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  1. man if you have some friends go play on LAN it is way better than online beacuse this is game with best gameplay and worst players, even if you dont have friends to play or you cant configure LAN but if you are able to play vs BOTs it is way better beacuse BOTs are way smarter than this comunnity(players)
  2. All I asking from Santa is server without russian players! PLEASE GOD MAKE HON GREAT AGAIN!
  3. Hello guys, I have noticed that this matchmaking system is absolutly down, how is it posible to get every game 4 people who are like total noobs vs 5 decent people, they may be same rank but their brain composition, skill level, stats are way lower, it feels like much people are boosted and there are so much smurfs. Like every game this one is designed to be fun and enjoyable but latley it is just frustrating and waste of time. Also I am willing to donate for server restriction because comunity is becoming worse and worse example: there are too much russians speaking and trolling in eur
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