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  1. Astrolabe and Striders costing more as a support is kind of painful. Grave Locket having less utility kind of makes sense, but in general "life is harder for supports across the board" is the only tangible thing I'm noticing so far.
  2. In my opinion, the Hellborne jungle's most valuable ward spot is this one: Anywhere on that spot and you get vision of: - Rune - Important ganking paths - Two creep camps It's the vision of those 2 creep camps that lets you double stack them easily by standing around where Empath is now. Although with these jungle changes, I'm not so sure stacking the medium camp is a good at all idea anymore, since during the laning phase at least, it looks to be more of use to the Long Lane. Now, if we go over to the mirror of this spot on the Legion side: We have a problem. A ward placed on this spot gives you vision of: - Rune - Important ganking paths - The new hard camp, which you could always already stack with the new medium camp without wards. If you want to double stack the easy and medium camps, you have to place this ward a few pixels downwards: However, you lose sight of the rune, and only barely get vision of the easy camp. The new map changes seem to also make it even more difficult to get vision of the medium camp as well. I think it's good to think of solutions if you notice problems so, my proposed solution would be to move that little rocky ward tower a good few inches to the right, perhaps one Witch Slayer's stun distance, on the other side of those steps into the jungle. I think this would make the ward spot better and provide similar vision as its brother on the Hellborne side. As of right now, whenever I play support I always wish I was on the Hellborne since it's easier to stack their jungle. Although I was pleased to find the Hard/Easy camps nearer to mid on the Legion side are easier to double stack now. Personally I have a general grievance with the "select few dedicated warding spots" vs. the older versions of the map that had multiple areas with elevated cliffs all over the place. I used to pride myself as a support for knowing a ton of creative, lesser-known warding spots that would do multiple jobs; but maybe that should be its own thread. Hoping we can get both Jungles to be just as good as the other, although pls don't do this by taking away that first ward spot. Cheers guys
  3. Well aren't you a cleverboi. Years of fancy HoN maths & graphs explaining things, still putting out the good ideas. gj I think this is quite smart, my only question would be about how this would relate to gold coins vs silver coin prices. Would a definite conversion rate need to be nailed down? Or perhaps a fixed Silver price and the fluctuating Gold price to incentivize purchases?
  4. No, but Apprentice's Robe (+6 INT) is. I agree with MacroHard, that would be the most useful build. This would be a nice quality of life change. Whenever I build Steamboots I always build Gloves of the Swift if I'm getting it from the side shop, allthough, I am a very greedy speedy boy and I tend to try to get Ghost Marchers on everyone.
  5. bruh I've used the Test menu like, hundreds of times, for some reason I've never seen or paid attention to the Clear Charges or Max Charges buttons. I'm gonna be so annoyed/amused if they do what I think they do.....
  6. If there's a way to do that, I sadly don't know about it. Would have been way faster than what I did. You can see the match time is like, 4-5 hours or so? Maxing Bramble's Passive: Manu311 is correct. I spawned a ton of level 1 Scouts and Empaths, gave Bramble a mock and 3 behemoths hearts, turned on auto refresh so he'd never die, sat him in the hellborne well. Then right after Bramble I put in lvl25 Soul Reaper for his passive, gave him a Mock, Spellshards, Spell Sunder, an alternate version of Behemoths Heart from the item spawner (for some reason it also has a smaller mock-like ability, idk if it stacked but w/e), and armor of the mad mage for the negative magic armor aura as well. Bramble tanks the well, he also needed a Mock bc otherwise he wouldn't get assists. This way I could set the game to max speed and just keep on telling the hellborne lvl 1's to keep coming to Bramble and they'd just drain away their hp and I'd be able to semi-afk the killing of hundreds of innocent level 1 scouts and empaths. Set the game to max speed and keep spawning in people and spamming them over until I hit the max on Bramble's passive. Maxing Kong Stats: Tested the kong one shot, it worked. Turned on max attack speed, max game speed, auto refresh and attack moved on kong and just spammed the spawn bosses button. Every now and then it would get slow attacking one boss, so I'd swap to the other. Probably should have made a clicking macro, didn't even do that I just did this sort of, tensing/spasming thing with my finger to make it shake really fast and click super quick. Maxed Damage % first, Should have maxed Stats first, with every +4 STR being multiplied by his passive he was actually getting (4 * 19HP = 76HP) * 1009%? Something like that, he ended up getting around 1k hp per stat upgrade. I'd considered maxing the movespeed buff as well, but the movespeed cap makes it pointless so I thought I'd just collect the max amount of the upgrade points, but at this point I got bored. lol
  7. This I disagree with. MW is a fun, casual, faster-paced mode where you have more teamfights occurring more frequently, it scales faster, failure is more forgiving and you have a much better chance of getting geared up. It's a fun sort of, showcase of the game's action and hero ability interactions. FoC ranked matchmaking is much more strategic and tactical. A slower but longer and more intense burn, the actual real game, the full experience. Much more grounded and serious. Most of the time you'll be playing FoC, but sometimes you don't have time for a full game or you don't really have the energy to take it that seriously, or maybe you just lost a game and are disheartened and annoyed at your team so you go to midwars to have a much quicker fun time that's harder for your team to screw up and doesn't require playing smart and farming. Imo both absolutely have their place in the game.
  8. These are what I think the issues are personally: - Blind Bans I really don't like bans being blind personally. If 10 total bans is too few, perhaps both entire teams could have 2 bans any member can use after their first? Total of 14? - Boss Personally, I don't like the boss adding doombringers into the game. Midwars usually involves a lot of deaths on boths sides, the odds you'll lose it are far too high for it to be worth it imo. However, I'm also not super sold on Zorgath and Transmutenstein as the boss. Power Rune is only a buff for the next teamfight that only 1 player gets, True Sight tokens are nice though. I think the current iteration of Kong could be great, although there's also the potential for it to be too snowbally. QoL - The base teleport station could be faster? idk
  9. Which hero in your opinion is the most aggressive in lane? Ideally in a dual lane, support/carry lineup, my goal being to make a short list of heroes to pick from when I really need to keep whoever I'm laning against off my carry so they can farm. My first thought would be something like Voodoo Jester or Martyr. Strong attack damage, you're strongly discouraged to trade attacks since their abilities have big kill potential, especially VJ. I've heard arguments made for Slither in the past, but if anyone outranges him and so much as looks at him too sternly, he doesn't get much of a chance to tag people with his passive. What do you think? Additionally, I'd personally really like to have different like, custom hero selection filters. More than just a favorites list. Like, imagine if you could make your own custom tags? If you could create a new list and add heroes to them, you could make lists of your favorite heroes broken down by the roles your team would need. The mindset of "these are the carries I can do well with, these are the junglers I can play well, these are the hardcore supports, these are the mids, I can only do a few different heroes in the suicide lane" etc etc Maybe it's just the way I think when I'm trying to flex for the team, but that kind of system would be really helpful to me.
  10. CHOMP! When off cooldown, your attack Chomps the target, dealing 5 / 6 / 7 / 8% of Bramble's Max Health as bonus Magic Damage and putting the skill on cooldown. Staff of the Master gives you 10% Max HP and 1% more for every kill or assist. Every now and then when I'm testing alt avatars to see which ones I want, or testing builds on certain heroes, I'll try and see if there's a way that hero could one-shot Kong. Finally found a hero that can do it. It's not remotely feasible, but I wanted to see if it would keep working even with Kong at his max strength and the answer is still yes. Never understood why but once your hp gets too high, for some reason there's an upper limit to what your actual current HP can be regardless of your max, and the HP bar displays strangely. Ditto for mana. Still, fun times.
  11. I disagree regarding Tarot. With her, it's tied to her auto attacks, which is something you do quite often and reliably for free. I've never felt like her crit's were a problem either way. Doesn't happen too much, not too little. Not to mention when you card someone, you get a flat +10% crit chance on them. With Blacksmith, I think because you aren't always casting fireball on people, it's easier for it to feel as if you're the one getting absolutely shafted by your ult instead of the other team. Or perhaps more precisely, as if you don't have an ult at all. Maybe his ult could be something more along the lines of risk/reward or rolling dice? Something like, when you activate it you roll dice to gain a multiplier for your abilities? If it succeeds you gain a 2x multiplier on your next Fireball or Frenzy. Once you have that though, it costs 50hp nonlethal true damage to roll again and try to get it up to a 3x, 100hp per roll to try and get it to 4x. Staff of the master could reduce the cooldown to 5 seconds. I also like the idea of having his ult passively just let Frenzy cast to 1/2/3 other people, prioritizing yourself as one of them.
  12. Kinda like Legionnaire? I think that could be cool. For abilities like that it's kind of balancing like, The Dream (tm) that it could proc on anything vs. the sometimes harsh reality of you getting absolutely garbage luck. It's why I hate and never play Blacksmith. I've never had games with him where I get lucky, granted I've only ever played him a few times, but out of those times I only ever got 1 4x Fireball, and a couple 3x. For multiple entire games. To me, it's severely put me off ever playing him.
  13. I've got 2 nitpicks regarding balance. The first is regarding the current iteration of the Sacrificial Stone. Personally, I see no reason to ever purchase it. An upgrade to the Power Supply is interesting, but it's recipe costs 525g, and for that price you only get +2 to all stats, with the potential of +4 to all after a kill. The other potential benefits include "8 seconds off your respawn timer, 50 health to nearby allies upon your death, +10% healing" Those first 2 are planning for failure, they only impact your play when you die. The 50hp only has a chance to impact people who aren't you, after you die, if they were nearby. Furthermore 50hp and +10% healing imo are pretty much negligible even on the few heroes that have healing abilities. All in all, I can't imagine a circumstance where this item would be a good pickup, especially for supports who are already strapped for cash. Alternatively, instead of that 525g recipe you could get a Fortified Bracer for 490g and get +6 STR +3 AGI +3 INT at all times regardless of having gotten a kill or not, and be well on your way to building Astrolabe which heals your team for a lot more, a lot more consistently, without requiring your death. Or you could get Ophelia's Quest and 4 wards, and be well on your way to a fat payout. My second issue with balance is more bemused/sad. Why was the Engineer mine build taken away? That was one of the most entertaining things in the game. Making your nest, getting kills, moving your nest, keeping them guessing. The range you aren't allowed to place mines within if you've already hit the limit seems almost spitefully large, it's as if whoever made that change had personally gotten engi-mined one too many times and went on a vengeful rampage to make sure that playstyle would be impossible.
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