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  1. Thank you for reworking MageBane. So many years of people picking this hero and trolling games will be gone now (I hope so). Telling people that this hero was flawed and had no real place in the game was becoming tedious. Now we can see some good ideas put into him and an actual role he can fit it. When I was thinking about hero concepts, I sketched some similar ideas for an anti-magic hero like active on the mantra. First time I am thrilled to see mb being played in my game
  2. Artesia SoTM ultimate arcane missile mechanic is broken. It renders her ultimate very annoying to use. Arcane missiles when ultimate is used globally cannot be aimed in any particular direction.
  3. I was really happy when I sqw that lightbrand based items can be actually used by mages like Artesia or Ellonia (searing after spell dmg). It doesn't seem to work though so I m not sure what really changd here.
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