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  1. Just got out of a 45 minute match, and to my surprise right at the end a level 1 Engineer ran out from the enemy well. This Engineer disconnected during the picking phase and never came back, but somehow he was still in the well all game. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature. I've never seen this before. Match ID: 161293814
  2. The rules that are bannable are very clearly defined. You can check them out here. In short: Being bad at the game is not a bannable offence. Abusive behaviour can be.
  3. I just played a match with Plague now and it was much better. There may have been a slight spike at times, but very manageable. I'd say it may have been the issue you mentioned from the last patch. The AOE bug didn't exist when I used to play so I'm not sure.
  4. EDIT: Just had a game in the 32-bit client and it happened again. It might be this targeting delay thing the confetti item is for. I haven't played in a while. I just installed the 64-bit client and have played two games with it. In both games I've had momentary lock ups (usually 1-2 seconds, one was much longer) multiple times during each game It seems to happen when certain skills are being used by either me or other players. Last game it happened when I was playing PR and used W, also had a Chronos in game it would happen when he dropped ult. i7-7700k 4.2GHz
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