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  1. I was happy to get a new Christmas alt-avatar Rhapsody.. But happiness was a moment. Dear developers, what happened to you that you decided to change the successful images that make up the hon art gallery, which are in our hearts, minds and influence the choice of heroes? 2nd question.. Why were the substitution models so s**t*y and not worked out. Personally, you ruined my holiday. I don't know what to expect from HoN tomorrow... I ask everyone who cares about the HoN design to support the return of originals Empath, Solstice and Rhapsody. Please.
  2. Master HyperXewl, tell me. Where can I discuss the new patch? I would like to roll back some terrible changes that break the tradition of 10 years of HoN/
  3. ***
    Сначала дразнят, но не бьют..
    Сначала гонят, но не рвут...
    И ночь с волками заодно.
    А ты бежишь, не чуя ног.
    Но неизбежен этот миг...
    Глухой тупик - погасит крик.
    И шансов нет, ты здесь чужой.
    Пророчит смерть - Звериный Вой!
    1. LoveNStar


      First teasing, but not beaten,
      First drive, but do not tear..
      And the night together with the wolves..
      And you run, not smelling feet,
      But inevitable this moment,
      A dead end will extinguish the scream,
      And there are no chances, you are a stranger here.
      Bestial howl predicts death.
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