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  1. Sometimes when you right-click someones portrait, this window doesn't pop up. It sure is a minor bug since you can do both things manually but if you right-click report then you can get the actual timestamp, which can help with ticket reviewing.
  2. Ye I think people started to realize how to play against him now. Like buying Nullfire,magicarmor, not staying too close to each other etc
  3. Another bug where is the price calculator for the item doesnt count the recipe. For example, you might buy Shrunken Head and you buy the recipe before the Mighty Blade because you have plenty of gold so you can do that and you are already full in slot for your items. So lets say I have 100 gold, which means that I need a total of 900 Gold for just the Mighty Blade since I've already bought the recipe and the Warhammer. But when you ALT+Leftclick it will say "I need 2200 gold for Shrunken Head". Which would be in this case Mighty Blade + Shrunken Head recipe (which I am
  4. Seems like from the last patch that the simplified tooltip haven't been updated that LRM says that it deals 0.8x to creeps. Not sure if this is intended or not but I think it should be added to the simplified tooltip as for example on Amun-Ra it says on the simplified tooltip that his Q and W deals 25% less damage to creeps. See photo below.
  5. There seems to be a bug that the Gamerblade avatar that has 5 different forms when it has only 4 and the 5th form is from the Angel of Death avatar.
  6. Think SB is fine as he is. Finally viable compared to last patch.
  7. I am sure that you get it for level 2 mastery and there is another discount coupon that you will get around level 12-13.
  8. Adrenline atm is kinda where he was supposed to be after the rework happened.
  9. This. One of the thing that disturbed me was that the art is pretty low res on a good monitor. Which kinda makes it look a bit "lazy".
  10. I think it would be a great idea if detailed tooltips also worked in the learnatorium. As for example, you're playing the game, they got a succubus for example, and you think "Maybe Shrunken Head is good against succubus? Basically you can see that by pressing F6 -> Learnatorium -> Succubus, but it only says on the default tooltip that it says that it deals X amound of magic damage per second. So you think that the ulti is just the Magic type. If you had the detailed tooltips enabled at the learnatorium you could see that the type is Superior Magic and you could think "Hmm maybe it is be
  11. Predators Staff of the Master tooltip is saying this: It says it applies Terror at 4 charges, but trying out in practice it is after two charges. Additionally, it only says on the Staff upgrade (before acquiring SOTM): "reduces terror stacks" when it should say "reduces terror stacks to two charges" so that people see how much of an upgrade it is, since I usually try to use the tooltips as much as possible to see what is possible or not.
  12. So with the XML scripting I guess you could use that to see if you would apply a buff to a hero before it would get applied to a patch? Could be useful in the future when discussing buffs/nerfs.
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