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  1. If you're primarily after fast action, you should probably start with MidWars (even though I find it boring). It's missing most of the tactical and strategical stuff but in return you get non-stop action. The real HoN (foc) is also faster than DotA(2) (or at least it was when I last tested DotA2), so that might still be to your liking. It's probably best to try both .
  2. Release 1.0 is currently getting tested. Changelog has been updated, however download-link is not yet updated. It will probably also move away from torrent since the file-size is now way more manageable. //EDIT: Apparently the patch-server doesn't provide all the files which are missing. I'll figure something out, but it'll take some time. //EDIT 2: The patch-server still doesn't provide all the required files, but manually copying the files where they would be copied to should work, so I included a small tutorial for that. I also informed Frostburn about the missing files and they'll probably fix them eventually .
  3. "Common bonus mmr for immortals"? Like "get bonus mmr from post-placement-matches"? Afaik that's long gone
  4. You only get one mmr bonus from immortals i know that for a fact, at least tahts what it used to be, getting more than 1 immortal wont grant you that heavy boost more than once Are you talking about a single game? Or during all 6 placement matches? I mean I'm not 100% certain, but I think it should be one each game.
  5. Rank-limit is 1700 (I know this), that's gold 1. Every game grants bonus mmr based on your biggest spree in that game - starting from legendary. I'm not sure about multi-kills, but they probably give bonus-mmr too. Of course there's also a mmr-bonus for the games/wins even without a spree, but it's way less than for sprees.
  6. As it has been said before: You should contact Customer Support - so I'll close this thread now.
  7. I think Immortal + Win is 150 MMR in one game - but don't quote me on that. I never get immortals
  8. Void Talisman is in most cases something for supports or magic nukers. None of those should ever buy ghost marchers. It could be valuable for carries I guess, but if these boots were the only one, it would just prevent them from ever having to decide for boots (since these are the best) - and if you put all of them in, dynamo boots are just way more useful. I guess one could buy these if you're something like tdl, which doesn't benefit from attack speed much, and play against kane or dw. But that's kind of rare - especially since you have to have fast reactions to counter those.
  9. I wanna apologize to wonderful people like @swagggmaster: I know I had contact with quite a lot more people than I mentioned. But I wanted to specially mention those that I had a lot of direct contact with. It has nothing to do with who I respect or who I could remember . E.g. we have the same favorite SGM - but I never really had any contact with him outside of public forum posts, so I didn't list him either. Just everyone who has been an active SBT, RCT, Mod for longer than a month, while I was in that particular group, feel mentioned . Oh and of course @staff . I'm not gonna edit that list since those are the people that had a noticeable, direct and personal impact on my HoN-story.
  10. I think the problem of the placement matches is very obvious, and the reason that if I play "serious" in ranking matches, I don't reach Gold!!! You get 15 mmr for a win. Even with 6 wins, you don't even reach 1600 mmr. The only way to win those games is by picking and playing to get streaks instead of wins. Because if you get immortal and loose you still get a lot mmr in one game - I don't recall the number, but it's way above 50. So it's basically just a matter of how lucky you are in your first couple of games where you're placed. If you get ranked against a lot of enemies that either gank or survive everything, you will never get sprees, even if you win easily. If you play against even one squishy target that's bad enough to give you 10+ kills on him alone, and no other enemy is ganking you, you easily reach gold 1 (and you can't reach diamond with placements). So you can be the best Support player in the world, you will never reach better gold ranks in your placements (if you support). I think the suggestion of more games could work, but would have to remove the spree-bonus and rating gain has to be toned down a bit. Just give normal rating × 3 for the first 20 games or something similar.
  11. Manu311

    New CoN Seasons

    Imo War Effort was much more fun in terms of rewards.
  12. Changelog 0.1 - 2020/05/29 Initial Release 0.2 - 2020/05/29 Fixed these bugs: GLIBC_2.28 is required Systemd needs workaround (I know how to fix this in the next version) 1.0 - 2020/06/05 (checksum: d0c2f2225c2f7750a4f733924a142558) Rework of how the image works. Drastically decreased image size (6.2 GB to 45 MB) It is now possible to update HoN via the HoN-updater Additional files have to be downloaded on first start
  13. I finally created an AppImage that works! At least on my laptops. However it still has issues, so it might not work out of the box yet, but you could give it a try:
  14. Greeting fellow Linux-users, since I've seen a couple of Linux people having problems with HoN, I've decided to try to package it. I haven't done that before, so it'll probably have issues which I might or might not be able to fix. Anyways, let me summarize what an AppImage is: Basically it combines all the libraries together with an application so you don't have to manually install the required libraries on your system. It's a distribution-independent Tool that should run almost everywhere - you could even run it on Windows via WSL! Since the image would be really big if it contained the entire client, I have left most of HoNs files out (especially resource-files). This has the side-effect of you having to download basically the entire client via repair-install (which starts automatically until it finds at least some resource-files). Right now there are files missing on the HoN-servers, so repair-install will not succeed! Which means, this image doesn't work on it's own right now. However I've informed FB about it, and they'll probably fix that eventually. For the time being, you have to manually install HoN somewhere and follow a couple of additional steps - and you might want to follow these steps anyways, if you already have HoN downloaded (and don't want to download it again). So here they are: Currently known problems (fixing takes some time since building the image and uploading it takes time): It requires 64bit linux - this won't be fixed So here's the download (< 50 MB): https://manu311.de/Heroes_Of_Newerth-x86_64.AppImage To (normally) run it, you simply have to mark the downloaded file as executable and run it. You will never have to run it as root, so no sudo or su commands required. If you have any issues, please let me know.
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