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  1. But you can easily see that when pick rates only increase with also increasing win-percentages. Also if he's op, he's probably banned a lot as well, so picks will not sky rocket, only win-percentage will.
  2. Manu311


    Please create only meaningful threads with meaningful titles.
  3. And what if those 5 players in that team are not able to leave silver bracket on their own and managed to only group-queue themselves up into diamond bracket and face 5 real diamond bracket solo players?
  4. Manu311


    It depends on how bad your normal routing is . It can't mitigate the distance, but it can mitigate bad routing. So if your ISP thinks a good way to your neighbor is one time around the world (over-exaggeration) ExitLag will reduce your delay by a lot. If your ISP already has a rather optimal route, ExitLag will either be the same or could even be worse.
  5. (I'm talking about @hclivess, not the OT) I think I've ran the numbers on something helpful for this a couple of years back when I suggested a rating system based on basically all stats the api spit out. One of those stats iirc was whether someone group-queued or not. However I don't remember how much impact that stat had and the old forum is gone, so I can't check its SBT section anymore . Anyways, most of the time I have separated sub-accounts based on whether I queue solo or with a group. I even tried to separate based on who I'm playing with (but that didn't work out, too much t
  6. If you "loose mid" you probably picked something that's focused on farming and not on ganking, so probably a bad choice for mid. For almost every decent mid hero, you can gank comfortable at least at level 6, most can gank decently with a rune earlier than that. So if you can't get last hits or experience, just go gank earlier. Winning the side lanes by ganking is usually better than whatever you can do while staying in lane mid. A lot of people confuse "mid" with "I have to win the game myself". Mid lane is probably the biggest factor, but it doesn't have to be on their own. If mid pla
  7. You could contact Customer Support at support.heroesofnewerth.com - but Idk if they can help you.
  8. There is already a pretty big topic about this: If you have further questions, put those into that topic please (and next time search for similar topics before you open one ).
  9. It's not open source yet, it's announced to be open sourced somewhen in July. Also it's kinda made for DX11/12 and Vulkan. Idk about DX11/12 (within the 64 bit client), but I don't think HoN has any of those technologies yet. I guess with the 64 bit client, HoN is also pretty good in terms of performance now (and probably still bottlenecked by CPU, not GPU), so why put effort into FSR at the moment?
  10. I assume that you are talking about some action on this forum, not on the game. In that case: You can report his post or PM via the report-function if you click the three dots at the top right of a post. Neither Shattered nor any volunteer gets any special treatment (at least not in our favor) if they get reported either in the game or on the forum. Anyways, as @Ceriss already told you: Publicly discussing bans or bad behavior of any person (especially name calling) is not allowed, so I will close this thread now. Use the report features and the inquiry features if you're unhappy with
  11. Putting myself in a pretty bad light I guess (but I'm not the one making that decision ), the company where I'm working rn has basically the entirety of what is publicly visible disabled since december - and we're more developers than FB rn . It's always a question of decisions somewhere. Someone for some reason decided that it's fine to not have a fast release-pipeline which can fire releases within minutes (for HoN), so we face the consequences. It's never white or black, it's always grey. I'm pretty sure no one at FB is happy with releasing the exe like that (as Hyperxewl mention
  12. It's hidden here: Or you can probably use this one as well: However right now I have library-issues and can't run either on my current Linux box anymore (it works on different PCs though) Just out of curiosity: I assume wine is considered a VM now and blocked?
  13. Counter-warding might be better - however if you just buy eye every time you got the money, you get a lot of ward kills as well. Of course you could make that reportable, and it already is reportable to place all your wards in your base before the game is over. However having any incentive to grief for something that has zero value, is probably bad. One could argue I guess that certain other awards fulfill that too - like most kills, best spree or least deaths. However all those require you to actually win the game. Just stealing every kill will give you more kills than your team mates,
  14. That's intended. No one ever gets MVP without at least 3 votes. I'd personally like that too (primarily to show of that mid hero who wrote in all chat that we had no wards all game when I have 15 wards placed ). However I'm afraid that people might just buy wards and place them in bad places (like the well) because they at least want that award for sure. You can't get any other award by griefing (maybe least death by afk-avoiding). And I rather not have this awards than have people take away the wards from the game, for this stupid reason. In 95% of games I stay to see who get
  15. Please only post in English on this forum.
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