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  1. you basically get Alchemist Bones for level dependent heroes as the main selling point with this item is just to get more experience from the creep, basically using it on the biggest hard camp creep or catapult. As I've seen ingame people do the mistake of using it on a low creep just for the gold. There are so many other farming items that you want to get over Alchemist Bones anyways (Thunderclaw, Runed axe, Lightbrand) which fits for most of the heroes. You get Alchemist bones on heroes such as Wildsoul, Shadowblade (not that often anymore but he sure is compatible with it to get
  2. Thanks for the patch ElementUser! Good decisions once again similiar to 4.9.2.
  3. Hello! This have probably been discussed before but I couldn't find anything specific but I am going to ask this again. I was wondering about what do you guys think are good specs for HoN in order to achieve high FPS in this game? As on the current website this is what is shown: RECOMMENDED: Processor - 2.4GHz Core 2 or i3 / 2.2GHz i5 or i7 / AMD 3500+ or faster RAM - 2.0+ GB for Win XP / 3.0+ GB for Win 7 Video Card - 256MB Geforce 7800+ or Radeon X1900+ OS - 32-bit Windows XP, 64-bit Windows 7 While my own specs are way better than this, it still gets average perfo
  4. I don't know. If it was, did it perform well?
  5. Weird suggestion you may think, having HoN, a F2P game on a pay on-demand service? Well I think that would be amazing to have as for me and multiple other people have some framerate issues with HoN and having it on GeForce Now could avoid having those issues. There are LOL and DotA 2 already on GeForce Now so I guess why couldn't HoN be there?
  6. This patch was pretty good so far. Kinda reminds me of what playing hon was like for a year ago or two, basically it felt stable in a way that you did not for example pick something just because it would guarantee the win but instead pick in terms of counterplay/what you like to play Even though Grimore of Power is in the right direction with its new activation, it just feels a bit awkward that you have to activate it I think. Just thought the legacy version of Grimoire of Power was pretty awesome on a hero like Pebbles or Pyromancer, but now on Pebbles for example, it seems prett
  7. I think the artillery nerf was on point. The main problem I had with him was that during early game, on 1v1s in lane by just autoattacking vs Artillery's LRM, he would win like 90% of those fights. Still helps out with Artillery vs Suicide. You don't need the support to box out when the Artillery can snipe them away with LRM. What I meant with before was that he dealt too much damage with his LRM, which is kinda strange how a carry can be so strong earlygame when carries are supposed to shine later in the game.
  8. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.
  9. If it works, don't fix it.
  10. Doesn't preview the actual throwback wildsoul, but the default version of it. See photo down below for reference.
  11. Well, as I've said in earlier threads regarding Shadowblade, I just think he should've sticked to being a lategame hardcarry with different choices of attribute depending on the matchup. This seems to be the best bet since he doesn't need to be reworked, just some adjustments, which we all know that reworks can be a bit frustrating, especially for the comebackers to HoN, where a hero has been their favorite hero and suddenly it is a completely different hero. Right now he seems to succeed if you snowball early game, getting runed seems a bit too slow on him right now and if you don
  12. Ladonien

    War Beast

    Is it just me, or is WB since the latest patch a bit too strong? Being able to chase down everything and not being able to chase him down (with 650 MS cap at lvl 16 with 100% slow resistance). Seemed like the wrong way to buff this hero as this kinda just made him more frustrating to play against, and the ms wasn't really the problem to begin with, as he can still be shut down during early levels but at least you can as a WB just ward up the entrances in the jungle using Ophelias pact to compensate for the ward cost.
  13. I guess that the stun should have a "GCD" , also known as a "Global Cooldown".
  14. Didn't knew that it did.
  15. Ladonien


    Is it just me or has Qi still been underperforming? Still has been there at the 40% winrate quite consistently for a while.. Maybe he can finally recieve the attention he deserves and finally not being a trollpick as he seems like in Forests of Caldavar (maybe he's better in MW?) His role doesn't seem so rewarding for lacking what other supports can do I think. Maybe some of you others have more experience with Qi then me.
  16. Just hoping he doesn't get unplayable like the previous patch. Atm seems like he might just be too strong in the lane with his E being able to outharass supports and stuff, but can still get outcarried quite easily if you don't stomp the game with SB.
  17. Says on tooltip before it is activated that it is 4.5 seconds, which it is. If you have activated Hive Mind, when you get the ability Ensnare, it says it immobilizes an enemy for 5 seconds. Photos for reference:
  18. So, I remember there was a thread about requesting throwback avatars, but I couldnt find it so I request it here. I think it would be awesome to get throwback Tremble back to hon!:) Iron tremble is close but the original is always the best!:)
  19. Usually you cannot see Alt avatars ingame, but if you use either Empath (CN) or Rhapsody (CN), it will change the portrait to that alt avatar ingame. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, since this does not happen with any other alt avatar portraits. Empath: Rhapsody:
  20. If you switch to the Empath CN symbol or Rhapsody symbol, you still get the "Default chat symbol" instead even if they are selected.
  21. If a player DCs on the picking phase and terminates before the game starts, the player will still be in the game even of they are terminated. Edit: posted on the wrong forums, it was supposed to be in the Bug Reports forums, sorry! would be good if some FM could move this thread to the bug reports forums instead.
  22. Sometimes when you right-click someones portrait, this window doesn't pop up. It sure is a minor bug since you can do both things manually but if you right-click report then you can get the actual timestamp, which can help with ticket reviewing.
  23. Ye I think people started to realize how to play against him now. Like buying Nullfire,magicarmor, not staying too close to each other etc
  24. Another bug where is the price calculator for the item doesnt count the recipe. For example, you might buy Shrunken Head and you buy the recipe before the Mighty Blade because you have plenty of gold so you can do that and you are already full in slot for your items. So lets say I have 100 gold, which means that I need a total of 900 Gold for just the Mighty Blade since I've already bought the recipe and the Warhammer. But when you ALT+Leftclick it will say "I need 2200 gold for Shrunken Head". Which would be in this case Mighty Blade + Shrunken Head recipe (which I am
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