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  1. At the end of a game when the shrine is killed there is no mvp screen or anything and the server just disconnects. Games aren't counted when this happens which is 90% of the time.
  2. This is the bug I posted on the garena forums, 5/6 games I played yesterday this happened people are doing it on purpose though so they don't lose. Guess it's happening on both servers.
  3. There is a bug on Garena where if you are losing you can just d/c the server and it doesn't count as a win or loss. Rather not go into detail as I don't want others doing this.
  4. Picks skrap and everytime he pushes just ddos the server also hit everyone else out of the game but him. IGN: [qMst]T_TmjT_T Match ID: 641331556. https://imgur.com/a/upqjUDC
  5. Is the change for Dr for garena mainly?
  6. Please don't let it take months he's already ddosed a bunch of games already. The clan tag is stresser booters z as well can't make it more obvious. https://imgur.com/a/HTkybYT
  7. Oppa`Kiwi


    Why does USW have the same ping as USE now? Not just me experiencing this. https://imgur.com/a/BtsV5VB
  8. What's funny is the person ddosing has a similar name to the last person who was ddosing normal mode games. Not sure why they let him do this again.
  9. Why is every server for me and others now 350+ all of a sudden apart from Australia, few days ago I was getting 250 on EU. Usually USW is 270 for me and use 350, now they're all 350+ some 400. https://imgur.com/a/Q2iWshl
  10. Still doesn't work could anyone from Frostburn help me please.
  11. Also have the same problem for days now gonna try what you did and see if it works.
  12. Yeah for months I've been getting 350 ping on USW usually its 280.
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