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  1. I'm sure this would have been suggested already; but is there a reason why single draft and random draft modes were never implemented for ranked games?
  2. I reported a player for intentional feeding - the player was running from fountain, to mid and dying on purpose. Did it 13 times in a row. I got the report back saying 'innocent'. How do i go about appealing that decision, so an obvious troll gets banned?
  3. Having some weird issues; 1. Can't login. If i continue to retry, i can eventually get in though. 2. Can't connect to chat servers / MM. Again, if i continue to log in and out (annoying due to issue #1), then it will sometimes connect. 3. Really jumpy / laggy game. If i can get past issue #1 and #2, then the game is really jumpy / laggy, even though my ping shows as fine. 4. Alt avatars missing entirely. On hero select and/or hero info, i cannot see any alt avatars. I've done speed tests, and played other games while this is happening, and all is fine in terms of inter
  4. Innes

    Login Issue?

    Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing login issues? For the past couple days I've been unable to login, or if i can get in, then unable to connect to the chat servers / MM. If i keep retrying, i can eventually get in. No internet issues on my end while this is happening.
  5. I've noticed that there's been a number of times where I play a match, and my match history is not updated once the game completes. If i view the match history of other players that were in the match, the entry is there. Let me know if you need anything further. Understand that this isn't a huge issue; but it's an annoyance nonetheless.
  6. I'm from Australia, and my ping is normal on aus servers. I play USW when the queue time gets too long. I normally get ~200ms on those servers. Lately its been closer to 400ms though. Hence the original question ?
  7. Just wondering if the USW servers have moved physical location? I get 200ms more than i used to.
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