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  1. If only they cared to give this game a facelift. Mid wars map textures and structures uses the same nastiness from 2009. not only is everything SD texture but there is no fog effects like there is in FOC FOC map looks like an entirely new game compared to mid wars. I like this game but everytime I return to this from LoL or DOTA 2 it just looks so terribly outdated and since it has a bad artstyle to begin with that makes it even worse and age even quicker
  2. Yeah I agree, the main reason League of Legends is so popular is they put money into marketing the game. It still baffles me how this game died and LoL turned into a 7 billion dollar enterprise.
  3. As the title says These gold edition avatars look really bad awful. It's 2021 already and Riot has almost done updating all their old skins for LoL
  4. These avatars are the best but look horrible given the price. These needs to be remodeled and updated to HD Textures. Maybe new effects? Riot has been constantly updating old skins to new HD in LoL I think we need something like that in HoN
  5. What I mean is when can we expect a FULL Staff back at HoN? Is Garena still running this game? When so can we expect awesome cool avatar sets like the return PARAGON and these sick ass events. I mean what we currently get "HD avatars" of the same thing is better than nothing but when can we expect those cool events with 8 bit sets, Flex and a new ALUNA SKIN Can you imagine how good these new skins would look with the new technology available today? Also what about a Mid Wars map make over something about the artstyle of this game is really boring compared to DOTA 2 or LoL
  6. Where the hell is it, all I see in my vault is Rubbish
  7. ^ I am not disagreeing with you, I myself like the gay slurs because I am also gay. Every morning I listen to the What What in the butt song
  8. Man the only reason I knew this game was still alive was because I had gotten an update on youtube HoN channel in my youtube recommendation because turns out 10 years ago I subscribed to their youtube channel. Turns out I also follow their facebook page, who knew? The great problem with this game has always been a lack of very basic marketing strategy. This game due to its age and impressive roster of characters and items should not be anywhere near the state it is currently in. It should have atleast the same amount of onlineplayers as DOTA 2
  9. Remember when Maliken used to print out gay pictures of men having sex and when workers went home he would stick it up on the monitors of the office employees back when it was S2 Games then stream matches and use a bunch of racist profanities? And this man was the CEO of S2 the number 1 person behind the success of HoN Just imagine all he had to do was make HoN free to play and run a real business and this game would be competing with LoL today. Instead he scammed all of us, sold HoN to Garena and tried to scam more people with strife game which he never even paid the staff mind you,
  10. Another thing that contributed to this is when I go in HoN store ingame it auto sorts to latest avatars in the shop, but there are no new avatars in the shop at all. You have to look at the patch notes then type in the name of the avatar In the past the store would select the latest avatars to display on the front page just like anyother game. For some reason it no longer works Perhaps this may also need addressing. I do look forward to the next Aluna Avatar, my vote is for something similar to emerald princess or even some chromas for emrald princess. That would be a good way t
  11. um no I am subscribed to the youtube HON Channel this is where I get my news, kinda like SkinSpotlight channel on youtube where everybody goes for their LoL skin news or surrender20 website. Are you seriously saying you have released new avatars every single patch? WTF well this is news to me. I remember when lightning cold used to do the HoN skin spotlights but I atleast assumed the HoN youtube channel would have pushed out an update, I didn't see a notification in months, this was the last spotlight they put out 6 months ago.
  12. The last one was like 6 months ago Currently League of Legends is getting over 10 skins a month. When can we expect a new Aluna Skin?
  13. I watched every one of those Indian scam videos and never once in my life have I ever seen the scammers ask for a video game gift card that's outside of a steam gift card. It's always wallmart cards and no scammer in the world is going to accept HoN gift cards they don't even accept League of Legends gift card and that game has like 300 million players. HoN has like 800 people still playing this game if so much, HoN gift cards are worthless to them BTW I am am African Hindu just so you know
  14. There are many many people without credit cards and rely on Amazon as a source to purchase Riot Points for League of Legends or Valorant. It is easy to get Amazon gift cards and top up your Amazon account anywhere in the world and use that money to buy anything on Amazon. FB should look into this and get with the times even games like Path of Exile and Fortnite you can purchase currency for those games from Amazon in the form of digital gift cards it is a popular way for most people to access cosmetics for games that don't have credit cards.
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