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  1. Hi all! Long time ago I played (2016). Just played Legionnaire a couple of times now and wondered how to jungle with him. In former times as starting items there were always 2 bucklers suggested on him. Is this still valid? The guides also say to max terrifying charge first in jungle. I guess in 2016 there was Whirling Blade first. Could you give me some hints?
  2. Just also wanted to open a topic about this. Will there be any sales in the new future or does HoN not offer any sales any more???
  3. Hi all, just wanted to reset my stats. In former former times, it was possible to do just on homepage (https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/). Now there is a menu entry, but there is no option to pay. Was this disabled? Is there a way in HoN-Client to reset the stats via Credit Card / PayPal? Or is the only way to buy gold coins and reset them with gold coins in game? Thx for help and regards
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