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  1. I think you can get them through Plinko ATM if you check the diamond chest rewards.
  2. I realized that aswell. I was hoping maybe EU had some data about it unless it isn't collected.
  3. You need to disable shadows in the video settings. Other than that, it runs pretty good if you run it using the integrated graphics on your CPU and of course using the opensource graphics driver than NVIDIAs "non-free" driver.
  4. Since I saw the thread before about who had the most games, I am curious about which country had the most players in this game? For me, I don't know as of 2021, but if it was "the old days" it would probably be Sweden as my guess. Referring to the international client of course and not SEA.
  5. I signed it, but the best outcome I think would be if HoN heroes would be ported to DotA 2.
  6. While HoN 3.0 was peak HoN, I think HoN 4.0 got better towards the later patches.
  7. Well if they did it free software then it wouldn't be used by any other company as it is under the GPL license.
  8. Similiar with CoD4x even though there might not be as many players as it used to be.
  9. Hopefully it would be using the K2 engine, which was why I loved HoN. Maybe there will be a K3 engine in the future?
  10. There are some conspiracy theories going around right now as to why it is the case but I won't say it here as I don't want to get suspended on the forums.
  11. I think another potential candidate is Dragoniser, even though he resets his stats at least 5 times a week
  12. This was the thing I was worried about when HoN got bought from S2 Games. It goes in the typical "non-free software trap" where they just shut it down when it does not gain enough money and no one can do anything to preserve the game.
  13. If it was S2 Games that had kept HoN till now, they would have probably open sourced it referring to what they did in the past with Savage.
  14. Great to see a Fayde Nerf that I mentioned about before in the balance forums. I was wondering when it would come.
  15. Ladonien


    If I remember correctly, I think the cap is at 250 fps.
  16. Changes to be done that is NOT balance related: Rework the whole tutorial for Heroes of Newerth. I know there was WZA who made a good tutorial back when HoN 3.0 was released but unfortunately it was probably too short and also alot of the stuff is unfortunately obsolete. For example when friends of mine finally decided to give Heroes of Newerth a try in 2021 and they were wondering why the tutorial did not work. Since they knew me, I had to go through alot of steps with them to show how to play and think etc. Most of you will say "try out midwars" but imo it is very different from playing
  17. Just because the others doesn't have does it not mean it's a bad idea. Well, VALVe has an inbuilt benchmark in their title "Counter-Strike: Source" in the mainmenu where it says "Stress Test". Basically just showing of certain areas of FPS in the Source engine, and then end out with the average, min and max FPS for those areas.
  18. Idk if this exists already, but it would be good if there was a benchmarking tool with the K2 engine for HoN so that you don't have to join a game to benchmark yourself or spectate some other player. Could be multiple tests, like having multiple creeps spawned in the map, standard lane, teamfights etc.
  19. The "obsolete" client is already 64-bit. It is really good imo if you can make it work on your system. Just a heads up that you should disable shadows in the video settings otherwise you will get a shadow bug that makes the game completely dark. And you have to disable "Sync to Vblank" in your NVIDIA settings if you are using that because you will be framerate capped to your refresh rate. You will find it in the program "NVIDIA X Server Settings". You have to tick and untick this everytime you startup your computer (probably a bug). Secondly, I recommend getting GameMod
  20. Well yes, but he is very differently played rn, the heal is different from before and the ultimate is different where you could Target an area with your ultimate which kinda made Prophet be better at positioning and you could place out 3x of those ultimates. Before Prophet was played as a burster which would deal alot of dmg with the damage amplifier Prophet had. Now Prophet seems to be more of a healer support ..
  21. So it is just a coincidence that Fayde has been top 5 in winrate this patch? Is it also a coincidence that it gets either banned or picked every game?
  22. Is it just me or is Fayde too good since last patch? I had not played in a long time and I didn't see that the hero had a buff on the hit after you come out from the ultimate ability. In addition to that there are items like Veiled Rot and the buff to Codex which made the hero way stronger than before.
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