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  1. Afaik there is no "real" fix for this. I think EU (or someone else) suggested having one player use a VPN to avoid this. That should certainly work, but it will involve small costs for that VPN.
  2. Disclaimer: I'm not a GM, I have no insights outside of what has been posted on this forum. If you report a player for verbal abuse, the gameplay is actually not looked at - because it doesn't have any influence on that players guilt. If he violated rules and you responded by violating rules, you're both guilty and will be treated the same way! That way however also includes the requirement to be reported by enough players. So if two players reported you and only you reported him (and your rap-score is not "Top Priority"), his chat will not be looked at, while yours will. Afaik GMs ca
  3. But you can still get two feeders in 3v3 that don't want to concede, can't you? If there is not a chance for winning the game anymore, it shouldn't take too long for the enemies to push your base. So you'll probably not have to wait for too long. Also I've won a lot of games with multiple people with 0/8 stats (or similar) in my team. Deaths don't matter much, it matters how they play. I'm perfectly fine with an initiator that initiates, then dies and gets zero kills, but his team can get the kills now. It's much worse to have initiators which don't initiate but rather use their stun
  4. If you "win mid" and the other lanes lost, you didn't win mid. Especially mid is not about out-farming the enemy or killing only the mid-hero. It's also about good ganks. Even if you ganked your side lanes and killed their enemies - if you then decided to push that lane as well, so you get some additional farm, that lane is probably in a worse state than before your kill. Deciding "I won mid" because you subjectively did better than that single enemy in mid-lane, is . If you need a criteria for "winning mid", then choose something like: being immortal by the 15 minute mark, having pick
  5. Please only post in English. Other languages are not allowed.
  6. Actually you should only do the first. The rap-portal is for anything rap-related, customer support will just redirect you there. Oh and you're also not allowed to discuss bans on forums, so I'll close this thread as well
  7. Please only post in English.
  8. Someone could upload the installed client to somewhere and you could manually copy the files to where they should be. However you need to be careful who you trust and whether you want to trust your computer to that guy or not. I would help you, however I'm not running Windows at all so I don't have the Windows client, and I assume you run Windows. Alternatively you can just try again until your power stays up for long enough to actually download the game.
  9. Sounds like you are able to play most of not all roles. Why not ask your team first what they want to play and pick what's left? I mean you might end up playing suicide all the time if you do that. But you can just do this every other game and only have half your games ruined .
  10. Of course it's an option. Supports however have been shifting to early game, so if you take hits from them, you have a worse time than you used to.
  11. I used to think this too. But actually in every game I have played with someone jungling who is not Diamond, they don't know how to jungle either. They never gank, always take pull spots and ignore that they see someone roaming into the jungle and just stay there at 10% hp and die. It actually frustrates me so much, that everytime someone calls jungle, I just ban the most cancerous jungle heroes and half of the time they decide "hey I can't play afk jungle, I guess I can dual long as well" after.
  12. For the last one and a half years I have been playing almost exclusively with a Trackball instead of a mouse. It was obvious to me, that I wouldn't be as good as with a mouse, so I'm using a sub-account for it and I'm actually not too much worse. Still keeping myself in Gold 2. I'm mentioning this because I don't think I have reached 70 APM in any of those games. I'm not trolling, just clicking way less than with a mouse. Oh and of course you could avoid this trolling-ban by some program which just clicks around a bunch to increase your APM.
  13. Hey - I had to remove your "proof" from your post since calling out playernames is not allowed. You can directly contact SGMs via the rap-portal or alternatively censor your video and screenshots so one doesn't see who you are suspecting. Oh and I don't think this one action proofs that he has a map-hack, it can just be luck on his side. I mean at that situation there wasn't really a reason to not use stone hide. He wanted the rax and made sure he can continue to attack it.
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