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  1. I watched every one of those Indian scam videos and never once in my life have I ever seen the scammers ask for a video game gift card that's outside of a steam gift card. It's always wallmart cards and no scammer in the world is going to accept HoN gift cards they don't even accept League of Legends gift card and that game has like 300 million players. HoN has like 800 people still playing this game if so much, HoN gift cards are worthless to them BTW I am am African Hindu just so you know
  2. There are many many people without credit cards and rely on Amazon as a source to purchase Riot Points for League of Legends or Valorant. It is easy to get Amazon gift cards and top up your Amazon account anywhere in the world and use that money to buy anything on Amazon. FB should look into this and get with the times even games like Path of Exile and Fortnite you can purchase currency for those games from Amazon in the form of digital gift cards it is a popular way for most people to access cosmetics for games that don't have credit cards.
  3. I didn't even know they went the way of the DODO. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S2_Games I guess the merciful lord answered my prayers.
  4. `Tusk`

    Is HoN back?

    HoN is only back for me when I can enjoy it the same way I enjoy League of Legends That is every month I can look forward to a new awesome batch of skins. Thanks Garena (and Maliken S2) for trying to kill this game when it infact had the potential to surpass LoL and DOTA2, thanks a lot.
  5. I just spent $300 USD in LoL skins in just 2 months lmao. The quality of LoL skins now have easily surpassed HoN, that is their legendary skin tiers cause the epic skin tiers uses the shitty animations of standard champion. I actually bought the battle pass for LoL the worlds pass it was only 1650 RP and I ended up getting 4 legendary skins from it, Dark Cosmic Jhin, Lunar Eclipse Leona, God King Darius and Star Guardian Ahri. I am a collector, I collected all the best Prestige skins in LoL, to date I probably spent like $1500 USD in LoL skins Lux and Jhin are still my 2 ma
  6. No I don't want mods I want to buy skins and I want HoN to return to the glory days.
  7. And don't tell me DOTA 2 is a solution, that sucks even more ass. Valve's cosmetic solution is complete ass, it only works in CS GO and even then Valorant still has superior cosmetics AKA Elderflame Operator.
  8. LoL just isn't the same, sure Darius is fun as fuck and his God King Legendary Skin has no equal. But LoL has no Mid Wars it has a crappy ass ARAM which is just random and sucks. LoL takes too long to find a match, Darius is banned in every rank match I play and blind pick has complete idiots. The NA population in LoL is just too small now, this makes for some garbage match making,long que and toxic environment. HoN is where it's at, but I can't stand LoL getting soooo many new skins every month and nothing for HoN. The LoL community is beyond Toxic I can't stand these
  9. I want a graphics overhaul for Mid Wars. Caldavar Map has better Textures, high resolution I also believe. I want Caldavar textures and assets copied over to Mid Wars I also want a new skins I want the return of HoN to the glory days. Why can't Lord Elon Musk save us? I am going to spam his Twitter until he decides to help. It's worth a shot, will let you all know how it goes
  10. The real solution to this HoN issue we are facing is us donating let's face it. The problem though is there aren't skins to buy well new ones that is. What needs to be done is allowing the community to create skins and let FB take all the profit if necessary. I will however say that even when there was BR servers it mattered not because all of them still played on US servers anyways. Part of the reason for this is because many ISP in the 3rd world has such bad routing and international peering agreement that the packets would leave Brazil go to the US and then go back to Brazil
  11. ooh ok cool that is some really good work they did I will admit Are they importing the rest of Chinese Client Avatars?
  12. WOW it says Aluna CN? what is this? She looks incredible
  13. ^ yup watch it even here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strife_(2015_video_game) As of May 22, 2015 Strife has been released as a free-to-play on Steam.[1] As of October 2018 Strife servers have been shut down without comment from developers. yeah without comment lol. Says a lot about Maliken that guy is the biggest con artist of all time, even FrostBurn employees once commented when he used to work at S2 he would leave gay pictures on their monitors then go on a racist rant while steaming HoN. He would even printout gay pictures and stick it on their monitor screen wh
  14. You know how I returned to HoN, well after I got bored of Fortnite anyways? I saw a thread on reddit from EU saying HoN's new forum is up, I was like hmm let me see what this is about, to my surprise there really was a new forum. I then realized this game is not dead it can't die it is getting bigger and better it is like CoronaVirus but in a good way, HoN ain't going nowhere To date still one of the best known skins in all of MOBA gaming is Emerald Princess Aluna. The quality of HoN skins and animations are so top notch man
  15. HoN is still super duper cool and the playerbase shows this game has potential lots of it, the game needs better management some new skins so they can rake in some money, Element User confirmed something is on the radar but no ETA on it, this means there is HOPE!!! We need to purchase more gold coins and show the people higher up that money can still be made. Back in S2 days Maliken who created HoN was a known racist even on the streams, arrogant buffoon who thought he knew it all, he scammed a lot of people then went on to make strife then didn't pay the developers it had a huge upv
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