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  1. As we all or most of us probably know by now, that HoN will come to an end in 5 months. Could it be possible to have lowered prices on avatars, name colors etc. in the store so that in our last 5 months we can enjoy playing with the favorite desired avatars we always wanted. Currently, the prices in NAEU for avatars are between 100-840 for gold coins and 100-4500 for silver coins, while in SEA the range of the prices are very low and more approachable, they are between 100-300 gold coins and 100-500 silver coins for avatars (which most of them are just 300 silver) and also for name color
  2. That is a very nice suggestion, but have the regular mid-wars players actually considered what those statistics or MMR actually would represent? Would the data represent a players progress, skill or performance level? No. That data would be inaccurate in every way, like the MMR, which give false impressions and wrong conclusions and that is because of the matchmaking system, the mode currently has.
  3. I wish a....... (wait)..... there is no 'Santa'!
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