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  1. And another one now #169394769 Can you guys fix your servers?? it makes me not wanna play HoN anymore because i spend more time trying to find a game than actually play the game itself...
  2. 160378404 - Another one... 30 MMR lost today because of this??
  3. Servers have been really unstable these last 2-3 months compared to earlier. Servers crash all of the sudden, causing both teams to DC and unable to reconnect - Happened 4 games over two days now. Restarted HoN and tried to reconnect through the console but I get disconnected constantly - Our entire game got dc'd, both team and enemy. Games: #160378117, #160376882, #169394769, #160378404 On top of this it takes me about 10 tries or more to find a game, the majority of the games just end up with "It has taken too long for all the players to establish a connection
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