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  1. I think the bug might be related to something else since when that happens (twice now) I also tried restarting the game to no avail. Since we're on it, I switched to the Old UI and I immediately noticed that I lost 40fps somehow, I always played with fixed 90fps now I'm with fixed 50fps. Still had 50 fps when I switched back to the new UI, I'm going to try to find out if it's not related to something else (maybe cause I played 2 games with "frost" accursed?).
  2. No I'm not using the old UI, happened to everyone. It's just happening again as I write this reply. It's happening when inviting someone to your group. Also happens when you click start game on match making. But since you mentioned I had no idea we could use the old UI, how do you activate it? Need to try it out since it was always better than the new one in almost every aspect ?
  3. Hello, No one can play atm, we're getting "Option Invalid/Disabled: The options you specified to create the group are either invalid or have been disabled."
  4. Was going to add it but I forgot after, added it to the post, thanks!
  5. Hey guys, Since we got a new forum and lost some old posts I'm re-upping the macro assist mod and the macros I could find. As always, you need HoN Mod Manager download: Dropbox - Filebin - 4shared - MediaFire - ZippyShare The Macro Assist Mod (modified by me to work on the latest patches) download: MediaFire - Filebin - 4shared - ZippyShare Credits AFAIK: Kunkka (Original mod/macros), Skylinx (macros/updates) and everyone else that contributed on the macros and mod. DISCLAIMER: Remember that excessive spamming of said macros could lead to a RAP suspension. Players sh
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