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  1. 2 hours ago, accnologia said:
    heroes of newerth supports 144hz or more?

    If I remember correctly, I think the cap is at 250 fps.

  2. Changes to be done that is NOT balance related:

    Rework the whole tutorial for Heroes of Newerth. I know there was WZA who made a good tutorial back when HoN 3.0 was released but unfortunately it was probably too short and also alot of the stuff is unfortunately obsolete. For example when friends of mine finally decided to give Heroes of Newerth a try in 2021 and they were wondering why the tutorial did not work. Since they knew me, I had to go through alot of steps with them to show how to play and think etc. Most of you will say "try out midwars" but imo it is very different from playing the traditional "Forests of Caldavar".


    Update the website. Currently it does not give a great first impression for someone who haven't played this game before. Plenty of obsolete parts on there. Also the ladder "bug" needs to be fixed.


    Increase mastery rewards/levels. For the simple reason that you don't have to play on subs when you have capped your mastery levels.


    Get rid of the HoN discord and have the primary focus on the HoN forums instead like back in the old days. It is way easier to keeping things organized on the forums compared to discord which is a big mess when you haven't been there for a while.


    Bring back LTS for the GNU/Linux client for HoN client. S2 Games used to love GNU/Linux as much as we users love it. Currently the client is alright but there are some bugs that exists in the client that have been some issues for plenty of GNU/Linux users. Additionally, the installer doesn't seem to work properly through WINE so it is probably for the better to bring out LTS support for the client again, which also adds to my next point:


    Bring a mirror page for the full HoNx64 client like it was when it was released in beta. If you cannot download it through the installer, you can still get it by getting the old HoN x64 client from last year and just update it from there.


    Bring out the new donation goals that we have all been waiting for. Like bringing multicore support, modern OpenGL pipeline to name some examples.


    Bring back SBT for more volunteering for the game and more feedback from the community regarding balance changes.


    More frequent patches. Every other patch could a big one like they are atm but maybe a minor patch between the larger patches for hotfix so that some heroes doesn't have to be insta banned every game because of balance issues.


    Bring back some of the old soundtrack to Heroes of Newerth. For example this one:


    Also, some tutorials on how to create your own honmods since I haven't been able to find anything properly except for asking on the Mods repository Discord. 

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  3. 4 hours ago, ElementUser said:

    You can open up Practice Mode and simulate that yourself if you want.

    Other MOBA games do not have this "benchmarking" option that you specify though. They would do the same thing to "benchmark" themselves.

    Just because the others doesn't have does it not mean it's a bad idea. Well, VALVe has an inbuilt benchmark in their title "Counter-Strike: Source" in the mainmenu where it says "Stress Test". Basically just showing of certain areas of FPS in the Source engine, and then end out with the average, min and max FPS for those areas.

  4. Idk if this exists already, but it would be good if there was a benchmarking tool with the K2 engine for HoN so that you don't have to join a game to benchmark yourself or spectate some other player. Could be multiple tests, like having multiple creeps spawned in the map, standard lane, teamfights etc.

  5. 8 hours ago, ridkv said:

    Existe cliente para linux?

    The "obsolete" client is already 64-bit. It is really good imo if you can make it work on your system. Just a heads up that you should disable shadows in the video settings otherwise you will get a shadow bug that makes the game completely dark. And you have to disable "Sync to Vblank" in your NVIDIA settings if you are using that because you will be framerate capped to your refresh rate. You will find it in the program "NVIDIA X Server Settings". You have to tick and untick this everytime you startup your computer (probably a bug).




    Secondly, I recommend getting GameMode. You can get that by just typing in the terminal sudo apt install gamemode. Helps out with performance a slight bit IMO.



    Also, you can get HoN64 through WINE using DXVK. It runs pretty good there BUT the problem is just that you will still encounter the infamous "AoE lag" which I haven't encountered at all on the Linux client. I went back to the Linux client since the HoN64 client on WINE sometimes freezes up for no reason.

  6. 8 hours ago, datfizh said:

    Is he already at his legacy state? If I remember correctly, he has 3 main changes: semi rework, rework, and revert.

    • Semi rework changes his ultimate into an aura.
    • Rework changes his abilities with his crow form as notable change.
    • Revert changes his abilities to his original on release.

    source: hon.gamepedia.com/wiki/Prophet

    Well yes, but he is very differently played rn, the heal is different from before and the ultimate is different where you could Target an area with your ultimate which kinda made Prophet be better at positioning and you could place out 3x of those ultimates. Before Prophet was played as a burster which would deal alot of dmg with the damage amplifier Prophet had. Now Prophet seems to be more of a healer support ..

  7. 16 minutes ago, hegelsohn said:

    Nah.. first of all, she really has a niche spot as secondary offlane support which only works if mid picked a proper tanky hero.. She can't really played in mid as she has no util to obtain lasthits/farm against any mid meta hero (ranged heroes or salf, zeph etc.). She is heavily countered by magic resistance/shrunken and rev wards/dust.


    Also, I don't see what you mean by last patch? Some patches ago her ult reduced healing for a period of time and she obtained a SOTM. Her base dmg and strength was very slightly increased. Other than that I didn't see any major change.


    She feels fine to me.


    So it is just a coincidence that Fayde has been top 5 in winrate this patch? Is it also a coincidence that it gets either banned or picked every game? 

  8. Is it just me or is Fayde too good since last patch? I had not played in a long time and I didn't see that the hero had a buff on the hit after you come out from the ultimate ability. In addition to that there are items like Veiled Rot and the buff to Codex which made the hero way stronger than before. 

  9. 38 minutes ago, Scrabidon said:

    Any new patch news? maybe atleast small spoilers ? ^_^

    The only thing that has been "spoiled" are the Reddit guess game. Idk if EU will completely change anything more with the patch which might be why it haven't been revealed yet. I was wondering if it would be any reason to open up any new balance posts if you don't know which changes are coming next patch. 

  10. Just now, GiveUpBra said:

    Well i had to see the entire replay to put the timestamps but it was pretty annoying, i dont think GM`s have enough time to watch a full replay.

    You can always try to ask via the helpdesk if it was Innocent why. I am pretty sure that they are watching the whole replay and it will surely be easier (from what I found) if you have a good description 🙂

  11. Any updates regarding patch date? Any more teasers what is planning to come finally so there will be some active discussion going on as many of us have been waiting for this new patch to arrive.

  12. So, do you think it is ok when for example a gadget is hidden under a ward for example so it is impossible to attack it? or if is put on a slope and it is almost impossible to target it by maybe 1 pixel?

  13. Atm it seems like if you get attacked by a gadget and there is nothing close to you, it wont attack the closest target which is the gadget (Arachna ulti, Pris w, Tremble mound).


    Question is, if it is possible to ALT+A so it attack the gadget? Sometimes you cannot attack it because there are usually too much stuff on the screen and gadgets are infamously known for being difficult to target sometimes.

  14. So I've been trying to run HoN on my GNU/Linux desktop but it wont start. I have been trying to search it up myself but I have not found any success. Just starting it from after installation, I get this error: 

    ./hon-x86_64: symbol lookup error: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libcairo.so.2: undefined symbol: FT_Get_Var_Design_Coordinates

    The solution that I've found to this was to delete the libfreetype.so.6 file from the directory. Instead I get this error:

    warning: The VAD has been replaced by a hack pending a complete rewrite
    X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)
      Major opcode of failed request:  1 (X_CreateWindow)
      Value in failed request:  0x0
      Serial number of failed request:  83
      Current serial number in output stream:  97

    I've tried with the startup.cfg solution but it made zero difference. I've tried with the HoN x64 client through WINE well it runs but it bottlenecks pretty hard so it would be good if it was possible to just be able to run through the native GNU/Linux client.


    I am using Debian 10 Buster with the desktop environment Xfce. I tried using GNOME but made no difference.

  15. 18 hours ago, Haerdal said:

    Which part ? The effects or the way they spread ?

    "activate for your next attack". never been a big fan of those and usually prefer to have it as a single target instead:)

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