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  1. I started at Beta 2009/2010. Was my first MOBA. I was really kicked out of games for Half a Year (kicking was possible with vote at those times). I was flamed to death, but I kept on So what I have learned and it's all about: Keep on!!!
  2. Nice that u open a own thread for it. It's too late man. HoN is dead on 20th June.
  3. I am so sad, playing it from begin since 2009/10 S2 games did just one tactical mistake: Offering HoN not for free at begin. I bought it for the $ 39,99 2010, but a lot of kids out there didn't had or want to spend the money and gone to LoL, which was free from begin. I understand S2 Games bringing back the money for development and the F2P-Market was just at begin. But if HoN would be for free at this time, HoN would get a lot more user base, which would be bound to the game and keep it up.
  4. I guess you mean the status years ago, were Showdown was on 1000 range always and lvl-ups of it only increased the seconds of triggering. Of course this could lead to exploits. Bot now the range of 400 on lvl1 is nearly 1/3 of the screen. Each support-hero has more range with his stun (e.g. VJ with 600 range on his stun). It really happens that Glad can be stunned first, before he can land his Showdown cause of the low range on lvl1.
  5. Yes exactly, you bring it to the point!!! With the low range of Showdown, you must get it up asap on cost of Flagellation or Pitfall. This means: - On lvl 6: 1x Pitfall, 2x Showdown, 1x Ult, only 2x Flagellation - On lvl 8: 1x Pitfall, 4x Showdown, 1x Ult, only 2x Flagellation Against a Str-enemy-Hero you are doing very few dmg at this point. So here my suggestions again ... QoL-Changes: really necessary - Showdown Range from 400/600/800/1000 up to 550/700/850/1000 - Increase of stats per lvl to scale better in lat
  6. Don't forget that the speed of this initial stun-projectile is 0,5x higher as before. Show me how you will run away from this.
  7. Voodoo Jester Acid Cocktail - Initial projectile speed increased from 800 to 1200 units per second. - Bounce projectile speed increased from 600 to 700 units per second. Cursed Ground - Magic Damage per second at level 1 of the ability increased from 6 to 8. Spirit Ward - Cast Range increased from 400 to 600. - Projectile speed increased from 1000 to 1300 units per second. + Voodoo Jester is not a viable pick at higher levels of play. He has received some buffs that make him more reliable throughout the game. Why you buff Voodoo Jester, specially in early game?
  8. I have a nice Workaround for you. When you have all your units on a keybind, e.g. hero on Ctrl+1 and all others on Ctrl+2, you can cycle through them with Tab. To achieve your goal, cycle to your preferred unit by Tab and press Ctrl+2 again. Now it's saved. When you select your units again now with 2, your preferred unit will be selected per default. Hope this helps.
  9. Hi, many thanks. Checked it out on Dota-Website. Now I know, where HoN got the range values for Showdown. They are the same there. I don't know the distance comparison from Dota to HoN. Flagellation is there on 25/45/65/85 but therefore it's only physical. 25/45/65/85 for Glad would be an option too, but let it true dmg. The switch on/off for Flagellation with Staff sounds nice. But I would rather prefer Option 2 - mention in my first post of this thread - to face hard carries better in late, switching Flagellation from multi- to single-target-dmg with e.g. 1,5 x dmg-boos
  10. Never played DOTA 2. I don't know the equivalent of Glad there. How is the hero called there? Really, there you can switch on/off wishplash. How is this working? May be, I should try. Yes exactly, that's what I felt too. You can't face any auto-attack-carry in late with equal Lvl and item level.
  11. Forst

    Blood Hunter

    In my eyes BH is just such a overpowered noob hero. When playing against him, he comes around and presses R and Q and you can't do a shit. They even made him more noob-like putting away the boosted dmg of Q-effected targets ... Before 2016 you had at least think to put your Q on yourself or an enemy. His utilities are extreme. A global sight on health-low enemies with a boosted speed and revealing invis. Even more, the whole team see's it. The range of his R is a joke (1000 range !!!) and as it is Superior Magic Dmg you can't even counter it wit
  12. Exactly what I meant. Why the hell, enemy team see's when i showdown myself or a teammate. Nethertheless, your argumentation is well. As u may have recognized, I came apart from a lot of my initial ideas. Let's just discuss the 2 adustments mentioned above, the rest is fine: - a slightly increase of Stats per Lvl-Up (for meta-game) - an increase of the short Showdown range, especially of 400 at lvl 1 (nearly half the screen) These 2 points would only give a slight adjustment to Glad and would not have that impact on balancing.
  13. There are 3 problems with Showdown: - Enemy can cancel it during run-time. As mentioned above via Null (is valid), Storm Spirit during Run-Time (is valid), SH during run-time. According SH: It's ok that Glad can not put Showdown on an ememy with active SH, but not if it is cancelable during run time. - Enemies see, when you showdown yourself or team mate: They are just waiting next to it and kill you - You can not cancel Showdown (for example with Esc-Button). There would be no problem, if enemies see when you showdown yourself, if it would be cancelable
  14. Yes, that's because he is a funny hero to play with his utilities and whip, but he really needs a slight buff. As also already mentioned, he scales very bad from mid to late game. As carry and also in his utility. The reason of lacking utility is, that nearly each enemy carry has an SH in mid-to-late-game and can easily negate Showdown and all other utility spells of Glad. Showdown can even countered by 3 ways: SH, Null or Storm Spirit! Yeah ok, I hope i put some brainstormings in here and may be Glad will be considered in some future patches.
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