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  1. This I used to play Ichor alot. Several accounts level 15 mastery. Would love if they bought back the ability to transfer stuns.
  2. It's been happening on and off, when the patch hit my ping increased by 100. I'm playing with 340 ping atm when it should be 250.
  3. All USW servers are worse from me now they are all 400+ ping. One game towards the end I had dc symbol every 5 seconds and ping spiked to 600. There was a 5 second delay between actions too.
  4. It's not a ddos though should I still post in there?
  5. Because my mmr is to high/I que with my American friends
  6. USW servers give me 350 ping 100 more than normal and now they I have started to get d/c symbol every 5 seconds.
  7. Oppa`Kiwi


    It's part of a set of avatars if you have all the avatars from a certain collection the pet will follow you.
  8. It was on USW server I usually get 250-280 now all of a sudden its 350+ also dc symbols.
  9. Why is every server ping for me 350+ now
  10. This is the bug I posted on the garena forums, 5/6 games I played yesterday this happened people are doing it on purpose though so they don't lose. Guess it's happening on both servers.
  11. Oppa`Kiwi


    Why does USW have the same ping as USE now? Not just me experiencing this. https://imgur.com/a/BtsV5VB
  12. Why is every server for me and others now 350+ all of a sudden apart from Australia, few days ago I was getting 250 on EU. Usually USW is 270 for me and use 350, now they're all 350+ some 400. https://imgur.com/a/Q2iWshl
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