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  1. A hero w/o any movement spell is a free kill to tremble b4 he got something to scape like void or tablet, or cyclone... The only change tremble needs was already said. Targeting his mounds is a torture sometimes.
  2. tinh0


    I'll send a ticket. Thank you, sir.
  3. tinh0


    And why we have the option to pay it with silver coins when we press the button to gift? I mean... Should i have guessed that? If we can't gift buying with silver coins, don't give us this option. LOL. Thank you.
  4. tinh0


    So, i bought an avatar to gift, Esper Kinesis, 3k silver. After i press gift and bought it, nothing happened. It's like if i have just bought the avatar, but i want to GIFT him. That's why i pressed in GIFT. What happened?
  5. tinh0

    Leave Clan

    Will someone help me with this? Already tried everything... " Failed to leave the clan. " What is this? Can someone just kick me out of this clan? I accepted the invite by mistake. I'm not asking something hard to do, come on... I can't leave the clan, i don't know why, if this is a bug, someone from staff need to help me. Thanks.
  6. tinh0

    Leave Clan

    Why can't i leave this clan? https://www.imagemhost.com.br/image/F1LHC Banned from chat? Failed to leave. What is this? Someone just kick me out of this. Thanks.
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