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  1. Ok, thx for the tipp with the ultimate. But I think, I will give up Gladi. There are simply to much other carries, Glad can not face off.
  2. Hi guys, played a lot of Gladiator now, mostly mid. Funny hero, but i am not able to carry with him. Tried a lot of builds: - Shaman's headress (if a lot of dmg) into Rift shards lvl 4 - Barbed Armor into Rift shards lvl 4 - Dmg Build: Shroud, Twin Blades, Rift shards lvl 4 Nethertheless which build, if u come into mid / late game, I make no dmg even with above items. Even with Showdown, Pitfall, Ult-Combo i am not able to chase down enemies in time. I also tried this PK + Doombringer - Build, but this is so dangerous if you die.
  3. Hi guys! When playing with heroes, which may have controllable units like Warbeast, Ophelia, ... I put the units into own group by for e.g. CTRL + 1 and repeatly selecting by 1, which also centers your screen. On new creeps, I must always do the same. Much effort ... I found out that there is a Hotkey F3, which does this for you and selects all units without hero. You don't have to build groups like mentioned above. Same for F1, which only selects your hero. Problem now: F1 centers screen on your hero, when activated a 2nd time. F3 does not center
  4. Hi, nice interpretation. Just some questions: - What about Pesti? With his Ultimate, Enemy has in most cases -1 Armor. I think, for -1 Armor the dmg is even increased. Is it valid to buy SB on him? - What about Panda? I think SB does not apply to flurry right? Cause it's not an AutoAttack. Is Riftshards better on him? - What about Nomad? In most cases when farmed, you only apply 1 or 2 hits as a Nomad and a weak enemy is dead. Is here SB a solid pick up?
  5. Thank you for the detailed explanation
  6. Hi guys, just played MK a few times and wondered how to combo with him. My best result I get with openening Slam, then Vault the enemy 2x times and hit enemy again with off animation of Slam. Below I found this video on youtube where they do it on another way: They vault the enemy and cancel vault animation by Slam to get in use of the AOE of Vault. I tried, but I don't get it. I also tried with Vault + Shift Slam, but no success. Does this still work or is this patched?
  7. Hi all, I can remember at old forum - years ago - there were such good guides: One Dmg Guide, One Armor Guide, even one about this mysterious Pre- and Post-Attack-Animation In addition there was a own rubric "Guides" were guides of heroes were available. Where are these whole guides? Are those all lost?
  8. Hi, also wondered about the difference and googled this thread. I use Cancel and Hold, also because you can cancel your TP. But now i searched for a way to play like with the Marines in SC 2. There i steamed, pressed Stop and they autoattacked the nearest target. This seems to be possible with Stop in HoN. Then your hero stops moving and autoattacks nearest target. Don't must always right click the target. But only as editional button, e.g. creep farming. Hold or Cancel and Hold is irreplacable!
  9. Hi guys! My cat is always rolling over my keyboard and now the Buff Tooltip with the timer disappeared on the left bottom side ... The square Tooltip with the countdown timer next right to the minimap, when e.g. you eating a tree or picking up a rune or also on certain skills of hero. Also for example when you have shroud and use it to know how much left you are invisible. Much important !!! I don't know how my cat always gets it, but there must be a hotkey on the uppersite of the keyboard. I also checked options under Interface/Buffs/... and switched all
  10. Like to play Myrmidon as support. Good stunner and roamer. But sure not best support. Shaman is a good support for a tank i guess. Or Martyr
  11. Hi all! Long time ago I played (2016). Just played Legionnaire a couple of times now and wondered how to jungle with him. In former times as starting items there were always 2 bucklers suggested on him. Is this still valid? The guides also say to max terrifying charge first in jungle. I guess in 2016 there was Whirling Blade first. Could you give me some hints?
  12. Just also wanted to open a topic about this. Will there be any sales in the new future or does HoN not offer any sales any more???
  13. Hi all, just wanted to reset my stats. In former former times, it was possible to do just on homepage (https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/). Now there is a menu entry, but there is no option to pay. Was this disabled? Is there a way in HoN-Client to reset the stats via Credit Card / PayPal? Or is the only way to buy gold coins and reset them with gold coins in game? Thx for help and regards
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