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  1. I never knew I wanted to be drunk on Christmas playing Bomb, now I do
  2. I agree that reworks fail a lot to fix these issues because they tend to kill the "unique" feel of the hero, for something that might be potentially more balanced but simply isn't fun to play. (The deadlift rework reminds me of this, as well as the recent nitro one). I prefer heroes that have very unique strengths and weaknesses, and forcing all heroes to be equal kind of sucks.
  3. This hero is closer to being OP than weak, as EU says, risk free ganking on a support, and also a stun that CANNOT miss in fog. To me that's always been an OP part of the hero (I believe it was changed early on in the heroes reliease)
  4. Ah I didn't know that. I did hear someone mention they "nerfed smurfing" which I guess is why you can't lose a lot of points (So many people would throw/leave the first 6 games, etc). I just think we have more to lose than to gain with a total reset, but I guess it can be rough for the actual bronze players
  5. Nerf his damage but make him global, lul. Like that artillery from Company of Heroes
  6. A way to encourage people to play on "main" accounts and actually play for rank or some type of reward would be amazing. I miss playing on only 1 or 2 accounts, these days it seems like everyone has dozens of smurf accounts
  7. No, we are slowly getting back to healthy ranks, why would you ever want to reset again?
  8. I would love if the client merged, but I'm sure there are many complications.
  9. I think an issue is that Geo Bane is simply too strong on carrry heroes, and more magic damage based heroes will just go for items like Spellshards, Jade, and Sunder (all which offer way more value than buying dawn or grimoire). Dawnbringer could have a small stacking blind (aka miss chance) or something like that.
  10. I totally agree with you on amulet of exile/bracer etc, as well as Sac stone. But Veiled Rot is already OP. It will never be valued in low brackets because it counters the very thing nobody cares about- wards and vision. This item already wins games by itself in ganks and late game teamfights, you could probably INCREASE the cost and it would still be balanced/OP in higher ranks.
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