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  1. Is there any sort of community project for allowing players to continue playing HoN with one another in pub games? If there is, I'd be interested in financially supporting such an effort. LoL, Dota2, any of the others, they're all pretty "meh" to me. Nothing plays quite like HoN, it'd be a shame to lose that for good.
  2. I mean, those are all things you can design around. You can work to create the exact aesthetic and gameplay you know and love. Everything you're describing as good could be recreated. The purpose of a sequel wouldn't necessarily be to revamp the graphics, although that would be a great bonus. Imo, the purpose of creating a sequel would be to have a fresh start with new ground rules. - A lot has changed for games in 12+ years, the game existing natively on modern technology would help a bunch of things. - If a sequel were to launch with some excellent tutorials and training in attemp
  3. Epic! I forgot which alt avatar it was I was planning on getting next, but when I remember I'm sure this will help a great deal! Thanks for the hard work on this!
  4. Compensation is nice and all, like, I enjoy free stuff. I'll take free stuff all day. But is it really necessary? I'm not trying to be the kid in class that reminds the teacher to collect the homework, I can understand it winning back some good will from people inconvenienced by the game being down/being required to use the 32-bit client temporarily. But are people really this petty? Can't go more than a couple of days without your moba fix? >,> Sure HoN prolly can't afford to lose any of its player base, but I would've thought that everyone still playing HoN is doing so because
  5. Absence doth make the heart grow fonder... Iā€™m theory crafting a different build for Skrap and now Iā€™m really itching to try it out... >,> Godspeed faithful server repair folk
  6. I actually disagree. I don't think Parasite should ever get Mock. If you want to farm the jungle rapidly and grab a Mock, then you should pick Zephyr. Zephyr scales better, he can farm really quickly and Mock synergizes better with his kit. For Parasite, what is more threatening? What would you fear more to be on the receiving end of? - A Parasite with at least a level 1 Codex who can jump out of your own jungle, dump his entire kit on you and instakill you all by himself? OR - A Parasite with a Mock, which warns you if he's close, and doesn't let him instakill anyone. If you surviv
  7. That's really good to hear. My experience with coding is a couple of object-oriented java programming courses and various tiny bits of scripting in After Effects. There are some ideas for mods or improvements that I am interested in. I have several mods currently with HoN, and I've just now tried a good UI mod, but it doesn't let me use Escape to close the shop. I've only now realized that's how I've been closing the shop this entire time. Maybe I can find out how to change the mod to enable that? And fix it's buy back display, and the alt-clicking of enemy heroes for missing calls,
  8. Love HoN. It's a great game, imo it's the best moba out there. What are the ways we can give back or try to help? So far, I'm only aware of two means of doing so: 1. For those with money, the Donations link to help fund development and technical improvements. 2. For those with time, the Open Applications page for volunteer positions, currently accepting applications for Release Candidate Testers. Is there anything else we can do? Beyond those two official methods, all I can think of doing is trying my best to improve my life and get a better job so I can have disposable income en
  9. Would it be possible to move the guide system into the game client? Reasoning Currently, when making guides you have to swap back & forth between the site and the game to check what the current up-to-date stats are for items, and their recipes. Within the game client is also the only way to see detailed hero stats/ability tooltips, although there are some discrepancies there as well with some abilities descriptions from the learning section in the client not showing all of the information, with only the in-game ability tooltips showing certain details. This tabbing back and forth re
  10. Hmmm I have to say, I agree with this analysis of the hero concept. I think you have an accurate understanding of how he is actually played, (fast cleaver -> flash farm with blink) and how he is severely misnamed. I'd be interested in seeing what a real anti-mage hero would look like. I feel like Magebane and Dark Lady kind of fill similar roles in terms of what their kit lets them do. They both have: - Damage buff for auto attacks - Escape/mobility Although I like TDL more for last-hitting in lane with her slow, makes her feel like a safer choice, although she's not quite
  11. Astrolabe and Striders costing more as a support is kind of painful. ? Grave Locket having less utility kind of makes sense, but in general "life is harder for supports across the board" is the only tangible thing I'm noticing so far.
  12. In my opinion, the Hellborne jungle's most valuable ward spot is this one: Anywhere on that spot and you get vision of: - Rune - Important ganking paths - Two creep camps It's the vision of those 2 creep camps that lets you double stack them easily by standing around where Empath is now. Although with these jungle changes, I'm not so sure stacking the medium camp is a good at all idea anymore, since during the laning phase at least, it looks to be more of use to the Long Lane. Now, if we go over to the mirror of this spot on the Legion side: We have a problem. A ward pl
  13. Well aren't you a cleverboi. Years of fancy HoN maths & graphs explaining things, still putting out the good ideas. gj I think this is quite smart, my only question would be about how this would relate to gold coins vs silver coin prices. Would a definite conversion rate need to be nailed down? Or perhaps a fixed Silver price and the fluctuating Gold price to incentivize purchases?
  14. No, but Apprentice's Robe (+6 INT) is. I agree with MacroHard, that would be the most useful build. This would be a nice quality of life change. Whenever I build Steamboots I always build Gloves of the Swift if I'm getting it from the side shop, allthough, I am a very greedy speedy boy and I tend to try to get Ghost Marchers on everyone.
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