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  1. Counter-warding might be better - however if you just buy eye every time you got the money, you get a lot of ward kills as well. Of course you could make that reportable, and it already is reportable to place all your wards in your base before the game is over. However having any incentive to grief for something that has zero value, is probably bad. One could argue I guess that certain other awards fulfill that too - like most kills, best spree or least deaths. However all those require you to actually win the game. Just stealing every kill will give you more kills than your team mates,
  2. That's intended. No one ever gets MVP without at least 3 votes. I'd personally like that too (primarily to show of that mid hero who wrote in all chat that we had no wards all game when I have 15 wards placed ). However I'm afraid that people might just buy wards and place them in bad places (like the well) because they at least want that award for sure. You can't get any other award by griefing (maybe least death by afk-avoiding). And I rather not have this awards than have people take away the wards from the game, for this stupid reason. In 95% of games I stay to see who get
  3. Please only post in English on this forum.
  4. You can find almost every mod here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/10-modifications/ All mods that are posted there and not removed, are allowed to be used. Only mod which I know of right now that is not allowed is one which zooms out the game more than is possible by default. If you find a mod somewhere else and are unsure if it's allowed, just ask here or in that sub-forum. Mod that remove trees and replace them with stumps, "range indicators", "avatar changing mods", or even mods which enable you all avatars (for yourself to see) are allowed.
  5. No one knows what will happen. Right now things look pretty stable. Even thought it was announced that there wouldn't be content or balance changes a while back, they are still happening. Patch schedule got slowed down though, so new patches are released only every other month. Additionally there were no new heroes in quite some time, only small reworks of existing heroes. So it's probably a good guess to assume that it will stay that way for the foreseeable future. About who "owns" the game: That would be Garena. People that are running the show for NA/EU are however all (I guess?)
  6. There are two ways: 1. Play more Match Making games. Once you reach level 5 (I think it was 5, might be level 3), you get verified 2. Buy Gold Coins - that will instantly make you verify
  7. Sounds like you remember slighly wrong. The "premium accounts" were not purchasable after that system got introduced. Everyone that bought the game before they made it free to play, had such a premium account and no one could buy one after it. However back on topic: Buying individual items that stay forever increase the value and emotional binding to your account. Any kind of subscription model doesn't. Their goal is to generate some revenue and never get people back again. Think about this: If you bought into the subscription model now, played hard for next few month and maybe got a
  8. There's a really big category at the top called "Open Applications" if you click there, you can apply to different volunteer positions. However currently Game Masters seem to not recruit. Anyways, no volunteer group has a real influence on any decisions made, we just try to improve different aspects (game masters ban rule violations, forum moderators moderate the forum, retail candidate testers try to find all the bugs before a new patch is released). However if someone did well in those volunteer groups, staff members might first ask some of them about their opinion. So joining an
  9. One topic is already more than enough. Closing
  10. In lower ranked games it's very often a must have item on supports for me. For some reason a lot of enemies always try to focus me instead of nuking the carries. This way I can tank way more than I used to be - making other items that I tend to buy just so I can survive a little longer, less of a must pick. E.g. against a lot of nukers I usually went for Barrier idol pretty fast. Of course it's still an option for its active effect (which was the primary excuse for buying it as a support) but it's not needed anymore and the pickup (for me) depends way more on if my team actually requires t
  11. If he's not visible there, your report has probably not gone through. Maybe your network went out or something like that. Just report him again if you want. Also note, that you need to login on the (sub-)account that you have reported him for the report to show up.
  12. From observations, I think I can add something about the auras: The aura needs to have an effect to grant an assist. E.g. you can have an astro and run around your team the entire time - if your team is at max hp and no one ever deals damage to them, afaik you don't get an assist. Similar for ring of the teacher - the mana-regen-aura actually looks like it doesn't grant assist, only the armor-aura. So if your ally doesn't get (physical? I'm not sure about it) damage, you don't get an assist. Additionally I think I remember that you need to aura the one dealing the killing blow, not j
  13. You can, but they have to do that more than just a few times. Those cases aren't crystal clear cases, it also kinda depends on the GM who is judging (or the SGM overruling ) the case. And you don't waste your time for them, but for others that have to suffer from them. Btw aren't you wasting your time because of them on this very forum rn? Why is reporting that much worse?
  14. Just enjoy the game by knowing you can get those guys a real ban because they made something that qualifies them for one. The longer the game, the more evidence. At least that's my take on it.
  15. I guess you didn't get my point either : If you see everyone that is not doing their best (or at least says so) as a troll and that it's no fun playing with him. Maybe others don't see it that way and instead don't have fun playing with you since you're the one ruining their game by leaving it. So what you want is "free trolling for everyone", right? Just grow up. When you're using the internet, you're gonna face trolls - everywhere, not just in HoN. Either you endure it or just hide in your closet. Either you're better than them, or you are not (thought you already told us in which
  16. I think the amount of games I have been in that were truly lost and didn't end within 5-10 minutes is extremely small. In contrary to that, I use to win around 30-40% of the games where the games are called "lost" by someone who then decided to go afk jungle for 20 minutes. After we hold out for 15 minutes - even with some lost racks - he stopped going jungle and we win many games in the end. Just don't give up so easily. There are a lot of people (which might include yourself) that just give up once the game gets challenging. You can very well come back from 0/10 or outperform a lane t
  17. Manu311


    My example is extremely hard to report. Everything that can be interpreted as "just bad" is not really considered griefing. I don't think anyone ever got banned for getting hooked too much. Blocking your own neutral camps on the other side is very well reportable (given there is basically zero reason to do it).
  18. Imaging owning a machine where you can't configure or replace whatever the hell you want . But on topic: Please don't derail the thread.
  19. Strange fix, but glad it helped. I'll be closing this thread then - also to those posting after you: This forums is English only
  20. Glad you found that Have fun (Also closing this thread)
  21. English only please. Also choose matching titles, not your own name. Closing
  22. I suggest: Just try it I haven't seen any improvements in OpenGL recently (and I'm limited to that, since I'm not using Windows ever again), but it still works fine. So you could play with that too. You might get way better performance with DirectX (or not) - so I suggest you try both, see the difference and choose what works better for you. And if you notice any problems, you can switch it anytime (but it probably requires a restart of HoN).
  23. Which is why I now removed the screenshot. Feel free to re-edit the post again with censored player names @thorblood
  24. With a decent mail-provider spoofed mails should be filtered out, but I guess a lot don't really do it. Anyways, you should contact the support with this information. Technically a breach in HoN will not sent mails from your mail-accounts (since you don't have one ending with @heroesofnewerth.com) but could leak the address you registered when you created your account. No password or any further access. That could be different for staff-accounts, though.
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