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  1. The patch is well balanced and there are many issues that were fixed. The only thing in my opinion as a really old player and even maybe for others is about the Blood Hunter. The staff change is great, but i really miss when BloodHunter had the buff on the silence and he could apply to himself or to his allies. I really think that that was the core of that hero, taking your hp in order to do more damage and it was a perfect synch of the hero with the othet abilities. Furthermore, i would like to add, that also Glacius, W to add the freeze, on self/ allies to reduce d
  2. Hello, As an ex SBT member, i really care about what is happening in the game. With all the respect, hear my call about this new patch, especially for the "Armor of the Mad Mage" item. I wouldn't post this if i wouldn't really care about the community. Even if i am or not right, hear my opinion. I really dont understand why there is no more dispel on activation anymore. The whole idea of that item was that it was providing the Minus Magic armor for the enemy heroes and also that ( the most important) you could DISPEL debuffs on your hero with a bonus armor that was making the it
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