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  1. It will probably be hard if the people reporting are very low priority as I think it could take too long to be able to play again (?), not sure how long it takes to get a report through so
  2. Idk what FB had in mind to counter smurfing but my suggestion would be like 100 MW games to play? Maybe too much but it is quite short matches so.. If there was someone who is completely new to the game it could be less since it could be seen if the IP/HWID is completely new.
  3. Hello! I just discovered that the hero selection soundtrack was replaced and I was wondering if there was a .mp3 or .flac version of it? It is pretty good! I've tried to find it on youtube but I couldn't find anything so.
  4. What I'm saying is that I still think the old version of this item prior to 4.9.0 that it was better in all the ways. Still don't know why they would change an item that was completely OK before so ^^
  5. Well I dunno why they changed that the timer is paused when you're dead for example, it wasn't like this item was OP.
  6. Problem with HS is just that you need to know the static farming routes so you can get the most optimized GPM because Hammerstorm gets so easily outcarried if you don't reach a high GPM imo! (kinda saying his selling point is that you can reach high GPM with him).
  7. Additonally, it looks like AMD is just crushing Intel now with its new AMD ryzen 5XXX series so.
  8. Yeah. Was thinking about how much price worthy it would be so maybe the 5600X is probably better.
  9. I think I will go for the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X. I wish there was someone who had a similiar processor to this one who could benchmark HoN but I haven't seen one yet but I think it will be a good choice in the end. Thanks for the help!
  10. You usually if you have good farm with lets say a Wildsoul you can get it sub 6-minutes, but usually early in the 6-minute mark. But I still think you guys are just thinking about the item as a gold item but should rather think about it as an EXP item, since there are no other item besides Tome of Elements that increases exp by its effect. I am not sure about if the 1750 gold at 4 mins would be possible for a Wildsoul for example as you get around 1200 gold around the 4 min mark getting the buildup item for it. Another buff could be to revert it to its old form where it required 2x Gloves of t
  11. Was looking for that video the other day but couldnt find it
  12. What do you think is the better choice? Going for a strong Intel CPU or just going for one of the latest AMD Ryzen's?
  13. Well, it sure help to have better FPS since if you have 50 fps on normal gameplay, you will have like 20 fps in teamfights where the game is freezing up randomly etc which can affect gameplay. And also HoN is pretty beautiful when it runs on ultra in high framerate.
  14. So is this the CPU to go with overclocking or without? What about the 11th gen of intel CPUs?
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