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  1. I thought Flint is way unhealthy and toxic, despite not being a S2 hero
  2. learn the matchup or counterpick against her
  3. Report him. Next time when you are on the team with that guy, disconnect at will
  4. I'm not sure, but aren't those in Plinko, as one of the rewards in the Diamond Chest?
  5. Shouldn't Geomancer be quite decent in Mid Wars, maybe at least a B? His Portal Key stun is among the best and can usually hit multiple heroes. His other skills also have their uses
  6. Fix Hero Mastery bars and allow the use of Mastery Boost
  7. How about "Longest disable time accumulated on ALL heroes?" This includes stun, silence, immobilize, force attack, disarm, perplex, (slowing movespeed is not included) added all together. This also includes disabling your allies Or maybe change this to "Landed the most disables".
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