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  1. Please post in English only and you don't need to bump threads, ElementUser looks at all the threads anyways. Just focus on the suggestion and argumentation about it. To make this thread a bit more readable, I have removed all the unrelated posts.
  2. Yes they do - if they are handled. You should ask Rap-related questions here: https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/forum/33-report-a-player-feedback/
  3. You sadly asked in the totally different spot and apparently no one noticed or bothered . There's still the old Mac client. It's just no longer officially supported: That said (and linked) - Mac OS has apparently switched to 64 bit only in recent versions, which makes most game unplayable, including HoN. But if you have an older version of MacOS, this should still work.
  4. I think that was a certain staff member - seconds before he removed the old forum
  5. Most people simply use a VPN for this and that works. A proxy is more or less the same thing as a vpn, just technically (slighly) different. The main difference you will notice is that you have to make programs use a proxy while vpn simply works for everything once you set it up. Since I don't know a single game that has a proxy-setting, you're probably out of luck without some program that solves this issue. I don't wanna go too much into technicalities, but let me just put it this way: You should probably just get a normal VPN, that'll save you a lot of trouble.
  6. It has been said by ElementUser in the past, that the code from back then can't be just re-enabled since a lot of the code it depends on has changed. So re-introducing War Effort is a slighly bigger endevour.
  7. So which volunteer positions have you applied for? I mean there have been a lot of those for years - I don't recall seeing you in any of them. Surely you're capable of doing at least one of those things. Also, guys imagine a similar situation at your workplace (if you have one). Your boss is only making you do the very smallest amount of work necessary, basically making everyone unhappy - you as well as the customers. Of course you're already working overtime to improve the customers experience because you care for them more than being payed well - but there's only so much that you can improve by simply working more since you also need some better equipment. If you work as a hairdresser and only got dull scissors, it will hurt people. So you need money you don't have and have to ask customers. Now your boss will probably be happy if you just take additional money from customers without giving them anything in return. But what if your boss notices that you give some customers special treatment? Surely you're using company money for that, which he did not approve. Since he likes your doing overtime, he won't kick you, but he'll probably deduct all the stuff you give back to customers from your salary. So basically you're limited to giving staff back, that doesn't belong to the company (like avatars or GC do) - I guess we could get certain staff members to send you a personalized thank you message or some personal talking time if you're donating above a certain amount of money. But people that are willing to donate that much money, will probably not care for it and rather just want HoN to survive.
  8. This part (and similar ones) tell you the problem: The updater can't write those files. The problem is likely that you installed HoN as Administrator and are now trying to update it without Administrator powers. You should probably run HoN as administrator to update it.
  9. A low cpu-frequency is usually a big part when HoN isn't running too good. Your CPU shouldn't be too bad, so you should reach at least 60 fps when no action is happening. Gpus don't really matter anymore. You can play HoN with recent onboard graphics. Anyways, on Windows the Nvidia drivers are known to have problems with detecting HoN as a performance-needing application (that might be related to only requiring 20%). The other option is that the game doesn't use your nvidia-graphics card at all. So either way, you should browse through your nvidia-settings and find the place to put your 1660 into performance-mode when HoN is running.
  10. To verify you got the most recent version, do the following: Press Ctrl/Cmd + F8 to open the console Type "version" and press return You should now see the version at the bottom right. To disable that, just repeat the steps. If you got 4.8.5 your game is up to date.
  11. The white part/missing background is actually a bug which is going to be fixed soon - as far as I know. As for your main problem: Is the resolution-dropdown out of your screen if you open the options in windowed mode? If not: Why not simply change that? If that doesn't work, there are two ways to manually change the resolution: 1. Option: Open the Console when in windowed mode (Command + F8 I guess), type the following and press return after: SetSave "vid_resolution" "800" "600" "0" That will set your solution to 800x600 - it might require a restart of HoN, I haven't checked 2. Option: That Video-Resolution from step 1 should be set in the startup.cfg-file in your ~/.Heroes\ of\ Newerth/game directory. But with a different resolution, you can change that line. You have to quit HoN before you do that, since exiting HoN will replace that file.
  12. Sadly I'm not a layer and I have no clue about American laws. I don't even know too much about German laws - all I know is that there is definitely some legal reason as to why certain areas are blocked from buying GC. That reason might be obsolete or can be circumvented by knowing "law-stuff" but I don't know of any FB-employee that is actually a lawyer. So if some person would want to change this, they probably have to be a person that Garena believes is capable of the right judgment - I assume that person has to be a payed and contracted one (because they would want to be able to sue someone if they gave wrong advice that caused harm). So once again, I have no information about lawyers, but I assume they would probably cost around 300 US$ each hour. Figuring all that out, presenting it to Garena and whatever else they would have to do, is probably at least a week of work. So 300 US$/h × 40h --> 12 000 US$. So the "risk" for Garena here is that they have to invest 12k and it might not result in them actually being convinced enough. Let alone any additional cost which might be a consequence like reconfiguring paypal or creating a legal company outside of US (which Amazon and Blizzard definitely have). And the potential benefit for Garena is "people of a couple of countries in near-east can buy GC". Even if they would know that all those people combined would buy GC for 12k - it's still not a good risk to take. I mean I guess some FB-staff could volunteer to figure out how much money it would actually take to investigate and convince Garena from changing that system and they could add an additional goal for it. Since you guys can donate, that could work - but I kinda doubt that there's enough money in that market - sadly. Btw Indie games are usually sold through Steam, the Epic Game Store or some Appstore, so basically you're never buying anything from those few Indie developers but always from steam. Anyways I'm sorry if I was a little bit rude - I try to not be and just take the side of people I want to rather invest their time into HoN - occasionally I assume wrong things, after all I don't have any insights into this. But since you kinda remind me of one of our programmers, I want to give you an advice: Try to calm yourself down before you speak/write. You have valid arguments and I totally understand your point - but if you sound as aggressive as you do, very few people will read your arguments or listen to you. And people that don't have to listen to you (like bosses or staff) will probably just stop reading early and just ignore you. (Or in games just mute you) So since you're writing, it's easier - you can give yourself as much time before posting as you want, just read through your post 3 times before you actually send it and imagine if anyone could take that as offensive. It should be helpful basically everywhere //EDIT: Since you edited your post while I was writing that wall of text: As for that giveaway - that's probably similar to the donations: It's not selling, it's "gifting".
  13. Manu311


    Also you can just ask questions about the donations in ElementUsers thread about it: I'll be closing this thread.
  14. If US-Law says "you can't sell anything to middle-east", then you can't buy anything from US-company if you're from middle-east. But if it doesn't say anything about donations (also: why would it?), well yeah. It's everyone's own choice if they want to donate something and how far they are going to support a company or game. Just because a higher-up instance decides "we don't like you", that shouldn't result in you not liking a person that has to follow their orders - since those are orders and not following orders is usually pretty hard to do and has serious consequences. Businesses usually try to minimize risk. So the risk of being sued and going bankrupt is probably not worth a couple of dollars from middle-east. Anyways, you don't have to understand all the reasoning, but I'm sure that neither ElementUser, nor Smilie nor any of the other FB-members have any kind of grudge against any nation, religion or whatever group of people. They are just kinda forced to follow rules like everyone else - sometimes people forget about that when the only likely consequences they have to "fear" is "being banned from your HoN-account for a limited time" By the way - check out TikTok: US says "TikTok as a Chinese company can't exist in the US" so they are kinda forced to sell their US-part to Microsoft or whoever. The difference is that TikTok might have the money to fight that - but you wouldn't want FB to invest millions of dollars into a lawsuit, would you?
  15. My assumption as to why you aren't getting any rewards for your donations is: donations never have a reward. That might sound like I'm being picky, but I would assume that you can donate money through paypal and they take way less of that money than if you use paypal for actually selling stuff. So if FB gave you Gold Coins and paypal would notice, they might just straight up take most of the money or sue FB. Seriously, if you want a reward for your money, you're not donating. If you just wanna support HoN and keep it alive and make it better - then go ahead and donate money for that. Sounds like enough reward for me anyways. Since you wouldn't get a reward anyways, you might consider sending your money to someone you trust (who is allowed to donate and) who will donate the money for you. Nothing should be stopping you from doing that. I guess you could also choose a HoN-volunteer of your choice and might be lucky - I assume staff could be problematic, but you never know.
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