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  1. So aside from the issue above, I was able to play a bunch of games last night without interruption. But tonight while trying to play, I was getting kicked from games periodically for my client files not matching the servers. Edit: Ran the installer again and wasn't getting kicked.
  2. Just installed yesterday, thank you for putting in the effort to do this. Devops is a thankless job at times. I do have one issue to report, 1. I installed the game from https://forums.heroesofnewerth.com/index.php?/topic/31-mac-linux-clients-unofficial-downloads/ 2. I moved the game to .Heroes\ of\ Newerth instead of HoN 3. I went through your instructions 4. Launched, logged in, then updated the game. 4. Reloaded the game and played a game of midwars and noticed the recipe for spellshards was incorrect. It was listing Arcana as the required item for the recipe when
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