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  1. Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it. I have noticed the stuttering slideshow lag in a few matches that people have been talking about and also seen many other players in those matches mention it when that occurs. My mini disconnects and strange lag problems have been ongoing for about a month though and are in addition to the stuttering server lag issues from the past few days when those are present; the issues are also still present in servers that do not have the stuttering lag felt by other players. Hopefully the server fixes also impact my situation somehow, that would be am
  2. No reply =/...although I'm not sure what I expected. The issue has gotten even worse so I'll probably have to stop playing again.
  3. Hello I'm a long time player, I started back in beta and recently have been playing again. Loving the game; when the servers work for me the game is crisp and satisfying and I was very excited about the 64bit release as well. I've been having ongoing server issues in well over half of my matches that I've seen some others post about in the forums as well. The ping and packet loss are fine but I experience input lag and drops intermittently throughout the match. These drops can be anywhere from 0.5-3s and sometimes just ignore inputs altogether, they are often accompanied by a disconnect s
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