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  1. I just played a match with Plague now and it was much better. There may have been a slight spike at times, but very manageable. I'd say it may have been the issue you mentioned from the last patch. The AOE bug didn't exist when I used to play so I'm not sure.
  2. EDIT: Just had a game in the 32-bit client and it happened again. It might be this targeting delay thing the confetti item is for. I haven't played in a while. I just installed the 64-bit client and have played two games with it. In both games I've had momentary lock ups (usually 1-2 seconds, one was much longer) multiple times during each game It seems to happen when certain skills are being used by either me or other players. Last game it happened when I was playing PR and used W, also had a Chronos in game it would happen when he dropped ult. i7-7700k 4.2GHz
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