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  1. 8 hours ago, hegelsohn said:

    Agree with your proposals.

    Personally to me it was a top tier support, however, the inability to transfer stuns to enemy heroes took a lot of fun away so I only picked him up 1-2 times afterwards instead of regularly. I agree he was too strong back in the days but it just took a huge fun portion away and for plain survivability I'd rather choose a different support.

    This I used to play Ichor alot. Several accounts level 15 mastery. Would love if they bought back the ability to transfer stuns.

  2. It's part of a set of avatars if you have all the avatars from a certain collection the pet will follow you.

  3. This is the bug I posted on the garena forums, 5/6 games I played yesterday this happened people are doing it on purpose though so they don't lose. Guess it's happening on both servers.

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