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  1. Smartphones even take a step further, they combine different cpu cores so it can better tune the power needed. If they run in idle, they can just fallback to the lowest power cpu core and disable all the others. While if you need performance, you enable the fast cores (and might even disable the slow ones). The Galaxy S21 has 8 cores in total: 1 x Cortex-X1 at up to 2,9 GHz 3 x Cortex-A78 at up to 2,8 GHz 4 x Cortex-A55 at up to 2,2 GHz However this is getting "slightly" offtopic, we should stop that .
  2. That feature got intentionally removed. Primarily because of two reasons: 1. It wasn't accurate 2. People repeatably opening threads about HoN being a dead game because it only has 20 000 active players at night when it used to have 100 000 There's no actual use in showing this number anyways, so it has been removed. It doesn't matter if there are 20k players online or 200k, what matters is that you find a game and that's something that FB has to take care of, not some number. You already have a time indicating how long it will most likely take for you to find a game. You don't
  3. I'm a software guy myself . However it's clearly worse than linear: Basically CPUs always just "waste" power - (amost) all logic works by short circuiting your power. It doesn't matter much if you short circuit 5 times a second or 10 times a second, the power is mostly constant. However it fluctuates slightly and the CPU can reduce the overall voltage if it doesn't have to run at the highest frequency. That's basically all you can save for the CPU itself. It's really not that much - I doubt you can half the power drawn no matter how much you reduce frequency. However there's an addit
  4. "Cheap cpus" is only partially true. Mobile cpus nowadays have a way bigger focus on energy savings than on frequency. Most people are not limited by cpu frequency (or rather: at all). If you don't buy a gamer laptop, they usually are designed to work on battery for a long time and have decent performance in office applications, video viewing and browsers. And they all can usually make good use of multiple cores. If you think about it, it's way more power efficient to have 8 cores and just disable 7 of them completely when you only need one, than to just enable them every few microsec
  5. I don't think there are i9 in the 11th gen already. But if they are, they are probably just as good
  6. Recently (like for the last 2-3 years) AMD got better CPUs for less money. However they are primarily focused on multiple cores, which doesn't benefit most games. If you really want the highest frames possible, you could probably go for one of the highest clocked CPUs available, the Intel® Core™ i9-10850K Processor. But that's 400$
  7. Welcome to the 21st century internet I censored the playername. Afaik it doesn't violate any rules to call yourself any word as long as it's not offensive or impersonating staff and the reported one was neither of those. As an example: It's fine to call yourself like any minority, since that's not offensive by itself (even if some people might consider it to be). But calling yourself "kill_all_...." is clearly offensive and not allowed (of course only if targeting any humans - "kill_all_rabbits" is probably fine ).
  8. This might be an AMD-problem. Until rather recently AMDs Frequency wasn't comparable to Intel. I never had any AMD-CPUs until recently, so I can't really tell you how bad it is, but after picking a few CPUs on UserBenchmark and comparing the results, I found the Intel-Core-i7-3632QM to be rather close to the AMD FX 8370 in Single-Core load. Actually it's even slightly faster, however those benchmarks aren't totally objective since people usually overclock their CPUs . The fastest, overclocked intel cpu closed at 2.2 Ghz with a turbo of 2.9 Ghz while the fastest AMD was at 4.9 Ghz. So if
  9. Since I'm a Linux-user, I can't really take the new Windows 64bit client into my assumptions. Linux had 64bit forever, however I assume that the bottlenecks are still the same, just not as bad. So: The recommended specs there are probably never updated and might not even allow you to play anymore. I'm playing on a pretty old notebook, which works - but rarely at 60 FPS . If you want the maximum FPS possible, here are what I would "recommend": 8 GB of RAM As much CPU-Frequency as you can get. Try 5 Ghz if you can. Cores don't really matter I think I've heard that N
  10. You know what also sucks? Playing with a single friend or on your own, getting 1-2 griefers in your team and playing against a 5-man-queue. It's so bad that I even refuse to play with more than 2 friends, because we would very likely encounter a 5-man-queue if we're 4 and even 1 uncoordinated player in my team (who isn't used to play as a team) results in a 5v4 without the additional gold you get in a real 5v4. So we usually split once we're 4 - not because of the queue times but because of the unbalanced games we would get.
  11. That's always been the case. It's only happening for heroes of players that got terminated during the picking phase. If they got terminated after the game already started, their hero will be removed.
  12. Try different ways to close the game. You could switch to windowed-mode, maybe that will allow you to close it. Or you can minize HoN and kill it's task via task-manager. Both not ideal solutions, but cheaper than buying a new PC .
  13. The current Tome can also be bought be underleveled carries, so it doesn't. The flat experience doesn't really help the second-lowest-player (aka carry) to catch up and that's all he could get if I understand you correctly.
  14. But it introduces a different problem. Maybe you have a carry 4 levels below the average but a support that is 4½ levels below the average. Your solution would prevent the carry from getting the experience.
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