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  1. Lodestone's R should not force him to stop moving when he casts it. That goes for the second activation too (boosted version). Similar suggestion that was implemented for Cthu here.
  2. The visual effects on self remains even if Lodestone dies while casting his ultimate or ends up the ultimate early by second activation (boosted version).
  3. Lodestone Plates has no cooldown at level 0. Therefore, it reduces ALL intances of hero damage over 150 by 35%.
  4. Thanks for organizing the new tournament. Would you like to contact the HoNest organization to publish your tournament? Actually, many players don't read the forum.
  5. Good luck on the tournament!
  6. I like all this ideas, especially Circe staff effect. That is probably the best suggestion here. Well done (no sarcasm). But I don’t understand how to control two heroes at once, when one hero is hiding?
  7. The Shadowblade' E can still stun the target and deal extra damage even if the initial attack is missed.
  8. Martyr Guardian Angel [W] - Target always end up with at least 7% of its maximum health. + This change actually reduces Martyr's weakness against DoT damage (such as a Soul Trap) and allows him to follow up a combo with the ultimate.
  9. Tablet of Command - New component buildup: Apprentice's Robe (450) + Punchdagger (500) + Guardian Ring (175) + Recipe (675) = 1800 Gold Total + This change is more addressed to Mid Wars. Since there are no good starting items if you decided to buildup the Tablet first.
  10. Pardon me, I haven't had a chance to reply this topic. I have tested this again... It seems this bug only shows up on a low model quality.
  11. Is there any chance that people will stop blaming the Russians?
  12. The Carhop Tarot's card has a different sound than the one at the release Please watch this video from 1:56 to see what sound it is about
  13. The Space Wizard Merlin’s glyph has a different sound than the one at the release Please watch this video from 3:00 to see what sound it is about
  14. The Engineer avatar (Ol' Briarpatch) have a teapot instead of his ultimate gadget. In addition, his turret looks like default instead of plant.
  15. The two Witch Slayer avatars (Witch Hunter & Pimp Slayer) both have a teapot instead of their default auto attack projectile animation.
  16. Heroes affected by Adrenaline's E can still be pulled even when under an invulnerable effect such as Stormspirit or Bubbles' Take Cover.
  17. Bethrazen

    Lock pick

    Lock pick seems to be broken on both old and new UI. Not all heroes are represented in the selection window on old UI (missing half of the hellbourne strength heroes). And you can't pick locked heroes on new UI. They will be given to your team randomly after timer expires.
  18. I suggest to replace this horrible white border icon for Chameleon Basilisk geomancer with this one: And replace its voicelines from to I would be happy if someone agree
  19. Great job! Only one thing I would suggest here is to show full match history (including Mid Wars)
  20. Gladiator, new Staff of the Master effect: [E] Flagellation Increases the bonus damage from 20/40/60/80 to 60/80/100/120. Can now target a location to deal the same amount of true damage. Cooldown is increased for 2 seconds, when used in this manner.
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