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  1. I guess we need a new invitation . The old one is now invalid (and I'm not on that server, since I don't have neither Mac nor Windows )
  2. Console commands should have helped I guess .
  3. I don't think you needed to modify them. Lan mode was a thing back then. And FB and GG don't really loose anything if you host/share those. But since its still against their tos, it's probably best to be careful about it.
  4. I don't know for certain. Usually someone will tell you to not do it before anything bad is going to happen . Of course that's only if those files are the original files. If you add any malware, that's certainly not accepted: You might hit a grey area with the "Uploading any software or contant that you do not own or have permission to freely distribute" rule however. But I would read this rule as "upload it to the forums" and not link to it from the forums . In addition to that, you are not allowed to link to content which is illegal (point 5) and this might get more t
  5. The moment they decided, so before it went into Closed Beta? Afaik that was always the plan. Unless you mean F2P, that might be true. Also DotA2 was planned to be P2P until shortly before it got released too - and that was way later.
  6. I don't think Garena cares and I don't know if the official devs are allowed to do that on their own. But I assume some people will try to reverse engineer enough to bring lan support back eventually. But sadly I'm not one of those that can/will put a lot of effort into trying that (I tried if it's possible the easy way, just via some commands, but that's about all I'm gonna do - I don't have any experience with reverse engineering anyways ).
  7. There are a bunch of reasons why HoN had less players than other mobas. I'm not gonna name them all, because I will miss some and might overrate others. However 4.0 was a big one. Afaik the other mobas are loosing players as well and have been over the last couple of years. The only difference is, they rarely made those mistakes and had bigger player bases in the first place (because of better marketing probably). They might still continue for a couple of years but they will probably close eventually. Games that require managed servers and do not take subscription fees, will eventually
  8. Aside of loosing more mmr and increasing their leave percentage which will eventually (way to late, I admit) prevent them from playing (on that account).
  9. And if he can provide a link, why not update the wikipedia for open source recreations accordingly (or one of the similar, linked ones): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_game_engine_recreations
  10. I assume there is still most of the Lan-support we once had in the code (since we lazy devs rarely clean up everything ), but we probably have to wait until someone finds the triggers to bring lan-support back.
  11. HoN only has the opposite issue. If you don't see the center of the gadget (like Chronos ultimate), you don't see the gadget at all, even if you're stuck inside of it .
  12. Correct and correct. You can start the game as normal, but login will fail. However you can already open the command line via Ctrl + F8 and type in commands. I'm sure someone will create a post on reddit or somewhere with all the useful hosting commands for local games.
  13. I haven't tried DotA 2 in a while, but I think the "slowness" comes primarily from two factors (which might be incorrect completely, so don't take my word for it 1. There is some equalizing delay afaik, which gives everything a couple of milliseconds delay before it is actually executed. You get used to this pretty fast (I played DotA 1 with around 1-2 seconds of delay at first), but it still feels "slower". 2. Hero turn speeds are slower, so heroes just feel slower
  14. Probably not log into the accounts, but start practice and bot matches via commands.
  15. I'm pretty sure it is possible. I'm not sure whether the hero ideas themselves are copyrighted and whether Garena will go to court for that, but Valve can probably get a deal with Garena anyways to figure this out, if they want to. They'll probably not copy the hero models but create their owns (which might be somewhat similar) though.
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