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  1. well when you do that you may also hire something like Azure Gaming, is a service that has a lot of advantages like server hosting, real time stats, game analytics, match making, leaderboard, etc etc etc. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/gaming/azure/
  2. I think the formula @ElementUser described about MMR sum not being equal in high and low tiers etc makes sense ofc, however I see a couple of issues with that: a) Like someone already mentioned, people are already playing with 1800+ in 1500~ brackets as they are smurfing so it would be the same having four 1500MMR and one 1900 in the team than having having five 1500MMR and one being a 1900 smurf. b) Unfortunately smurfing brings down MMR economy, as they have many accounts reaching up to 1800+ and then they create a new one an so on, which is a problem for players that are actually in
  3. A new season should start when there are actual punishment for smurfs and more account value. Otherwise the season will start again and smurfs will take down all MMR economy again. Also other fixes should be in place before that, however there are other priorities at the moment for the FB team to deal with...
  4. Soooo once I was queuing with a friend, and in the other team they had 1 dc'ed, so we sent rmk and nobody pass it, so I told my friend we could leave without penalty bc 4v5 sucks. We got out of the game and guess what... the rest of ppl played the game and they lost bc we got out, they other team won 4v3 and we lost MMR. Sooooo the penalty only comes to which you won't be punished as a leaver, but still you loose MMR and stats. Some say MMR and stats don't matter, but I don't really get to play to often as I'm old with responsibilities so every match counts for me lel and nobody li
  5. marveh

    Current Meta

    personally i don't use heroes that can make good use of grimoire or elders but i think these 2 items are good and a good pick. Perhaps Grimoire does need perplexed after using it, but the item itself is now something you can indeed consider to pick up.
  6. Super toxic, if you don't like the game don't play it, but don't spread hate just because you suck at something. The game is alive with 2-3min queue, how is that dead?
  7. marveh

    CC 15

    Let the weak leave if they don't want to keep playing. If you are not ready to win 4v5, 3v5, 2v5 and ultimately 1v5... you are not worthy to fight for Newerth. Never concede, never surrender. Lose with honor. Win humbly.
  8. You may contact babymuffin, in her 'about' section in twitch you can find more info about her work: About Babymuffinnn - Twitch good luck
  9. There's a LAT server already available. Max ping I have is 150ms which is fine. With fiber connections I get 95ms, unfortunately I moved to another zone in my country which doesnt have fiber so I'm playing with 150ms. Also if you pick the US WEST server most likely you'll get up to 230-250ms, so only pick LAT and US EAST servers to queue.
  10. Yes he's been playing and getting to know the heroes!
  11. im a traveler from the future, a retarded one... thanks!
  12. So who won the tourney? Do we have a list of players and teams? I was unable to find this in the main tournament page nor in the HONR twitch
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