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  1. The avatar discount coupons do not show after your heroes reach LVLs 2 or 11. The only way I have found to fix this is by relogging into your account, upon which they become available for use.
  2. You can already do that by activating the filter of your favorite heroes...
  3. Wasn't sure where to post this since it's not actually a bug, but Bombardment's tooltip doesn't mention that it also damages buildings (like Flint's Explosive Flare).
  4. Not sure if these situations are intended, but: Hammerstorm can jump to a dead target with his SotM effect (Hammer Leap). Also, if Hammerstorm dies and immediately buybacks after using Hammer Leap on an enemy, he can actually fly across the map from the fountain to the target if you press Q fast enough.
  5. Ether Jewel's tooltip doesn't mention the 100 mana bonus since the last patch.
  6. Deadwood’s Rotten Grasp will prevent neutrals from respawning.
  7. nicket


    Sent it to you privately.
  8. nicket


    You literally took my idea from the discord server, made it completely overpowered and then posted it as your own. Good job.
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