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  1. @aseemdoom Shoutout this guy, he my real Santa Sank u !!
  2. Dang, i got ignored again, I give up , sank uuu bajbajajj !
  3. my wish became a mistery, sadge
  4. Santaaaa, could I get Pandasoul ?! Sankkkk youuu Happy holidays to everyone btw. Stay strong !
  5. Runed axe is a waste on WS. No way you get it at minute 9 since they removed main Ancients xD. WS safe lane is a waste, useless hero as a main carry. Bobo usage as a stacker and not creep killer - waste. Decent WS player will survive woods without buying a single potion. What are you gonna do at minute 15 with a single item - runed cleaver and 700HP bar, since u prefer maxing E instead of "+" ? After you get your runed, u will need additional 10minutes to get decent farm so u can fight, thats 25 in total. Meantime your teammates will flame you for being useless. Runed clea
  6. And with the ulty change, you just force Wildsoul to get an additional item into his slot at early game, which slows him and drags him back from the game. (I'm talking about high TMM, about players that prefer using him as an active wood hero, not as a 40min wood farmer) - it kinda affects the active WS players, since the afk farmers dont really mind about this thing. - it wont affect them. Be aware that from the start , hero has like 180 mana or something. You click abuse your W and you spam it every 20seconds (which costs 60mana) so u get max bonus, thats 120 wasted already. When y
  7. Also, about the lifesteal you mentioned. Take this as an opinion. Item: Whispering helm - costs 1800 gold. Ability E: needs 4 levels on it till u get the lifesteal u need. Which one is better? Would u rather spend 1800gc that u can farm them in 3mins, or waste 4 levels on your E at the start of the game, instead of getting +10 +10 +10 stats? Another thing you can be creativea bout. With whispering helm you can just get the Skeleton neutral and convert the hero into being a War Beast, while roaming around and stomping the heroes with escape. Overall the hero is weak,
  8. It's not about having lifesteal at the beginning, when you can just hit & run the neutrals with Boobo, so your bear can barely take any damage. The + learning instead of E is about mobility and its about how squishy the hero is. People are making big mistake by thinking that WS is a heavy carry/should be farming 20mins in woods till he gets farmed. Nope! Just get him Ghost marchers, power supply, some agility items like nullfire or the item that costs 1200, get level 7, and be ready to stomp their manup lane. Leveling E isntead of + does nothing, but stucks you in the woods for additional
  9. We will still find a way to abuse WS ! @FanOfWoop
  10. Seems like Dutch cried a lil bit too much about Wildsoul after getting stomped every 2nd game. Yet again, leaving Ophelia/Drac untouched, while nerfing a hero that its played by 5% of the players base xD. Thanks for not nerfing a 55% winrate Oogie and nerfing Wildsoul for the 5th time in a row.
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