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  1. I must have been playing different games then . 60% of MidWars games I play are basically someone hooks or someone fails to keep their distance and gets initiated on, then everyone nukes that guy with everything they have and the enemies try to take advantage of them using all their skills. Short battle and it's back to waiting for someone to make a mistake or get hooked. Around 20% are just filled of defensive waiting inside the tower and nuking with long range which make extremely boring games. And another 20% of games are just extremely one sided. I also find the late game of HoN way
  2. Personally I think I've learned more for my life from HoN (not playing it, but everything around it) for my life as a developer (or rather head of other developers) than I've learned from my actual work places. Not really much in terms of programming, but in terms of decisions and priorities. I guess there is indeed more to learn from losses than from wins . I'm not really someone into role-playing or communicating much during games. But I still agree with your assessment. I would love to have around 5 minutes before every game just to get to know everyone (that is willing to talk).
  3. To loosely quote "someone" before 4.0 patch: "You need to shake things up occasionally so people don't get bored by the same balance all the time. Buffing only a couple of heroes at first more manageable than making every hero viable at the same time. Players will adjust and play different heroes because they are stronger than what they were used to play" (forgive me if that wasn't exactly what he said, but it has been a couple of years and I probably didn't read/remember it objectively, because I thought and still think this was a bad idea)
  4. Where have I heard that before DotA 2 also had a 4.0 patch?
  5. I wish I could accumulate that number for myself . But there are beta-games, sub-accounts, sbt and rct games for me . Just way too much to sum that together (and I don't think I could still access the SBT client ). But overall I'm certainly over 10 000 games myself, basically never concede games early (I think I have an average game time over 30 minutes everywhere (my main has 35 minutes)), adding lobby and queue times, I've certainly played HoN for more than a full year.
  6. There is, but Idk how long it will stay active/maintained: https://discord.gg/F7gQtUm
  7. Which only works on Windows There's a pinned topic:
  8. I believe you should see the reason if you log in at https://rap.heroesofnewerth.com/
  9. It's always more or less the same answer you will get, if you get one here:
  10. Currently the answer to that is: No.
  11. I don't I think creating a server yourself from scratch from the network-traffic you captured is legally "fine". But I assume the actual game-protocol is way harder to reverse-engineer than the trivial stats. Without looking into it, I assume stats and shop-stuff is transferred in a readable format (json, xml, php-serialized stuff) but there is no way the game-state is readable, that'll be binary and pretty hard to reverse-engineer (also you don't have that much time to fetch the required data).
  12. Basically the decision was made in december (or maybe earlier internally) and server providers were given the notice. But I assume they already payed for until june and couldn't terminate them earlier. It would be kinda unfair to let us continue to buy things that would (mostly) only go into the pockets of Garena without a real chance to extend HoNs lifetime. I believe HoNs costs could have been payed by different options (like having those Saudi players pay for them ), but it would just not be worth it for Garena.
  13. Alternatively you can also run wireshark locally while accessing all the data in your client. Iirc some of it is transferred without encryption, so you can just read it that way. Afaik everything is transfered via http, so just use that filter and you should be able to find most things.
  14. "Everything that requires non-self-hostable servers comes to an end eventually"
  15. For the most part its just that the horrible player are way more vocal and if you have 6 decent people in your game and 3 horrible ones, you'll remember that game as completely horrible. From my experience no where near 90% are problematic players - more like 10-15% (which still means you'll have at least one in most games). As for rage-quits, that's more because of the penalty system which becomes worthless if the penalty is no longer existing. I mean what's the thread of "you won't be able to play the game for 3 month" if you can't play it anyways after the next 3 weeks or "if you reach
  16. I think you needed level 3 years back, right now you shouldn't need levels I think. I might just have missed or forgotten about the revert (my age, you know). https://support.heroesofnewerth.com/
  17. There'll probably always be Reddit. But I guess no one stops you from creating your own memorial site for HoN. If it's properly done, you might even get an official shoutout.
  18. It has been brought up, but there has been no answer. I assume it's not in the hands of FB (or GG) and the servers will just shut down when the hosting providers shut them down. Might even differ between different regions.
  19. I wouldn't go as far as "no" more trolls. but the numbers have decreased. However I also noticed two other differences: 1. More leavers (not as much as I remember from DotA (1) but more than ever in HoN) 2. Way longer queue times (Foc with ranks between silver 1 and diamond 2)
  20. Leaving matches does never result in a ban like that. You might try to get un-banned via appealing via the rap-portal, not the forums.
  21. I assume it's not timed (by GG/FB) but the hosting provider will eventually shut them down on that day. (Also usually when I do assumptions like this, I'm wrong and a staff member joins in to correct me )
  22. "Superior" is highly dependent on which sides of the engine one does focus on. Superior could mean "equal to everyone, even with higher ping, because everyone gets the same amount of lag" or "better connection = less lag and overall very little lag" to just name the obvious one here . There are a people that prefer (actually) ancient hardware to type texts (or play games) because current operating systems introduce a very small amount of lag which isn't that bad, but noticeable (at least subconsciously). For them the ancient hardware is "superior" because it introduces less lag and that's
  23. Sounds like a "placement problem". I mean if you start HoN you aren't playing against Diamond players but against Silvers and a lot of the time players just do very strange things in that rating . Most of the things that make one a good HoN player, will probably also translate to DotA 2 just fine. And you have the advantage that you have a lot more time to think before the units actually respond . Maybe that's the reason why DotA 2 is more successful (now) than HoN: "People" (definitely not talking about personal experience) grow older and slower .
  24. Hi Oooch, you're kinda late to the party . I think you should be able to play normally if you have a player level above 3. However I think that restriction had been removed somewhere in the meantime, but your account might be stuck in that limitation or something. You could contact Customer support at support.heroesofnewerth.com and ask them if they have an idea.
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