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  1. Seems like from the last patch that the simplified tooltip haven't been updated that LRM says that it deals 0.8x to creeps. Not sure if this is intended or not but I think it should be added to the simplified tooltip as for example on Amun-Ra it says on the simplified tooltip that his Q and W deals 25% less damage to creeps. See photo below.
  2. There seems to be a bug that the Gamerblade avatar that has 5 different forms when it has only 4 and the 5th form is from the Angel of Death avatar.
  3. Think SB is fine as he is. Finally viable compared to last patch.
  4. I am sure that you get it for level 2 mastery and there is another discount coupon that you will get around level 12-13.
  5. A clever way is to play the hero so you get the discount coupon on that hero
  6. Adrenline atm is kinda where he was supposed to be after the rework happened.
  7. This. One of the thing that disturbed me was that the art is pretty low res on a good monitor. Which kinda makes it look a bit "lazy".
  8. I think it would be a great idea if detailed tooltips also worked in the learnatorium. As for example, you're playing the game, they got a succubus for example, and you think "Maybe Shrunken Head is good against succubus? Basically you can see that by pressing F6 -> Learnatorium -> Succubus, but it only says on the default tooltip that it says that it deals X amound of magic damage per second. So you think that the ulti is just the Magic type. If you had the detailed tooltips enabled at the learnatorium you could see that the type is Superior Magic and you could think "Hmm maybe it is be
  9. Predators Staff of the Master tooltip is saying this: It says it applies Terror at 4 charges, but trying out in practice it is after two charges. Additionally, it only says on the Staff upgrade (before acquiring SOTM): "reduces terror stacks" when it should say "reduces terror stacks to two charges" so that people see how much of an upgrade it is, since I usually try to use the tooltips as much as possible to see what is possible or not.
  10. So with the XML scripting I guess you could use that to see if you would apply a buff to a hero before it would get applied to a patch? Could be useful in the future when discussing buffs/nerfs.
  11. Some more questions for the patch that should have been added: Why no buff to FWS? It felt like this rework was a nerf to the item even if it makes FWS different to FFP. But usually if you played any STR semicarry initator like Amun-Ra you would pickup both FWS+FFP to stack attackspeedslow to be more anticarry. FWS was already an item that got rarely picked up compared to 2012-2013. Qi should also get buffed this patch as he is still somewhat underperforming, since the patches gets released so late you have to wait until easter for the next patch. Lightbrand
  12. Thanks for the Shadowblade update! Hopefully he will be more viable this upcoming patch
  13. If he is not "broken", why do you nerf him so hard in the beginning as if he was a godtier pick? It wasn't really a hero that people didn't complain about in the first place, I think if something ain't broken, don't try to fix it. I think everyone can agree that he is seen as a trollpick since the last patch and why would anyone play him as anything else than a hard carry? Now after the nerf last patch the only difference is that he needs even more time to be somewhat useful in the game. Even with the assumptions that Shadowblade is a "semi-carry" or "support", which is false since
  14. Please don't, jungle is like one of My favorite roles and that they removed it from dota 2 was enough
  15. Well, the base stats sounds good on paper but if you put it in a calculator and compared it to prior to 4.9.0 you would get the same amount of stats at lvl 8 iirc. And speaking of the str form it was already nerfed so it wasnt a problem anymore. Still I've never seen anyone that has said the line "shadowblade is so broken" throughout playing hon. After these latest nerfs I have only seen negative feedback wondering why you would nerf him in the first place when there are way more frustrating heroes that get instapicked/banned every single game. A better nerf would be that His stats would be be
  16. Wildsoul should with the farm get mock most of th etime.
  17. I understand where it comes from with the idea of the Lightbrand nerf, but I think it should still do it in radius if it is from autoattacks, because the main problem is what the guy above me said. Still wondering why shadowblade got such a minor buff only, the stun on E feels like it is just some stopgap solution to his hard nerfs. I thought it would increase to like 2.0 or 2.2 in attributes and not just 1.6. I still find it interesting how you nerf this hero to the ground but you nerf minorly heroes like Puppet master, Grinex, Artillery, Draconis etc. Other than that,
  18. I think he is fine but the problem is that he has so low attack range...
  19. Or just have it as an "activation modifier"
  20. As I've mentioned before, I think GoP should be reverted to its original state back when it was released.
  21. This is one of those items that I haven't seen been picked up during this patch whatsoever, even I was wondering why you did change the item in the first place? The problem with having it as a "midgame" item is that there are way better items to get for that instead over AOTMM, like Icon of the Godess, Grimoire of Power, Spellshards for example. I think it should be the magic counterpart for Daemonic Breastplate, and Daemonic is more of a lategame item as you benefit more from it getting it in the lategame instead of midgame. I think it should be reverted to how
  22. Shadowblade (before he was nerfed to ground)
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