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  1. So, I spent with both of my aacounts probably like 50$+ just last month (it is all on record in your database).... Why do I archive my posts instead of helping me out? At least answer something before archiving, pf... Miserable! Happy holidays!
  2. Howdy HoNers, Happy Holidays! So, recently I've been having problems with my microphone. I'm using a headset, and the microphone is working just fine everywhere else. HoN recognizes it, and I see the little thingy on the minimap, indicating that I am talking, but people can't hear me... That happened 3 games ago... I tried: *Reinstalling the client. *Chaning the sound quality. * Reducing the channel levels. * Updating the sound card driver. *Switching to different USB ports. None of the above mentioned works, and I can't find a
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