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  1. As a supp player I always gold 2 and 3 rank in first 6 match, you cant hit the kill streaks with supp. sometimes I am 0/5/20, so u get regular 15 mmr for win. My friends always hit the cap while I am 1600, and it took a supp 20 wins to reach 1700. I think you should consider the KDA or sth else for support players. (I got gold4 for 6-0).
  2. I am also fan of this too. 100 is too low, I have like 900 mastery lvl, so I think there be should more rewards, thank you.
  3. Thank you buddy, sometimes I see some ppl get like 35 mmr for losing, when it happens? I mean with getting loss you get positive mmr.
  4. I want to report this match: Match Name: TMM Match #160586042 Match ID: 160586042 Server Name: EU 12:41 PM CET Game crashed Game went back online after few mins, but 3 ppl left the match. It happened for me this week 2 times, the other one I couldn't reconnect and no state was recorded.
  5. Hi there and Merry HoNmass! Can anyone tell me how MMR system works? I mean when u get 60 MMR in first mm games, or 45? which factors involve (kills, streak, ...)? and does the 6 first MM games have MMR caps? like you wont get more than 1700 MMR? or also I want to know what is the interval of ranks, for example as I know gold 3 stands between 1610-1645, but gold 2 stands between 1645-1685. I will appreciate your time and your kind answer.
  6. Can anyone tell me how the silver bonus of URSA Corpse avatars works? I mean how you should by them in row, and how many of them needed?
  7. Oh my god! Dear Santa I have just found my gift under the tree. thank you! I am so happy to be a part of this community, hope you are safe and happy! Happy HoNmas!!
  8. Your bag was so small Santa @`Shattered! I am calling Santa @Saphirez . He was always kind to me! Happy HoNmas and Merry Christmas to all staff and all who are playing HoN.
  9. What about me Santa? I think I am already forsaken! what about Samuel L.Jackson Announcer? I wish I had it. So be mine too!
  10. So you hit it Loli`pot! Congrats!
  11. Santa brought you 3 alts and 1k silver coins , I wish I could gift my current items.
  12. Thank you for your time, I created ticket in CS.
  13. I bought two alts with silver coins!
  14. Yes by silver coin you just buy the item. For example I have an alt, when I want to gift the item the buying option with silver coins is just turn to owned! So the only way is gold coins.
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