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  1. why should I waste 30 minutes, try, farm, etc, if some discouraged teammates like you decide to give up. Login to the game? fight to the end!
  2. Rage_100

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    You talking about useless W? + Destroy Mana of a hero equal or more than 5 sec.? no, only 2.5 sec + Scale with Intelligence in late game, can deal more than 400 magic damage? 3.5xtarget int, if u have 100 int = 350 magic dmg... 100 int = late magic, 350 magic dmg in late for 1 hero? useless, Pyro have stun with 200 magic dmg and 2.5 sec stun, AOE stun and dmg!. since 7 level pyro 7 level ~7-10min of game? yes? no? + can safely cast without worry about your life with her Illusion? 1 time = 80sec.... 80!!!
  3. Rage_100

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    Moira she has 19 strength, because she is a dodger, and there are only 43 of them, then 28 characters have less than 19 strength and 8 characters like moira. she is on the 8-15th place in strength out of 43 (on average 11.5th place, not bad) But her strength gain is 1.8, and below 1.8 for dodgers, only 8 characters have a strength gain of less than 1.8 and 6 characters including moira have an increase of 1.8, that is, moira is included in, that is, she is in 30-35 place out of 43 in strength gain. (average 33.5 place) Starting agility 21, 12 characters are worse than moira, 5 as mo
  4. Excuse me please, but NN is much stronger, and he is constantly being upset. Nx has too big a cloud, which does not show the real boundaries, you think to come up and give a camp, but in the end you are touched by a cloud ... you need to do something about it, it is dimensionless. the second skill is normal, strong, but normal, peculiar to the character's idea. The 3rd skill should be returned to 100% of dexterity, not 120, this is too much, besides, this character greatly increases his strength with the TwinBlade item, which not only slows down the enemy in a cloud, where silence and alre
  5. Rage_100

    Moira[ [4.8.6]

    The point is not in the range of the battle, not in the expenditure of mana, the point is that by choosing moira, you doom yourself to 2 skills in every second battle. there should not be more than 1 skill with a high CD, because of this you run with 2 close skills as a dodger who has dominant intelligence and intelligence items. Although now I thought ... why the third skill would not give some kind of passive increase, for example 5/10/15/20 running speed. After all, when the third skill is on CD, you lose your mobility, and yes, you have to run at 290 speed, and at 310 speed you will
  6. Scout When the scout puts his ward, I can see it, is this by design? Why does the immovable character put an invisible ward and for 0.5 seconds I see him, I just walk up and take off, it seems to me not logical and unnecessary. Geomanser When I played it, I, being in invisibility, did not feel any inconvenience. However, I recently played against Geomanser and noticed such a thing, being in invisibility, he sometimes comes out of it just like that for a split second, no, we did not have a ward, he did not stand close to any character, he just seemed to would get out of invisibility for 0
  7. Good day I suggest adding a staff effect for the gladiator You may think that it is similar to the already existing effect of the scout and hammerstorm, but I offer 3 slightly different options. Option 1) You put your Pitfall and if he reaches the target, your character appears next to the target from the side from which you looked at the target when placing Pitfall, regardless of whether your whip is on cooldown, hit the target under the influence of Pitfall with the whip, then return back to where you gave Pitfall. Option 2) You put your Pitfall and if it reaches the target, y
  8. and I just want to complain, all the awards are like awards, and the number of smackdowns in general is out of place, there is the best in damage to heroes or buildings, this is something good for the team, the amount of how many people threw taunt is not on which doesn’t influence in any way, no one does it, some individual goes out and throws taunt 1 time for the game, as a result, as he is the only one who does such stupidity, he crowds out people with the greatest help and stands for voting, for which ? instead of this award it would be better to introduce "set the most wards." plus char
  9. Those people who remove their gold and leave the match need to be punished, you can not punish people who just left the match. Just recently, I went into the game, and I started to lag, the ping with the server was high, as usual I pressed Ctrl + F8 and entered "reconnect", but the game did not load, it only showed an error that the response time from the server was exceeded and after all it took only 5 seconds, when I tried again, I got a message that I was not on the list of players in the match. I played with a friend and he immediately wrote to me that I immediately left the game, and my m
  10. When you lose a player in the first 10 minutes, it becomes easier for you to play than opponents with 5 players, and the sooner you become 4, the more benefit you will get. Another thing is when a player leaves after 10 minutes, especially at 40 minutes, the later the player leaves, the more disappointments. Because when you lose a player, you start to get 25% more experience and gold! there is nothing at the beginning, so such an increase almost guarantees you dominance in level, as well as a good increase in gold. If someone leaves at the very beginning of the game, you receive, in addit
  11. no, brutalizer 3200 + 2x10 strength = 5200
  12. or +10 strength, +10 strength = 1000 + 1000 = 2000 coins 3200 + 2000 = 5200
  13. In the Russian client of the game, information is updated very slowly and out of time, as an example, there is still no signature that Zephyr, Vindicator can be improved by Staff of the Mastery, not to mention the recently appeared Gemini, is there anything possible with this to do? And yet, the English-speaking client of the game does not see the Russian text, any message looks empty from them, as a result of which the users of the English client of the game begin to write an empty message in response. And if your empty message was not created specifically, but is a defect of the English ve
  14. Well, would you buy a Devourer Standard Model under a sheet for 1000 silver? Do you offer 2000? I now have 34,000 silver in my account, 302 avatars, but I would not buy Devourer under a sheet even for 1000, what's the point? if it’s a regular skin, and even more so I wouldn’t buy it for 2000, when the Rift Devourer with a unique model, unique voice acting, unique skill effect is sold for 3500. In general, I think skins are not in demand, and the old avatars for the most part have an appearance inferior to the standard model, if you have a new bike that you were presented with, will you buy an
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