that they don't have a rating which reflects their skill better than the current rating. The problem with most people that are still 1550 after 2k games is that their skill simply isn't enough to reach better, while new players (or fresh accounts) are still on their way up. So boosting the initial games should help - and it does. However no one that's playing decently should have 1550 after his initial games - for the first
  23. A couple of years back I did some machine learning to calculate what each stat that is collected should result in (to predict the mmr progression of players as best as possible). There were some fun things inside of that. One remarkable thing was game length - the longer the games, the lower you should be ranked (basically because most numbers that are tracked are beneficial). Iirc correctly deaths didn't even matter at all. So if FB would implement something like this, it would - after some time - get public knowledge what is part of the ranking and people would take stupid (and wrong!)
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    This forum is English-only, please only post in English.
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