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  1. Unfortunately we don't have Santa or even New year this time, rest in peace Santa. We are dying too.
  2. Happy HoNmas! Like years before, we are waiting for Santa to put some gifts under HoNmas tree . I wish I found the "Ascension Announcer".
  3. As a supp player I always gold 2 and 3 rank in first 6 match, you cant hit the kill streaks with supp. sometimes I am 0/5/20, so u get regular 15 mmr for win. My friends always hit the cap while I am 1600, and it took a supp 20 wins to reach 1700. I think you should consider the KDA or sth else for support players. (I got gold4 for 6-0).
  4. I am also fan of this too. 100 is too low, I have like 900 mastery lvl, so I think there be should more rewards, thank you.
  5. Thank you buddy, sometimes I see some ppl get like 35 mmr for losing, when it happens? I mean with getting loss you get positive mmr.
  6. Pannatrick

    MMR System

    Hi there and Merry HoNmass! Can anyone tell me how MMR system works? I mean when u get 60 MMR in first mm games, or 45? which factors involve (kills, streak, ...)? and does the 6 first MM games have MMR caps? like you wont get more than 1700 MMR? or also I want to know what is the interval of ranks, for example as I know gold 3 stands between 1610-1645, but gold 2 stands between 1645-1685. I will appreciate your time and your kind answer.
  7. Can anyone tell me how the silver bonus of URSA Corpse avatars works? I mean how you should by them in row, and how many of them needed?
  8. Oh my god! Dear Santa I have just found my gift under the tree. thank you! I am so happy to be a part of this community, hope you are safe and happy! Happy HoNmas!!
  9. Your bag was so small Santa @`Shattered! I am calling Santa @Saphirez . He was always kind to me! Happy HoNmas and Merry Christmas to all staff and all who are playing HoN.
  10. What about me Santa? I think I am already forsaken! what about Samuel L.Jackson Announcer? I wish I had it. So be mine too!
  11. So you hit it Loli`pot! Congrats!
  12. Santa brought you 3 alts and 1k silver coins , I wish I could gift my current items.
  13. Thank you for your time, I created ticket in CS.
  14. I am from Iran and even we are using vpn to play HoN (is filtered), so we cant purchase any gold coins (if we could I will buy gc every month). So I think I cant prove anything!
  15. I created an account in 2013, and I am afraid I lost my email password and I tried so much for getting back my email, but I don't have the cell number that I put for recovery too. I want to ask is there any way to change the email with out confirmation email? and what is needed for that? or at least another way to change the HoN's account password?
  16. Just wait for couple of hours, they are updating the client. HoNmas!!!
  17. I have same issue on my Lenove loptop which is running with windows 10, core i5 CPU, 8G Ram and 4G AMD Radeon R7 M360 graphic. I opened a topic in tech and support, but I did not get answer. HoN is running with my onboard intel graphic, which has 128M dedicated memory. I run dota with smooth graphic and high resolution, and I am using HoN 64bit client, with low setting and at max i got 50-60 fps, with high or ultra I get 15-25 fps. In AMD Radeon graphic setting I got this error : "Requirment not meet for this application". I tried both client 32 and 64bit with direct x and openGL, but nothing
  18. Dear tech supports, I have a lenovo loptop Ideapad 500 which has two graphic cards, one onboard and another is AMD Radeon R7 with 4G memory, but HoN is running with the onboard graphics and I got 40 fps at max. in AMD radeon setting i got this error when I add the game: "Requirements not available for this application". But for dota 2 I got the recommended requirements, and When I disable my onboard graphic and run HoN, game will be crashed. I will appreciate your time for answering my question. I get low fps and it is kinda hard to play, with lowest graphic i got 50! with 8G Ra
  19. Actually as a supp player I recommend these 5 top supports (they have effect both early and late game): 1. Moira, he is the best supp in the game and works for almost all carries. 2. Aluna, she can effect all fights even in the base. 3. Vindicator, OmG! I don't know how you didn't mention him. 4. Ichor, for taking damage and prevent carry to die, he is a good hero against who play combo long. 5. Nymphora, it is like that you bring the well to the lane.
  20. Make all sets buyable buy silver coins please, since we live in Middle East, we cant purchase any gold coins, so having some avatars is kinda dream for us.
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