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  1. Corrupted Disciple's avatar HD Loki looks like a teapot (8/14/2021).
  2. Corrupted Disciple's avatar HD Loki looks like a teapot.
  3. F.L.E.X Hammerstorm & Savior Hammerstorm have a sound bug in their boosted ultimate. The annoying phrase repeats itself whenever an allied hero enters a zone. Match ID: 161652701 Hammerstorm used his ultimate at 10:56 game time.
  4. The following Swiftblade avatars have a teapot instead of their counter attack projectile. - Cyber Samurai - Halion* - Kissaki - Punk Swifty * Halion doesn’t have any projectile at all
  5. Pearl has a very quiet sound effect when she jumps compared to before the patch
  6. There is no clear replicaton steps. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. Place Tarot and the other two enemy heroes in a triangle (enemies must stand a little closer and inside Tarot's attack range), then use Faux Bow on the first enemy hero and just at the same time use mark on the other enemy hero. If nothing bad happens then you'll have to wait till mark is gone and try it again but in reverse order, use the mark first and after use Faux Bow on the other hero. Then you can try to change the angle of Tarot's attack. I’ve noticed it depends more on the angle of attack. I’ll look
  7. Sapphire can attack her Crystal using Faux Bow (+70 attack speed per 4 attacks). Follow the next steps to replicate this bug: 1) Use Faux Bow on an enemy hero 2) Put Crystal inside your attack range Then your hero will attack the crystal instead of the enemy, dealing burst of AOE damage
  8. Calamity can attack only 3 times (instead of 4) when E proc
  9. Tarot starts attacking randomly or even stucks sometimes when she uses W and Faux Bow on a different targets. Attack counter is not working properly aswell. This bug is hard to reproduce, sadly.
  10. Corrupted Disciple's avatar HD Loki looks like a teapot at the low model quality.
  11. Lodestone's R should not force him to stop moving when he casts it. That goes for the second activation too (boosted version). Similar suggestion that was implemented for Cthu here.
  12. The visual effects on self remains even if Lodestone dies while casting his ultimate or ends up the ultimate early by second activation (boosted version).
  13. Thanks for organizing the new tournament. Would you like to contact the HoNest organization to publish your tournament? Actually, many players don't read the forum.
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