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  1. The cool thing with the old Adrenaline was that you had % mana you regained back as it was the only hero in the game that uses an "Energy" mechanic like Rogues do in World of Warcraft. It would be awesome if there was a hero that had a rage mechanic like the Warrior have in Wow.
  2. Ladonien


    Any update for upcoming buffs for Shadowblade next patch? It seems kinda unfortunate that you completely killed the hero this patch and hopefully making him viable once again:)
  3. I dunno why he was changed so much compared to like 2013-2014ish. I think he was fine as he was back then.
  4. Hello! It seems like on the new FoC map that when the kongor dies, it uses the original announcer even if you don't use it.
  5. I think that the shredder should apply some slow atleast considering that you need to have either a sand scepter or a team that can stunlock them down in order to get something out of the shredder.
  6. But it is something, since Circe doesnt have any staff effect yet.
  7. The ladder where you see the highest MMR doesn't work when you go on "Ladder", it just shows a blank page.
  8. Circe: When used the ulti on a enemy hero, gets the ulti upgraded by staff during the duration.
  9. Ladonien


    I think he could work as an initiator but would be a weak one, especially now when they decreased the duration of the armor in the Q form. Maybe if they did a rework it would be if the different attributes had bonuses on the abilities.
  10. Ladonien


    Thanks for making a thread about this hero, as I was about to do it earlier but too lazy to write an essay about the problems Shadowblade have and getting rejected afterwards. Shadowblade is probably my favorite hardcarry in the game and he is probably one of the few heroes that I had the "love at first glance" feeling with. I have (including many other people throughout the years) have played him as a late-game hardcarry, as he is incredibly farm dependant and he is built around stacking up gold to buy loose stats so you can manipulate the stats from Essence Shift. Essence Shift i
  11. It says invalid target when you try to give Master's Legacy to Engineer.
  12. Summed it up pretty well. It was unfortunate that he got reworked just when I started to understand the old Adrenaline. The current one is kinda a trollpick so to say
  13. I agree, he was supposed to be THE early game carry and gets weak the later the game goes.
  14. The problem with Adrenaline atm is that it is Hard to know where to lane him.. mid? Long lane? And of course what items would you build on him?
  15. Hello, I think you should try to implement Hon Modman and the trello reporsitory through Twitch instead which would simplify to install mods plus makes it viable to download mods when you're at the internet café for example.
  16. If that is the case, I think that you should rework him completely. As for now it seems like you only nerfed the part that he was decent at, and this is coming from someone who loved this hero at first glance. I think that his peek was when he got buffed with SOTM (2014 iirc?).
  17. Additionally, I am surprised how hard Shadowblade got with his nerf on W. While it may make sense for farming neutrals in the woods, it was primarily used to kill 3x ancients early and was one of those heroes that could solo Kongor with lifesteal. Before he gets cleaver, he is quite hard to reach high GPMs with, and it seems like you are nerfing his weakest part as he is one of the hardest carries in the game but with compensation on having weaker ability to flashfarm.
  18. It is odd that Wildsoul gets a nerf when he has underperforming for a long time, except there are exceptions when he had enough space for first 20 mins. But most of the time, that is not the case. Usually the team is losing so hard that the enemy team has the advantage and roams around the map and players on your team says stuff like this:
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