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  1. I sit here for half an hour. apocalypse is leaving every 0.4 game. isnt even punished because everyone rmks. 5% leave is unacceptable tbh. If everyone acted like that and had that amount of leave % then the chance for a game to be played with 10 players to the end would be (95%)^10 = 0.59. So under 60% ! If the mmr incentive to win is 0.4 then that is 0.4 ≈ 0 (rounded to first digit after dot) zero mmr incentive to win.
  2. Like some changes would be so obvious idk: Allowed leave 1.5% MMR Penalty on leave = whole teams MMR loss + 1% of accounts MMR At least +2/-2 MMR Games Improve griefing penalties / get better mods Now you changed the whole meta in a single patch again with huge balance changes. Next few weeks you primarily will have to sort out the mess again... You dont need a patches for variation. If ~150 heroes isnt enough one needs to reevaluate his life choices.
  3. Is the probability for casting abilities on hit with blacksmith 15% for each ability or is it 15% to cast any ability and after that you roll a specific one?
  4. ^Title I never post. Maybe choose wrong forum, because can't be intended. Must be bug. Fun aside small indie company no balance team yadayada pls fix that hero guys.
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