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  1. DirectX 12 you mean? For example in Burning Crusade Classic which is a game that has the option to choose between DirectX 11 and DirectX 12. There is a HUGE difference in performance if you compare those two. I mean, I just mentioned those things with for example multicore option since it was in the first HoN 64 post before it got "archived" and I think there would be more demand for that than for example marketing.
  2. Well I guess you could have two different donation goals like you had when you started with the Donations. I think there would be plenty of interest for some of those improvements to HoN 64. The problem with "marketing" is just that it would be seen as much impactful compared to higher framerates in the client or servers upgrades which increases stability.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if there are any plans to update the donation goals soon regarding development for the 64-bit client? Some examples could be: Add multicore support Improve the OpenGL renderer or upgrade to DirectX 12. Add support for different upscaling methods like DLSS to increase performance. Thanks!
  4. Ladonien


    One of the problems I have with gadgets in HoN is that when you are right next to then and you use a-> leftclick it does not attack it. As the problem is when you get Shackled! for example you cannot remove it as there are mulitple characters on the screen which blocks you from right-clicking it. Maybe some change for gadgets?
  5. https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/heroes/ for reference.
  6. Amun-Ra staff: If you die within 40 seconds after Pyroclasmic Rebirth has been cast, activates Pyroclasmic rebirth again. (only occur once so basically 2x revives). Wildsoul staff: Grants booboo's passives while in ranged form (current is pretty crap if I should be honest). Rampage staff: Grants Magic immunity when using Terrifying Charge Gunblade staff: Reduce cd by 10 seconds and increase from -7 armor to -12 armor. Ravenor staff: Stormblades appear on 3 (or 4) attacks instead of 2.
  7. I dunno, banning pick was to ban picks you dislike playing against and/or counters to what you are going to play not to ban the exact same heroes that are the most broken. It would be cool with a poll for reworks and/or just go the way that has been done that a lot have been reverted to its original state as HoN felt way too different from what it used to be. This was what I did not like with dota 2 is that it has got too many reworks from the legacy start. Still think that there are a lot to revert in HoN and far from perfect but atm it is somewhat manageable t
  8. If I were 0 - 5 mid then I would've try to roam to get some pickoffs on the other lanes.
  9. is ExitLag legit? or how good is it?
  10. I think there is already a system for what @hegelsohn has mentioned.. It may not be the exact thing but if you go solo q against a 3 man Q for example it will usually end up being a +7/-3 or +6/-4 for the solo Q player.
  11. Found it. Thanks. Also where do you access the subforum for the subscribers?
  12. Will probably encourage more smurfing. We've already seen that with certain players that are in the higher bracket.
  13. I was trying to find the subscription donation in the donations tab but I could not find it... was it discontinued?
  14. The dream would be to have HoN running on DX12. It sure was a huge performance boost in different games that has applied DX12 to its title increasing the framerates by almost 1.5-2.0x from DX11. Or if it could just be running on OpenGL or Vulkan. Question is if there could be added multicore support soon in the game which is getting rid of some of the bottleneck HoN is currently having.
  15. I REALLY don't wish for more seasons. It was one of the factors that kinda discouraged me from playing HoN for a long time. It is kinda annoying when you have been away from HoN for a long time and you get your placement matches and start spending a few days climbing ladder. Then a few days later it all resets and you have to start from scratch again.
  16. I don't think the passive should be applied. Think it will be a bit too exploited or too frustrating to play against. I could agree on a reduced CD maybe but thats it probably.
  17. Are there any ETA for the multi-core support as of today? Or will it happen later this year? :)
  18. Still having it with 64 of course, but I've used some tweaks like having everything closed except for the client, change the CPU to not use the CPU 0 as primary core are some that I can think about. Going to wait until the multicore option will come to the 64 client before considering changing specs. Photo for reference:
  19. The only thing about the current GoP is that it is not a versatile item. It is awesome on some heroes like ThunderBringer or Zephyr but it is not that worth it on other heroes. I still think that GoP should go back to its legacy form (with some number tweaks that is).
  20. Tried some Thunderbringer the last days and it seems like ElementUser is right.. usually takes like 3 w's to get someone down. Usually killed people mid before lvl 6 with just spamming W when I can. Maybe iy vcould be a skill bracket thing aswell and could've prevented that from happening.
  21. Just from on top of my head it would be just to increase the aggro range for the neutral creeps but I think it could affect other things but thats what i came to think about. I just mentioned it as I were asking if it was unintended or "clever use of game mechanics". as most exploits that I've seen in MOBAs generally have been patched out so
  22. Well, the difference with other heroes like Draconis (good thing it got some nerfs in the recent patches to a place where it seems balanced) is that you need to backpaddle constantly and pay attention so you don't take damage from the creeps. With a hero like Klanx or Flint you have to just walk between two points and it is almost slime to none that the neutral creeps will attack you. When they get infront of you they will walk all the way back and with Klanx you just walk a bit to the side so you get uphill using H.A.W.K so they creeps have to walk all the way around and then they will reset.
  23. So after some time playing the new patch it is for sure that Thunderbringer is too strong atm but I guess it is obvious since everyone has been talking about it. One of the biggest things that I think is the problem with him from what I've seen is that he's getting way too much GPM compared to before which kinda makes sense with the lower CD on Q for example. There have been some examples where a Thunderbringer is winning in 1v1's against a autoattack carry which didn't happen before either. I haven't played TB myself so I wont get that much input on it. Still I
  24. So reading through the patch notes... The good: The range nerf on most heroes. Even if it might not be perfect it is what you're saying, it is all about readjusting for the future but the idea behind it is great. I've thought for many years ago about the range inflation many heroes had but people were laughing at me when I mentioned it. Because there was so many supports that I never played at all because their range was not 600. The movespeed nerf is just something that just had to happen, because it feels like the average MS goes up when cycling through patches a
  25. Yes. The best solution that made it manageable to play is to play on the 64 bit client and have NOTHING else in the background then you get a 50-60 fps steady except that it goes down in teamfights and/or when there are too many creeps on the map.
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