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  1. Maybe 4% damage increase for Agility heroes, A % of armor increase for Strengts heroes, And a % of CD decreaase for intelligent heroes. This way all can be reflected during the game
  2. Is there anyway to reflect the damage output of the 4% increase by killing kongor? (I know it will be hard to change all the descriptions on the spell's damage) but at least show it on the physical damage. thank you
  3. I think that showing the MVP awards as a % of the total games played make more sense. The numbers as they show are meaningless. For example if I have 50 MVP awards from a total of 100 games, It will be showing as 50% of total games I was voted as MVP which is way better than another player who may have 100 MVP awards but let's say from thousands of game played. Just to reiterate that the number that shows is meaningless if it is not in function of the total of games played Thank you
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